Solar Power Bank, 25000mAh RAVPower Solar Phone Charger with 3 USB Ports, External Battery Pack with Micro USB & USB C Inputs, Outdoor Portable Charger with Flashlight - Shock, Dust & Waterproof


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  • 【Large Capacity Solar Power Bank】Ravpower 25, 000mAh powerbank especially for outdoor enthusiasts. More than portable solar charger but portable usb power bank as well compatible with iPhone 11/11pro/XR/XR MAX/XS/X/8/8plus/6s/6, solar phone chargers is an ideal choice for hiking, camping trips or other phone charger outdoor activities and camping accessories
  • 【Two Charging Methods and Dual Inputs】The ravpower solar chargers itself can be charged via 2 power outlet(micro usb and type C input port) and sunlight, And 2 USB outlets(USB fast charging port:DC 5V ~ 6. 5V/3A, 6. 5 ~ 9V/2A, 9 ~ 12V/1. 5A Max). Best choice for resources of emergency power
  • 【LED Emergency Flashlight and SOS modes】solar charger power bank Integrated 4 LED indicators to show power status, waterproof LED emergency light for an outdoor camping. ravpower solar phone chargers a must-have handy tool for outdoor enthusiasts. solar phone chargers a reliable choice for you to light up when traveling, camping, especially in dark situations or other emergency use
  • 【 Portable Solar Battery Pack】The out case is made from durable ABS + PC material, solar charger for cell phone is waterproof and dustproof. At the same time waterproof solar Battery Charger, you can easy to hold in hand and carry with integrated hanging ring. which makes outdoor carrying more convenient and enables outdoor solar charging
  • 【What You Get】 12-month Return+18-month , 1 x 25000mAh Multifunction RAVPower Solar Power Bank, 1 x Micro USB to USB-C Adapter, 2 x Micro-USB Charging Cable, 1 x Card, 1 x User Guide. Our fast, friendly and hassle free customer service team is there for you


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(1) To enjoy the faster 2A input, please recharge with a 2A and above charger and the original data/charging cable.

(2) The green LED indicator turns on indicating it's recharging via the solar panel. RAVPower - Stay Powered RAVPower is the one-stop power charging solution for millions of customers from around the world.

Our wide variety of portable chargers ranges from high-capacity external battery packs to Qualcomm Quick Charge-powered travel- USB chargers to breakthrough fast wireless charging pads.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: 25, 000mAh


QC Micro USB: DC 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1. 5A Max

USB-C: DC 5V / 3A Max

QC Micro USB + USB-C: DC 5V/4A Max


Quick Charge: DC 5V ~ 6. 5V/3A, 6. 5 ~ 9V/2A, 9 ~ 12V/1. 5A Max

USB-C: DC 5V/3A Max

iSmart: DC 5V / 2. 4A Max

Solar Panel: 5V/300mA Max

Charging Capacity:

iPhone 8: 9. 3 times

Samsung Galaxy S8: 5. 6 times

iPad mini 4: 3.3 times

What's in the Box:

1 x RAVPower Solar Charger

1 x Micro USB to USB-C Adapter

2 x Micro-USB Charging Cable

1 x Card

1 x User Guide

Product information Package Dimensions 9.3 x 3.8 x 1.5 inches Item Weight 1.5 pounds ASIN B07QL8QVKL

This is a high quality solar power bank. It can be charged either by solar power, which takes a long time to charge or by the 2 included cables that will fully charge the power bank in just a few hours. Fully charged, this power bank will charge my Samsung Galaxy S9+ 5 times before the power bank needs to be recharged. I allowed my phone run down to 2% battery prior to charging each time. The only downside to this solar power bank is the weight. It is heavy duty and heavy when placed in a backpack or bag. It comes with 2 USB cables and 1 USB B to C adapter. It has a hook on top to allow you to hang it up or attach it to a bag. The flashlight is bright and lights a farily large area. I would definitely recommend this solar power bank to anyone needing a way to recharge a phone or tablet when a plug in power source is not available.

I'm a big fan of RAV Power batteries, but unfortunately the solar panel on this is basically worthless. I've had this in my 2nd-floor south-facing window for over 2 weeks (including several very sunny days) and it hasn't been enough to even bring the charge indicator from one light to two.

***UPDATE*** I left it in the window for more than a month and still saw no charge added by the solar panel. Only reason I'm leaving this at 2 stars instead of 1 is that it's still a good battery, but there is absolutely zero benefit to the solar panel. It's worthless.

Do yourself a favor and save some cash by getting the non-solar version, and if you need solar charging get a better solar panel elsewhere.

Hello all. I first received this magnificent black and cheese yellow solar charger mid April. Love the color by the way.. it has many features so I will start with my favorite. 1. The rubberized durable exterior. Upon grasping this piece of tech you can tell it can survive. 2. The waterproof exterior with rubberized airtight seals. 3. The flexibility to fast charge using usb-c, micro USB, or the big chunky USB port. It takes a while to charge but so does all solar tech. 4. The waterproof light on the top exterior is another great feature. Very bright. Kids and adults do not make the mistake of "seeing how bright it is" just don't! 5. The carabineer clip on the bottom is retractable and I believe it is stainless steel. 6. The battery capacity of this devices rivals most large battery packs. I have a batter pack with 25000 mAh and I can get 3-4 full phone charges and I have the google pixel 2. This solar charger has 25000mah as well. Great product for us outdoorsy men and women.

Everything about this powerbank, all the features and looks are impeccable but unfortunately is unreliable at best when it comes to charging through the solar panel. To be honest I do not think it can even charge through it. The green light indicator comes on but it does not charge. After the one I ordered did not charge through the sun even after 5 days of sunlight (in soCal) they (Sun Valley) were kind enough to replace it with another, however that one also had the same issue. Then they replaced it with another one and after 60 hours this new one still did not charge even a quarter (it has 4 light indicators). After the third and final unit still did not seem to solar charge at all, I contacted RavPower for the next steps. They responded to my email but kept trying to convince me that (although the description says that the bank should fully charge through the sun in 85 hours) mine, not charging even a quarter after 60 hours was normal. After quite a few emails they did give me a partial refund that was less than what I would have wanted after enduring all that but still overall it is a really nice powerbank. Besides the solar panel, I would still recommend it. The flashlight is powerful and the dual inputs charge it pretty fast. It also feels really nice in the hand and does feel durable.

Durability: 5 stars for sure
Quality: yes 5 stars
Charging capacity: 5 stars
Size: 3 stars

So this thing is very tough. You could for sure use it to charge your phone while hiking, camping or any other rough activities and it will not break. It is probably the most durable power bank my husband and I have ever owned.
Charging this solar power bank takes a long time but you can also precharge it before traveling.
This is kind of bulky. It is bigger than my Samsung galaxy s9 plus.

I purchased this before I went on a musky fishing trip due to limited power sources. I charged it all the way up with the wall charger before my trip and was able to charge my phone and my husbands phone (both phones were completely dead both times) 2 times and it used less than half of the charge we had in the power bank. I dropped it a few times and it got wet in the boat and didn't cause any issues. I recommend this product!

House has no power - no problem with this solar charger
Overnight camping and need to charge your phone - this is the perfect solution
Day at the beach, family sporting event, or fishing - a must have
And it’s waterproof!

This was able to charge two ipads over USB/lighnting and a Pixel 3 over USB-C at the same time, all at full speed. This was happening when the battery was indicating just one dot of power remaining. Recharge takes a long time, but that is the price of being such a high capacity battery. When charging through the micro-usb port it was taking 10 watts (5 volts * 2 amps), when connecting a USB-PD charger to the USB-C port it was taking 14 watts (5 volts * 2.8 amps), but when I connect both chargers at the same time it took 26 watts. So, if you have several chargers available, you can get power into this pretty quickly.