Head Strap Foam Pad for Oculus Quest - by X-super Home 2020 Pro Version VR Cover Acessories More Thick & Soft Headband Reduce Head Pressure (Red, Head Strap Pad)


  • 【Compatibility】X-super Home specially designed for Oculus Quest Virtual Reality VR Headset.We have checked all negative reviews from Amazon for this type product and we had improved it well.
  • 【Top Quality Material】12mm thickness soft foam only our X-super Home available. More,what we used is the fabric backed velcro instead of the plastic style velcro, it will not easy torn and didn't have sharp corners and edges.
  • 【Easy to Install and Disassemble】The pad is very easy to attach,it didn't require a particular DIY tech geek spirit to install and disassemble, it’s quite literally a one-minute job.Simply use the velcro tabs to hold it together. Once installed it fits nice and snugly in place.
  • 【Reduce Head Pressure】The Quest is front heavy, all the weight of the headset is strapped to your eyeballs and pushes on to the bridge of your nose. This means it's not the most comfortable headset to wear, especially for younger children or adults with smaller heads. BUT after using this cushion padding you can feel that the weight distribution of the headset had changed and that the resulting pressure on the front of face had been reduced.
  • 【Get the Best VR Experience】Using it for an hour’s intense Beat Saber session you certainly felt the benefit of having that extra support around the back of your head. It wouldn't slide down your face slightly during active gaming again especially when sweating. Finally you can stay in the sweet spot visually and have a much better experience playing overall.


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Color:Red  |  Size:Head Strap Pad

Play in comfort when you use our X-super Home Head Strap Foam Pad for Oculus Quest.

Attach the one-piece foam pad to the original head strap and enjoy the comfortable cushioning at the back of your head. With the extra layer in place, your headset will feel more snug-fitting and stable, even in active VR workouts. The soft foam also helps relieve pressure, so you can play longer and better.

The pad comes in 12 mm thick. It's our 2020 Pro versions which suit gamers seeking a soft padding for better wearability. We highly recommended for younger players or those whose headsets feel too loose and need a padding for a firmer grip.

To clean it, just give the PU leather surface a quick wipe down. Convenient, hygienic and comfortable, it’s a great accessory for your Oculus Quest.

The Head Strap Foam Pad set contains:

1 x Foam Pad

Product information Color:Red  |  Size:Head Strap Pad Package Dimensions 11.02 x 5.51 x 0.39 inches Item Weight 1.23 ounces ASIN B088H6XK88

As we all know, the oculus quest is very front heavy. I was tired of it so I decided to look for a strap. This strap was the first one I saw and decided to order. I got it and honestly it’s very impressive how a strap can change the quest. It’s comfortable, weight is even and has an easy installation. And of course the price! I recommend this strap for the quest 10/10 would buy again.

Great comfort with a nice design. it comes with super sturdy Velcro which is hard to separate at first, but means that the padding doesn't slide around. ( just make sure your head isin't so large that you cant tighten it with the extra padding)

I tried doing the weight counter balance on the back of the quest but it still didn’t give me the comfort I was looking for. Added a lot of comfort and completely eliminated any pain or fatigue I had with the quest before.

A must have accessory for the Oculus Quest! Adds much more comfort and seems to help balance the headset.

thank you

It feels better than the straps without it but the material feels thin and cheap tbh. To their defense the price is appropriate and it's great having viable options at decent prices however there are Better more comfortable strap pads on the market if you're willing to spend more otherwise this will do the job. I returned this but would recommend head straps in general as a must but for the quest.

The head cushion fits great for my Oculus quest the only down side is that if you don’t tighten the strap well it slips off easily when your playing a game, but the Cushion really helps relieve the pain.it certainly helped the comfort level of the oculus quest. I can wear it for at least 2.5 hours without any discomfort.

It improves the fit of the headset tenfold! Paired with a battery clipped to the back, you go from 2/5 to 5/5 comfort. An absolute necessity. Also, this features the strongest velcro I have ever witnessed. You could tow a car with this stuff, it's wild.