Cell Phone Cleaner, Aothing Portable Cleaner Cleaning for Mobile Phone Makeup Tools Toothbrush Jewelry Watches, Cell Phone Soap with Wireless Phone Charger


  • ★Phone Cleaner ★→This phone cleaner device can eliminate hidden in crevices that cleaning wipes can't reach. With the phone cleaner case can effectively cleans your device quickly in 3 mins. Protect yourself and stay healthy by keeping your phone clean regularly.
  • ★Large Space ★→Compatible with Cell phones and Smartphones up to 7.76 inches, for iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max/8/7/6/5S/SE, for Samsung Galaxy S7,Note 5 and LG G3.Great for iPods,mp3 players, wireless Bluetooth Earphones, toothbrushes, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys, jewelry and smartphone cleaner.
  • ★Aromatherapy function ★→Put essential oil (not included)on the aromatherapy inlet, press aromatherapy switch to start having aroma humidifier for your device. So it can clear the smells.
  • ★Easy to use ★→This Phone cleaner makes it easy to take with you, wherever you go, hotel, school or restaurant. Plug in the charging port, put the smartphone into the cleaner case, touch the button, and clean it in 3 minutes, easy to keep you safe in door.
  • ★Great Gift Choice ★→This phone cleaner case is an ideal gift for any occasion, it shows care and love to the person you care about. They will immediately fall in love with this cleaning device. (Note: Do not look directly at the tube to avoid it damages for eyes.)



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cell phone cleaner box

Product information Package Dimensions 9.37 x 6.02 x 2.8 inches Item Weight 1.41 pounds ASIN B08CXK5T6M

I’ve been using this sanitizing box for my phone, daily! It sits by our front door, as soon as I come in, I pop this in and use the 2 min mode. Then I actually flip it, for good measure, and sanitize the other side. Or if I don’t need my phone right away, I’ll do the 10 min flash mode

I’ll also put my watch in there once a day.
And my mask will go in there and I use the 10 min flash mode, for both sides. This is for in-between washings. I do notice that my mask will come out smelling neutral which is what I want!!

The wireless charger works very well! It will charge thru my husbands case on his phone, which is nice. It won’t charge thru mine, but mines a little thicker than his.

 Well made wireless charger/UV sterilization. UV day sterilization starts with a touch of a button. Wireless charging in the lid. Safety sensor prevents user's exposure to UV light. USBC cable included, but no adapter. Fits my Pixel 2 easily with room to spare. Pleased with this purchase.

I work with COVID patients and I can’t stress the importance of sanitizing all my belongings when I go home to protect my family. I have keys, small wallet, cellphone, earphones etc. Before, it takes me a lot of time cleaning them with wipes everyday. Now, less time to sanitize my stuff. UV light works great. It would not harm my electronics and kills all the microorganisms that can harm me or my family. Just a press of a button, then that’s it.

Would I recommend this? Yes!

Wow!!! Hands down to this UV phone cleaner! Very easy to use and I can fit my keys, glasses, cell phone and other small stuff I wanted to sanitize. I must say the wireless charging capability is a good additonal feature for this product. Youre sanitizing and charging at the same time what more can you ask for. Another cool feature is it allows you to use aroma oil so it leaves your stuff a good smell and 99.9% bacteria free. 10/10 worth the bucks!

Ease of mind is what we all need right now.

This product is relatively large. It fits my iPhone 8+ with a case inside and still has room for other items. You can use it for other personal items as well, not just phones. Just pop your phone in for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Note: it does not come with a wall outlet, just the cord so be sure to buy an appropriate one to maximize the wireless charging and cleaning.

Stay clean and safe! Pleased with the product.

My kids are constantly asking for my phone and I know how many germs a phone can carry. I ordered this to have am easier way to keep my phone clean so I dont have to worry about them picking up germs while playing their games etc. Its fast, easy to use and gives me piece of mind knowing my phone is germ free for my babies. Very happy with my purchase.

Well this is useful mostly for the UV sterilization! We have our phones everywhere with us now, so it is easy for them to pick up germs and viruses. My phone doesn't have wireless charging, so I am unable to test that feature. But it fits my oneplus 6t just fine with room to spare. has 6 UV leds inside. Includes usb cable!

The disinfection box is quite helpful for me during this pandemic because I use my phone frequently while I am in my lab and also touch different instruments in the lab. So, I am using it to disinfect my mobile when I return to my apartment. The wireless charger is also a good feature and It charges my Samsung s8 pretty fast.