Nutale Nut3 Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Locator, Anti-Lost Bidirectional Alarm Reminder for Phone, Dogs, Kids, Luggage, Wallet, with App Control and Replaceable Battery (Gray, 1 Pack)


  • Find Out Your Belonging Easily- Bluetooth Key Finder is a great convenience in searching or locating for your lost items. Attach it to your frequently misplaced items, use Nut and Nut App to save your time on finding things, make your life in order.
  • Smart Bidirectional Anti-lost Tracker- Nut App will alert you when items get disconnected with your phone in case of leaving them behind. As long as the item is out of range (Usually the Bluetooth range is around 10-20 meters indoors and 30-50 meters in open spaces), your phone and this keys finder will both beep to alarm you.
  • One Touch on Nut App to find your items. Do you often forget to take your important file with you? Have trouble to find your car key while hurrying to work? Just call your Nut by the phone and you can easily find them.
  • Find Your Phone- Cannot find your phone while alone at home? You can double press the button to call, alarm reminder will ring your phone even when your phone is on silent, allowing you to find your phone quickly and easily.
  • Location Record Locator- Nut App has real time location map, and will record the last connected location to help you find it back. so you can open the map in the App to speculate approximate location of your missing items.



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Bluetooth Key Finder - Keep Everything Under Your Control

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Have you ever meet these troubles in life?

1. My husband is always losing his keys...

2. I always loose my work wallet...

3. I’m always losing my keys or my phone...

4. And once I even lost my kid...

All those above may cause you crazy. But now things will be easier!

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Smart Bidirectional Anti-lost Tracker

It seems some small but important items always keep missing. No one has touched and no one knows where they are. Now Nut App will alert you when kids or items get disconnected with your phone if they are out of range with smart Bidirectional Alarm.

One Touch Find

Do you often forget to take your important file with you? Have trouble to find your car key while hurrying to work? Just call your Nut by the phone and you can easily find them.

Find Your Phone

Lost your Phone? Double press your Nut to locate your phone with ring, vibrate, and flash, even if your phone is in silent mode and the app is not running. It’s really a lifesaver!

Smart Anti-loss

Leaving your keys behind at home? Nut App will send you notifications in time and it’s surprisingly loud enough which means you can ping your phone from the device as well as obviously pinging the device from your phone.

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Product information Product Dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.28 inches Item Weight 0.335 ounces ASIN B07STVR4JF Item model number Nut3 Batteries 1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

I liked the concept of this but it made noise there entire first day I had it constantly - had to send it back. No issues with blue tooth connectivity but did not have the best frame of distance and sounded constantly

Somehow it did not work both ways. I could see the device on phone app but when I ring it. The device does not set alarm. When I press button on device, it rings my phone which is added advantage.

Save your money and time just buy the Tile. The Tile works well. I bought this item a few months ago and it no longer works. Also while it did work, it constantly sounded a notification if I walked away. If I had left the keys in my livingroom and walked out back it would go off. Changing the settings did NOT work either. If I misplaced my phone and used this tracker to find it, it only worked about 50% of the time.

The price on this is comparable to the standard Tile [with replaceable battery], however it doesn't have nearly a good a range on it. If I leave my keys with the nut on the key-hook by the door and have my phone in by bedroom - maybe 20 feet away - I constantly get alerts that my keys are disconnected. Even when I put them next to each other it sometimes will not pair up again. The nut also alerts you when it is disconnected so it will beep constantly when out of range of the phone. I was annoyed by the noise the tile made on my key-chain and I like the looks of this one better but I should have stayed with the tile I guess. I am an iPhone user if that has anything to do with the issues I am seeing.

the instruction manual states im supposed to download the nut app and somewhere along the way im to scan the QR in the instruction book. I download the app and I'm in immediately placed in find mode. I can't help but ask when it's going to ask me scan the QR in the
instruction manual. i also can't help but wonder about this here screenshot. nothing said regarding anything in the quick start guide. instead, I'm supposed to click the call button. how do I find the call button if I'm on the finder page?

When I do find a way to scan, I'm told the QR isn't valid.

Then I'm expected to push on a button that doesn't exist or pull out the insulation paper

insulation paper doesn't exist either.

i go to their website. It doesnt exist either.

this is a great gift for someone who is forgetful, especially myself when i am often missing my key and tried to find it, with this i put with my keys, and just using my phone to track down the missing key, i will need to get few more for other stuff like my wallet or my phone.

Cannot hear alarm. If keys are under or behind a pillow or in my purse I have to try and find them using the distance far or near.
Could I just have a defective unit. I will try again.

Works as expected easy to setup fast shipment