Seneo Wireless Charger, 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station for Apple Watch, AirPods Pro/2, Detachable and Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 11 Pro Max/X/XS/XR/8Plus(NO QC 3.0 Adapter)


  • 【3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station】: The SENEO Wireless Charging Dock charges your phone, iWatch and AirPods simultaneously. Compatible with iPhone SE 2020/11/11pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8 up to 7.5W, iWatch 5/4/3/2, and AirPods Pro/2 (wired charge). For the best charging experience, please note: 1. 7.5W fast charging needs QC 3.0 adapter (NOT INCLUDED); 2. ORIGINAL Apple Watch Magnetic Charger is required (NOT INCLUDED).
  • 【Magnetic and Portable Design】: Thanks to its unique magnetic contacts, the wireless charging stand and dock can be combined to charge multiple devices with just one cable, or they can be detached for separate use. Easy to carry and charge your iWatch and AirPods when traveling. A Lightning to USB Cable for AirPods is INCLUDED and pre-installed)
  • 【Qi-Certified and Fast Wireless Charging】: USB-C charging ports and provided USB-C cable make charging more stable and faster. Features Qi wireless technology and 2 charging coils, you can fully charge your devices in just 3 hours. Exclusive ATB technology and intelligent chip provide temperature control, over-charge and over-voltage protection, keeping you and your devices safe.
  • 【Cable Storage & Nightstand Mode】: The charging dock hides the cables of iWatch and AirPods inside nicely, saving your space on your desk. Never have a mess at your desk again. The charging dock enables you to use the alarm clock feature while charging your iWatch. SENEO wireless charging stand charges your phone in either portrait and landscape orientation.
  • 【Case-Friendly & Sleep-Friendly】: Charges through most phone cases up to 5mm/0. 2in thick, no need to remove the slim case from your phone. Tips: Remove the magnetic or metal attachments from your phone/phone case; Remove the incompatible protective case from the iWatch charging case. The subtle indicator shows your charging status and won't interfere with your sleep.



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3 in 1 Wireless Charger

Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 4.53 x 3.03 x 4.92 inches Item Weight 10.6 ounces ASIN B07W5Y1FJX Item model number PA191B

This is the THIRD charging station I've tried for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 5, and Apple (First Gen) Air Pods. This *by far* the best and the others were -crap- one brand cost $10 more than this Seneo unit!

The significant ADVANTAGES of this Seneo unit over others I and tried and returned:

- Seneo does wireless charging right for iPhones. My wife and I used the the older phone-only Seneo charging-stand since the iPhone 8 Plus, and it's been reliable for years. It looked very nice and just worked. Nice modestly lit discrete light strip on the stand on that unit was blue when no phone and turned green when you set the phone in the stand so you knew it was charging. This unit is similar but smaller panel light. After getting exasperated with two other "triple-play" stands (e.g. unit for phone, watch, airpods) (that I had to return), I was thrilled to bumped into this Seneo triple play unit on Amazon. Got it and we love it. Seneo's design/engineering team is noticeably more skilled than other brands because they got all the important details and fittings right. Looks, fittings, design, user-friendly/ergonomics and reliability. That's no accident, that company knows what it's doing. Note: I'm NOT affiliated, but I do engineering work and love things that work well, so I notice such details.

- It has a small footprint, so it grips and stays poised more even on slightly uneven surfaces. That compactness also saves space. It is a decent looking unit. Some units I've seen on Amazon may look a little sexier, but the ones I've seen tend to either cost more, or the phone lies flat, or they have a bigger footprint, or they require the latest most expensive *wireless* charging Air Pod case, so not good for older (wired charging) Air Pods.

- The phone stand, and the watch/airpod section are magnetically attached to each other with a clever connection apparatus, engineered to works flawlessly. It behaves as a single unit, but allows you to use the phone charger and watch/airpod charger separately if you need to.

- The Seneo unit has only ONE cable coming out the back! That's important because it avoids an ugly multi-cable mess and requiring more charging units / receptacles in the wall.

- With this unit you use the charger that came with the iPhone, the charger disc that comes with the Apple Watch and, I don't recall, but I believe you need the *cable* that comes with the Air Pods (or similar). The watch charger disc press-fits into the stand neatly, and the cables are perfectly concealed in the watch/airpod section of the stand by a sliding door on the bottom of the stand, where you plug the cables in, tuck them inside and slide the door back on. And, whalla! ... all cables perfectly hidden and one discreet cable coming neatly out the back.


A DIFFERENT VENDOR we tried was so *badly* engineered it require a 3-cable rat's nest coming out the back! Who signed-off on that abomination? No one wants to see three cables running-up to a single unit if they can avoid it!
And that other unit cost just as much or more than the Seneo! Also, that other brand had cable guides (grooves on the underside) that you had to route the cables through, but they didn't even have any kind of tabs or mechanism to hold the cables in place, plus, the cables were too loose in the guides, so somehow not only were they a hassle to press in, but if you lifted or moved the unit, the cables popped out and then the stand would not sit flat! I mean that kind of amateur junk should not even be on the market! I suspect a lot of similar knock-offs have that problem, since some are just the same models re-branded or just variations from the same amateur engineering mentality.

An another vendor/model we had simply would not wirelessly charge the iPhone 11 Pro Max even through a *thin* silicone iPhone case! To wirelessly charge the phone, we had to have NO case on it, making that other brand *worthless* as a wireless charger!

I found other vendor/models trying to sell a lot of units by foisting themselves off as all-things to all phones (e.g. tried to work with any and every phone manufacturer, size and model), but don't succeeed at anything particularly well. One unit had the charging coil kind of exposed on a movable pad that you had to use a dial to mov up and down try to find the right location for your phone model and brand and size. It not only looked tacky, but is obviously not necessary because Seneo units have a clean simple nice looking, nicely finished flat backrest that works flawlessly and requires no adjustment.

I love my new charging station!! Works great, easy to set up. No issues with wireless charging, even with my case on - which has been a problem with other wireless chargers I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

Ok I jumped out of my seat when I finally found this dock. I just wanted one place to charge all my stuff and I’ve tried several. THIS ONE IS PERFECT. It doesn’t feel cheap, which is a big problem I found with other docks. The wireless charging works work my phone case, and all you have to do is place your phone on the wireless pad and voila! There’s no question on whether it’s charging or not. Once connected, there is a soft light that will glow when it’s fully charged. You need to provide your own charger for the watch BUT you can tuck the cord away, so no mess! (which is my favorite feature btw) Why else would you buy a dock if not to hide all those messy cords? Overall, YAAAASSSS QUEEN. I love this dock. I’d buy it again and again (although Thanks to the quality- I won’t need to)

Here’s an update! I’ve had this charging dock for about a month and a half now and I am OBSESSED! I want to buy 100 of them just because I love it so much. I know that sounds ridiculous but this is a seriously great charging dock. PERFECT for the Apple lover in your life. My Apple Watch charges seamlessly, As well as my AirPods. I recently got a new iPhone 11 and a new case for it, it’s one of those extra cases, that has a glitter waterfall on the back (meaning it adds an extra 1/2” to the case itself and the charging dock STILL charges my phone wirelessly. So, even through a thick phone case, the wireless charging feature still works like a charm.

I purchased 1 for myself and loved it so I recently purchased one for my daughter for college she’s loves it as well because she doesn’t have a bunch of cords and all her stuff only takes up 1 power outlet great buy and great product worth every penny!

I did like 3 hours of research into finding which charger I wanted and this is definitely the best one! NOTE: you have to buy a QC 3.0 adapter for this thing, because the normal Apple power cube won’t work. I found one by Powerbear for $9. It’s a really sleek device that completely removes the clutter from your desk. If you want a spacious, modern look to your workspace like you see on Pinterest, then this is a must-have. Can you get away with purchasing a $10 wireless charging pad? Sure. But that thing would only charge 1 device while this charges all 3. And the best part is that it’s detachable, so if you want to save space or keep one of these next to your bed, then that’s a possibility. Overall I’m pleased. Can’t imagine charging with cables anymore.

Easy setup, Apple Watch base is easy to install and cord fits nicely in compartment. Charges phones nicely without losing connection. I have charged an iPhone X, 11 Pro and a GS9. It just works! Charger is silent. No chimes going off every 30 seconds Is saving me from my trucker mouth. The charger topped off my iPods in the time it’s taken to review. Fits my iPhone 11 Pro’s 6.5 inch screen easily. Stable on base, no threat of tipping with phone in vertical position.
I hate cords and I am happy! I am finicky and I am happy. I hate fussing to make things work. I am happy.

If you've got a wireless chargeable phone, airpods, Apple Watch, this is GREAT for tidier desk.
Highly recommended. I've used a couple of other 3-in-1 charging stations and searched a lot for a perfect solution. But they all either use more than 1 cable for the charging station itself, which kind of defeats the purpose, or their 3rd party watch charger is unreliable. This uses just one cable to power itself, and uses the original Apple Watch charger to make it reliable. Probably the best option right now.

1. Charges everything well.
2. Build quality is excellent. Sturdy material and nothing feels loose. Plastic feels premium with the surface being quite smooth.
3. I missed this on the product description but you can the watch/airpods module can be connected to a separate charger. It does have its own usb-c port right next to the magnetic connecting slots. It find it quite nice indeed.

(Very minor) Cons
1. The top of watch charger kind of pops out easily, when you take the watch away. I realised it was because the neck of the cable was being pushed inside the box. I took a box cutter and carved a little breathing slot for the cable and the issue was solved.
2. I don't think I can actually rotate the airpods connector. But it holds the connector just hard enough that it doesn't move at all when connecting, disconnecting the device, yet still maintain adjustable with a bit more direct force.
3. This might be the smallest of all. The two modules come in different finishes. One glossy and the other matt. They are both very nice but I'd rather have them the same finish. (Preferably matt personally)

iphone and watch charging are excellent. I don't charge my earpods on the stand as I find it really hard to get them on and off the charger. It doesn't quite sit right - the way I've set it up probably. But I'm still really, really happy with my purchase. No more chords everywhere.

Excelente idea de tener un solo centro de carga para mi teléfono, mi reloj y mis audífonos. Es muy funcional y cómodo

Love it very versatile and easy to use fast charge and can fit into small space!

Delivery was faster than expected. Well packed and works very well. Love it!

Came as per description