KT-CASE Oculus Quest Cover, VR Silicone Face Cover for Oculus Quest VR-Anti-Sweat, Prevent Light Leakage, Washable Eye Pad (Black)


  • 1、【Silicone Cover】:VR Eye Cover For Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headest
  • 2、【Easy to Install】: Easy to install anduse,Anti-sweat Prevent Light Leakage Washable
  • 3、【Comfortable and Durable】: Made of high quality silicone for a comfortable touch, environmentally friendly silicone, sweatproof, preventing lightleakage, washable
  • 4、【Premium Material】: Made of high-grade environmentally friendly silicone, so the mask is safe and hygienic, andno irritation to the skin
  • 5、【Multi-color Selection】:This silicone Face Cover is available in 4 colors: Black, Blue,Red,Yellow.You can choose the color you like to buy!


Brand: KT-CASE

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High quality silicone Face Cover for Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headest ,Oculus Quest VR Cover ,Anti-Sweat, Prevent Light Leakage, Washable Eye Pad
Color: Black, Red, Blue
Weight :37g
Compatibility: For Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headest
Easy to install: easy to install and use.
Comfortable and durable: Made of high quality silicone for a comfortable touch
Quick cleaning: environmentally friendly silicone, sweatproof, preventing light leakage, washable
Premium Material: Made of high-grade environmentally friendly silicone, so the cover is safe and hygienic, and no irritation to the skin

Packing List:
1 X Silicone Cover Cover

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Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 12.6 x 8.66 x 4.72 inches Item Weight 1.41 ounces Manufacturer KT-CASE ASIN B07X4VQJ34 Item model number mk-002

This silicon cover is excellent. It's thin so it does not affect the fit of the Quest. It may actually be slightly more comfortable than the original material interface in that it doesn't feel rough against your face. It makes cleanup very easy, and I've found that I can easily remove and re-apply this cover over the original interface without unclipping it all the time, which is also a plus.

The unfortunate downside is that since this cover prevents absorbing sweat, more of it will end up rolling down your face, so you might want to have a sweat band or cloth handy during intense play. However, the entire reason you buy this is to keep the sweat out of the original interface material so it's only to be expected.

5 stars here, although I do wish it was a little cheaper or sold at a discount in a 2 pack.

This is what is needed kind of should be on the Oculus. It softens the set against the head, seals up the head well enough so there is minimal to no light, instead of the leakage that exists by the nose. It has a flap that sits on the nose, and can at first feel a bit constricting. Play with it a little, get it sitting right, do an adjustment with the slider if needed, because it will put you a bit further away from the lenses. Once set up, the comfort of the face cover is immediately realized, and it's great when you know you are going to wear it for possibly hours!

After using this in some intense workout sessions, I’m not impressed. It’s great for casual gaming but silicone makes me sweat more? Or just makes the sweat drip on my face more? My headset starts to slip with working out and i’ll Only be using it for casual games from now on. Fits well, no smell, soft.

It's nice for blocking out additional light. Seems to seal nicely on my face. My only complaint is the nose split puts pressure on the sides of my nose which isnt there with just the standard face plate. It's designed that way to block the light coming from the bottom. Material is soft to the touch, cleans off easy. Good product for the money.

I bought this so I could put it on my Oculus Quest so that it would be easy to clean and comfortable. It is too big and does not stay fitted on the Oculus.

It bad, but doesn’t fit as good as i hoped.

The material feels cheap and has a habit of pushing my headset up on my head. It also forces you back from the lenses, adding large visible black areas around the lenses and making scenes look like they're at the end of a tunnel.

It gets really hot on your face after a bit it like wearing water goggles The sweat just builds up and it's kind of awkward

Huge improvement in comfort and works with Oculus Go. I am very happy to have found this product and use my Oculus Go daily with this silicone. Before I found the fabric to be very harsh on the skin so this is the perfect solution.

It's not a perfect fit for the Oculus Go around the nose, but it works for me. There is just a little space where you can see through if you look down. Perhaps the Oculus Go accommodates people with larger noses.

It makes one sweat a tad more but it's super easy to put on and off and wash and dry in seconds so for someone like me whom uses the Oculus mainly for workouts or very intense games, it's totally worth the price.

It also blocks the light that was infiltrating thought the nose area before I added this on.

I recommend for people whom will sweat while using the VR, for the Oculus devise mask itself will not be easy or fun to clean! This is cheap and easy to use in order to protect your devise!

Not bad but makes my face sweat soooo bad.

Good for 10 minutes

Comfortable to wear; easy to clean.