USB Plug, Wall Charger, AILKIN 2.1A Power Wall Home Fast Charging Staion Base Box Cube Block Outlet Brick Replacement for iPhone Cell Phone, Samsung Charger Box, LG and More USB Charge Dock


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  • Premium Performance: Dual-USB output with total current 5V/2.1A and input with 100-240V enables you to charge two mobile devices simultaneously at high speed.It can really save your time.
  • Safety assurance: AILKIN'S charger has protection system against over charging, over currents, and over heating. The charger will automatically stop charging when power is full, which can maximumly protect your device.
  • Lightweight:Home charger adapter allows charging at home or in the office via USB cable connection. Simply plug in the USB cable, and plug the adapter into the wall. Compact, lightweight, portable, stylish, easy to store.
  • Multipurpose: Pure white color match all usb cable cord or match your phones. You can share them with your lover, family or friends. strengthen your relationship.
  • What You Get: 2 x white dual port usb wall charger.


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Q1. 2.1A max for each slot, or total?

A1: 2.1 max if only using one port at a time, a total of 2.1max when both are used.

A USB device generally uses very little amps and many use less than 0.5 amp and when you are charging ,

For most USB devices, 2.1 amps is 100% plenty to fully power two USB devices at the same time.

Q2: is this a quick charger?

A2: It doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge, just fast than usual wall charger. iPhone charge full up to 2hours, iPad up to 2.8 hours.

Q3: Will these work for Verizon iPhone or iPad?

A3: It will work well. This wall charger has a regular USB port so if you have a charger cord with usb or usb devices. Almost support all USB Phones and Tablets.

Such as:

- iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max11/11Pro/11Pro Max/XR/XS/XS MAX/X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus/6/5;

- iPad 2020/2019/2018/2017, 4th/3rd, iPad Pro 9.7’’/12.9’’/11’’10.5’’, iPad Mini 5th/4/3/2, iPad Air;

- iPod Touch 7th/6th/5th/4th gen, iPod Nano 7th/6th, iPod Shuffle, iPad Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular;

- Samsung Galaxy Note 20 10 S10 S10E 10+ S9 S8 S7 edge A80 A51J8 J7,etc. Samsung tablets;

- LG V50 V40 Thinq V35 V30 V20 G8 G7 G6 G5, LG Stylo 5 4 3 2;

- Moto, Google Pixel, BLU, OnePlus, Nokia, Sony, HTC, PS4, Xiaomi, Huawei;

- Camera, E-book Readers, Bluetooth Speaker, MP4 Players and more USB Devices.


AILKIN Dual port wall plug

Built with premium technology and advanced engineering—offering fast, durable connections for all phones and tablets.

1. Fast charging: Dual-USB Allows you to charger two mobile devices simultaneously at high speed.

2. Light and portable: Compact designed to fit in your pocket, bag, or carry-on bag.

3. Multi-use: This charger works just as well as home as it does in the office or while travelling.

4. Using simple: Simply just plug it in, attach any existing USB charging cable, and its ready to go.

5. Safe and Reliable: Charging begins and ends automatically when the battery is full.

AILKIN upgrade series of USB Box, with security technology, provide full-speed charging to any USB Port Cords connection.

  • Material: Plastic outer shell USB
  • USB Output: Dual port
  • Output: DC 5V/2.1A
  • Quantity: 2PACK
  • Weight: 2.11oz
  • Size: 1.25'' x 1.25'' x 2.16''
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Protection System

Flame retardant grade reaches BI will against high temperature and over heating.

Durable Material

Eco-PC of outer covering will against scratches, scrapes, bumps and drops.

Efficient Charging

Charging two devices simultaneously at high speed, Single Port maximum output 2.1A or 2 port share it.

Read more 7 Read more foldable wall charger 4port square wall charger led dual wall charger 3 port wall charger 2PACK dual port wall charger PD wall plug Square dual USB plug LED Dual port block 3 port USB wall plug Foldable wall charger Foldable - - - - - LED Light - - - - - Charging Port 1 4 2 2 3 2 quantity in Package 1 1 2 2 1 2 Color Selection white/Black white/black white white/black/blue/green/purple/pink/gold/rose/silver white/black/blue/green/purple/pink white/black/blue/green/purple/pink Size 1.2'' x 1.5'' x 1.8'' 1.29'' x 1.96'' x 2.16'' 1.49'' x 1.49'' x 1.77'' 1.25'' x 1.6'' x 2.35'' 1.2'' x 1.5'' x 1.8'' 1.33'' x 1.33'' x 1.81'' Output Currency 5V=3A/9V=2.22A 5V/4.8A 5V/2.4A 5V/2.1A 5V/3.1A 5V/2.4A USD 11.99 9.99 9.99 9.99 8.99 9.99 Outlet PD USB USB USB USB USB
Product information Color:White Package Dimensions 3 x 1.9 x 1 inches Item Weight 0.16 ounces ASIN B07DCKG2CS Item model number PT-WC-13

Charged my Samsung tablet with it. All seemed OK, it was charging when I checked an hour later. So I left it overnight and the next morning the tablet seemed dead. I finally figured out it had been completely discharged. Recharged it with a different charger and repeated the process. Same thing, charges to 100% and then start discharging very fast as long as it is connected to the charger. Unplugging it stops the discharge.
I thought this was some kind of incompatibility between the charger and the Samsung tablet, but then I noticed the charger won't charge some of my other devices, including a Tribit bluetooth speaker for instance.
By the way, both chargers I got do the same, so either it is a design flaw or both chargers are defective. And yes, I tried different cables, same result each time.
Planning to return them.


This charger stopped working after 8 months. Combined with its other flaws, I do NOT recommend this charger.


This is not a great charger. It does work, so I'm giving it 3 stars, but there are significant issues, among them:

1) When an iPad or iPhone is plugged into this charger, fingerprint recognition does not work.
2) When an iPad or iPhone is plugged into this charger, touchscreen response is wonky - it will put in 2 entries for a single keystroke, and zooming or scrolling are difficult, sometimes impossible.
3) Output is too low to charge a 1 amp device (e.g.: iPad) and a 0.5 amp device (e.g.: iPhone) simultaneously while using them. You CAN slowly recharge both while they are not in use, or charge an iPad alone while using it.
4) It is large enough that it often interferes with other plugs on a power-strip or extension cord
5) The prongs of the plug tend to fall out of outlets more easily than other chargers.

On the pro side, it is small, and has functioned reliably during the time I've used it.

I was really excited for these, but they were completely unusable. It took me less than 5 minutes to realize that they were going to drive me insane. The USB had to be perfectly placed it it wouldn’t work. Tried multiple USB cords and multiple outlets to rule that out. I ended up returning them.

Comes in a pair. Both worked initially. After 3-4 months of use, one stopped working. The other started making a high-pitched whining noise when charging around the same time. I stopped using the working one, as I became concerned about its safety and energy efficiency given the noise it was making.

Note that this product is not tested and certified by UL or any other nationally recognized testing laboratory. Thus is it not legal to use at workplaces in the USA, where OSHA requires such safety certification.

We purchased these for our electric toothbrushes and to maximize our outlets for our devices in the bedroom. There is no issue charging our toothbrushes and it charges our iPhones and iPads quicker than the standard chargers. Well worth it. The only issue is that they do take up more space on a power strip or wall outlet, so you cannot have multiple large plug in devices next to each other. Recommend this product.

I had a problem with one of my plugs and they are taking care of it. They stand behind their products and they have an excellent response time. My other plug works perfectly. No product on the market these days is perfect. the two most important things to me are reasonable price and great customer service. They fulfill both requirements.

I had zero problems with these plugs. I got the two pack of pink usb wall chargers and am very happy with them. They are cute, effective, and portable. I personally had no issues with getting them to connect properly, no issues with fitting my charging cords, no sparking or other hazards, and they fit well in the outlets without falling out like my old charger. The shop owners seem very responsive and interested in making sure customers are happy.

I gave them 3 stars because they don’t fit into the socket snugly, it always looks lik (and sometimes do) they’re going to fall out of the socket. But all in all, when they stay plugged in, they to the job.