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  • TurboPower speed-now in a power Pack
  • Low-profile, integrated design
  • Plugs in and recharges fast
  • Moto TurboPower Pack is compatible with any phone in the Moto Z Family


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Instantly add an extra day of battery life to your phone.* the sleek design also lets you recharge at blazing fast speeds on the go. Moto TurboPower™ Pack is compatible with any phone in the Moto Z Family Moto z² force edition Moto z² play Moto z force droid Moto z Moto z droid Moto z play Moto z play droid

Product information Product Dimensions 6 x 2.89 x 0.26 inches Item Weight 3.52 ounces ASIN B072KBXLG7 Item model number 89929N Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

I had this Moto TurboPower Pack for under 3 month. I loved it! It was great, until one time message came that it's not connected to my phone. I checked, cleaned contact and same thing. I left it connected with my phone on charger over night and somehow, I thought I got it to work, but it wouldn't charge my phone. Then to reset I disconnected and connected again, it would say 100% half a day (my phone got very hot) and 2pm my phone just died. Power Pack would not take charge if you just plugging to charge without the phone. I started to research maybe it has to have software update, but without success. Contacted Blue Point, and they said you only had 30 days to exchange or return and they told me I should go with Motorola directly. But Motorola were not able to help me without original receipt from Motorola. The one I had from Amazon wouldn't work for them. I got back to Blue Point asking if they can provide receipt that Motorola is asking, and they wouldn't help me. So now I got stuck with broken TurboPower Pack and have to decide if I should get another one (really need that extended battery), or just get another phone with longer battery life.

I've used this on both my Z2 Force and Z Play and it works great on both phones! Get days of use with this mod.
This mod actually helped to get me through Hurricane Irma while we were without power. I didn't have to worry about my phone dying once! Great options for Turbo charging or economy mode. No issues with this falling off accidentally. I have to pull pretty hard to break the magnetic bond! I was able to watch the movie Avatar 17 times before I needed to recharge my phone!

I was on the verge of getting rid of my Moto Z due to the dismal battery life. After charging all night, I might get 4-5 hours of battery life if I was using it at all. If I were playing a game that might drop to 2-3 hours of life. This TurboPower Pack has once again made my Moto Z an all day phone. I can easily get 12 hours on a charge and that is with heavy use. With minimal use (calls, texting short web browsing) I can get over 24 hours. I wish I would have bought this months ago.

At first, I loved it. It let me go for days without charging.

Then: Went haywire after less than 6 months of use. Extremely disappointed and worried it may also have caused damage to my nearly $1000 phone's battery because of such poor quality control. Used to like Motorola products, now they aren't living up to their former reputation.

Symptoms: (1) One LED on the Mod was staying on always, no matter what, except when dead all the way. (I can deal. Inconvenient to lose the feature but whatever.) Then, (2) Mod wouldn't charge independently past 56% using the official Motorola charger (I always have used official chargers and accessories) and (3) started heating my phone when I put it on (more than usual, and I used it a lot before so I know it was not right).

I am pretty tech-savvy and this is a defective product for sure. Bad apple or typical short life? Remains to be seen. Hoping to find a resolution because it wasn't cheap and I am a poor student.

Now: Going through the motions for warranty replacement, where I have to find a box to put this thing in, print a return label, return it, wait for them to receive it and then another 4 days, then the time it takes for them to ship a "like new" product, apparently meaning it was not used or was "lightly used."

I have had issues with Motorola products before (I have many previous generation Motorola phones that I loved and recommended to people) so this will probably be my last one.

Awesome Moto mod! It has a USB-C plug on the side so the charging was lightening fast via turboboost. It fits great on my phone which has a bumper case....nice grip too. You can touch the front button and the 4 LEDs will provide remaining charge info. At 3490 mAh, this doubles the battery in my Moto Z Force and, in efficiency mode (80%), I can probably go 2-3 days without recharging! The phone/battery combo feels great in the hand...way better than the Incipio battery Moto mod I've been using. Unlike the Mophie juicepack which is a huge brick and weighs the phone down considerably, this mod is pretty thin and very light. Even on the thicker first gen Z Force, the combo does not feel heavy at all.

After having my phone for over a year, I have found the best application for the moto mods attachment feature of my phone. Perhaps because I use it so much the battery on my phone has gotten weak enough that I have to think about charging the phone during the day. With previous phones, I would just plug it in at night.

Enter the Turbo Pack. I get around 2 days with the turbopower pack. While it isn't cheap, I was able to get a moto battery upgrade with a known battery manufacturer and I didn't have to tear my phone apart or go to a battery service center for replacement.

Had been thinking my next phone might not be a moto, but now may have to think again.

Amazing! It's empowering to be able to use my phone as much as I want without worrying about conserving the battery. My smartphone is fun again! This Moto Mod adds a little weight and a quarter-inch of thickness to my Play Z2. The rubbery textured covering also makes the phone easier to handle and much less slippery in my hand. The little 4-light meter on the back is cute, especially when showing it to friends. This power pack snaps on easily and feels very solid on the phone. I put the charging cable into the phone each night and it charges this Moto Mod that way. There is also a charging jack on the side of the power pack but I've never used it. One thing I'd love to see is a case that will fit the Play Z2 with this Moto Mod attached. If this power pack wears out before the phone dies, I'd definitely buy another one.

This was great for the first six months. Then it began to crash my phone by overheating, it's capacity and charge efficiency is now terrible, and it doesn't charge anymore unless it is connected to my phone.

I have 3 of these in total