15 Cell Phone Strap Black/Silver Tone Split Ring with Hooks


  • Pack of 15 ,cell phone strap
  • Black / silver tone,Split Ring
  • Ring with crab claw hooks
  • Item Approx Size: length 2.75"
  • Ideal for people to carry their small devices conveniently. Keep your devices safe and handy on the move£¬AFTER SERVICE: -Our belief is that the interest of our customers comes first. So, we will do everything we can to protect your interest



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15 Silver Tone Cell Phone Charm Straps For Adding Charms To Cell Phones.
This is a new set of 15 silver tone cell phone charm straps.
Great for adding charms to cell phones.
Each measures approximately 2 .75"

Product information Product Dimensions 4 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches Item Weight 0.32 ounces ASIN B0060ZKIZ6 Item model number COE-W01

Reading the other reviews, I'm not sure if some people got a "bad batch" or what, but I received exactly what is pictured and described. Sturdy black cord with a split ring and lobster clasp, there were actually 16 so I got an extra one which I have zero complaints about. They're perfect for the little resin charms I make for zippers and phone charms. Will order again when I need to. Thanks!

So, I have a couple of camera and phone case straps that sometimes breaks. The area that breaks is just this single piece. So I was so happy to come across these hooks in a large pack and for a low price, Now I have extras on deck in case my straps wear out again.

I'm using this product to hang a silver charm from the side of my phone. The charm hangs out of the side of my pocket and helps me pull the phone from my pocket quickly when the phone rings. The cord seems strong enough to handle the activity (though I'm not a very heavy phone user).

They're completely functional and all . . . only problem is that what I got were jump rings and not split rings, as shown on the products photos AND title. Disappointed but I was still able to attach them to my charms. Just wish I had the extra guarantee of them not falling off, as split rings are more secure.

The strap and hardware are seriously smaller than what they appear to be in the description picture - that is either good or bad, depending on how one looks at things.

The strap seems to be of a well-treated material. The circular ring at the end is very small, and yet it has a sufficient overlap, making it to be a useful tool in holding things. The split ring at the very end is a well-crafted, and fully functional, miniature split ring.

Although this strap was intended for cell phones, it could be very useful for holding/separating small electrical/electronic sub-components.

All told, this was an excellent purchase.

There was supposed to be 15, but they were only 10. It also states that it has a split ring, however it is actually a J ring, which are not closed well. See photo.

Not quite the quality that I'd hoped for, but looks fine and will certainly work for my application. My only complaint is that the ring that binds the jewelry clasp to the loop is not a split ring. Bottom line: recommend.

Exactly as described. I got these to attach to my stylus lanyard so I could use the claw for easy detachment. I have the holder that goes into the headphones jack. I now don't have the annoying tether to tablet. The lanyard can get in way. So this solves the problem. It came from over seas so shipping took awhile but they came in perfect condition. Nothing broken. I didn't need as many as in package,but the price was right.

The metal clasps on these Phone straps are flimsy. I broke half a dozen of them while testing them out.
The strings aren't properly attached to the metal clasp so they fall off too. When I got the bag there were already broken straps, and after breaking /several/ I gave up and threw the whole bag out.

They are very practical for attaching it to USB keys, or cell phones... you decide what you can use them for!!!