TheHonestBill Bundle of 10 pcs Detachable Neck Strap Band Lanyard for Cell Phone Camera iPod mp3 mp4 USB Flash Drive ID Card Badge [in Retail Packaging] (Black.)


About this item

  • Durable and comfortable strap that you can wear around your neck
  • Long enough to be useful, but short enough as not to get in the way when you're trying to work aloft.
  • Lightweight and easy to connect. Lets you easily and securely carry your Phone, Camera, Mp3, Keychains etc around your neck
  • Ideal product for those who are on their phones constantly or carry valuable devices.
  • Ideal for preventing loss or damage from device being dropped.


Brand: TheHonestBill

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10 pcs lanyards

Dimensions: about 15.5 (L) inches

Most cell phones, USB flash drive, PDAs, music players, portable games, keychain and devices

Product information Color:Black.. Product Dimensions 18.5 x 0.1 x 0.8 inches Item Weight 3.52 ounces ASIN B07CZWMKPT Item model number TheHonestBill

My shipment arrived a couple of days ago and I was anxious to try these things out. The idea is pretty simple: the chrome-plated ring is held in place by three equi-spaced tabs that are retracted by a button to release the ring. The first one I unpacked didn't work right. Two of the tabs worked properly but the third tab wouldn't retract. The ring still goes on and off, but with some difficulty. The other two units work correctly . The unit that doesn't work the way it should has a stuck tab which doesn't retract via the button nor by pressing the ring against the beveled side of the tab. Since the other two units work flawlessly I expect this is a one-time occurrence that is unlikely to be repeated. The tabs are plastic so don't expect this thing to be bullet-proof, but used properly it should last a long time. Attaching and detaching your flash drive, or whatever, is accomplished simply and easily by pressing the ring onto the beveled tabs to attach, and pressing the button to release, the device. Simple and effective, if not elegant.

First off it was not 3 pieces it was 2. The fact it came with 2 junk flashlights with dead batteries that I did not order or want does not help. Second and more important the "2" straps I did receive were nothing like advertised. They were not neck straps as I wanted, they were wrist straps making them useless to me. I can't be bothered with a return because I was so pissed I threw the junk dead flashlights out the car window.

When in the field I just leave this on and clip my camera in when I get out of the car. If I need to unclip it to get a better photo angle, it's easy enough to do one-handed and using the ring-clip on my finger I haven't dropped a camera in a long time.

These are cheaply made. ALL PLASTIC except for the strap... the ring and the circular part that attaches to the ring is ALL PLASTIC. If your device that you plan to attach it to, has some weight (due to larger size phone with heavy case), it won’t last long. Save your money!

First, the whole locking assembly is completely plastic- no metal at all. The neck band is a ribbon. VERY cheaply made. Good thing it comes in a group- each one won't last very long. Definitely do not hang a heavy item from this!

Absolutely love these - great for my elderly parents do they don’t have to carry phone in hands and for grandkids to wear so phone doesn’t fall on floor.

People ask about this all the time as I wear my phone around my neck because of no pockets in many of my capris.
Does the trick since I usually have 2 dog leashes in my hands and hate digging in my purse for my phone.
Not always comfortable due to weight of phone. Does the job.

Love that I can wear around my neck but then disconnect when drive is plugged in.
Great quality