Key Finder Bluetooth Tracker with App for Phones - Key Finder Locator for Bag Luggage Keychain Purse - Anything Item Tracker Wallet Tracker (4 Pcs)


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Smart Tracker Device, A Good Helper for Your Life

Attach this key finder to your key, wallet, bag, purse, glasses or anything else you always misplaced, and it will help you to find your belongings by a single click.

And alarm you if your belongings is out of connection with your phone, remind you don’t forget them.

Do you have below problems?

Always misplacing your things and can't find them when you need them?

Always forget to take your things with you and loss them?

If the answer is yes, this key finder locator would be a good choice for you to help you find anything you want easily and alert you if you forget to take your things.

Multiple Functions

✔ Two-Way Tracking:Item finder:- Find your misplaced items by 1 clicking the "speaker" icon to ring the key locator.

Phone Finder:- Find your phone by double pressing the key tracker.

✔ Anti-Lost Alarm: Your phone will ring if this key finder locator is out of connection with it. A great tool to alert you you forget to take your things.

✔ Disconnected Location: The app of this wallet tracker will leave the position where the phone lost connection with it. Help you to know

the approximate location of your missing items, narrow the searching scope and find it easily and quickly.

✔ Remote Camera Shutter: Our key locator can also remote control the device camera or voice recording of your phone by press a button.

Works as a remote shutter for self-portrait, capture the happiest moment easily.

Technical Info

✔ Effective Distance:- 164 feet (Outdoor), 114 feet (indoor)

✔ Battery Life:- Replaceable, 12 month standby time

✔ Operation System:- Both ios and Android

Package Included

✔ 1 x key finder

✔ 8 x CR2032 Battery

✔ 4 x User Manual

Product information Color:Four Pack Package Dimensions 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.2 inches Item Weight 0.634 ounces ASIN B085CC7328 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

You can use the tracker to find your phone by clicking the button twice. You use the app to find the tracker, it'll make it beep until you click the button on the tracker. I'm not sure how long the battery will last but it is replaceable and it is a common battery. It's a CR2032 which most watches and car key fobs use. The trackers comes quickly and is very useful due to its functionality. It connects with the cellphone via bluetooth and can be used for a multiple things. It can act as a wireless shutter on the cellphone to click pictures wirelessly. Also, it can used to track the keys, wallet or other small things which one might tend to forget as it gives audio notification on the cellphone connected whenever going out of range. If you are forgetting cellphone, it rings an alarm on the cellphone to help you find it.

A very useful gadget. At first, I doubted its effectiveness, ordered one pack for checking. The two-year-old son has habit of throwing our keys from the house and from car anywhere, under sofa, under bed. Once he even managed to throw its in the trash. Therefore, I decided to try whether this device really helps to find all these losses. Contrary to my doubts, the device works and is very effective. I've been using them for a week and so far they work great.
The app was easy to find on the Play Store, install and setup was very easy.

My family calls me “the black hole” because I lose EVERYTHING. Even as a kid. I lost a Harry Potter book in a car once. Never found again.
This key finder means I can put one on anything that I lose often, and I really really enjoy having all of these options! It’s a great deal for someone forgetful like me. My vision is also not the best, so the cute little song they play is such a big help! lose my phone every 5 minutes and it usually takes me a whole 5 minutes to leave the house because I’m looking for my phone. The key finder from Greatee is great- a two way “finder” that I can either use the app to make it ring or I can press it twice to make my phone ring!