Elimoons Ultra-Thin Webcam Cover Slide Metal Laptop Camera Cover Sticker Blocker for Laptop Apple MacBook iMac iPad Cell Phone Tablet Echo Show Anti Spy Privacy


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  • ◆ Webcam Cover - Fits laptop, desktop, PC, macBook pro, iMac, mac Mini, computer, smart phone, echo spot, PS4, fits on most devices, protecting your privacy security, keep you computer or iPad or iPhone etc from spying on you! (Notes: It not fits any full display)
  • ◆ Ultra-Thin & Small- 0.022inches thick allowing laptops to close perfectly. Super thin, The size is perfect for laptops and cell phone front facing camera, not worried about scratching your work laptop.
  • ◆ Movable Slider - This webcam cover is super easy to slide open and close for when you want to take selfies or photos or video chats.
  • ◆ Easy To Install - Installing this camera cover was simple. First, I made sure my screen was clean and free of dust, smudges, etc. Next, I simply removed the small adhesive backing from the webcam cover, lined it up with my webcam, and pressed it firmly in place.
  • ★ Privacy is hard to come by in this day and age. I don't know about you guys but i'm not a fan of a camera staring at me in my face all the time whether its on or not. 12-MONTHS QUALITY GUARANTEE. If any questions,just contact us 7*24 customer service.



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Elinmoons Focus on Protecting Your Online Privacy

Do what you wanna do, no one will see you. Even if they somehow get to you, you can block them out using Elimoons webcam cover.

Elimoons Webcam Cover Gives the Most Effective Protection of Your Digital Life


Why you need a webcam cover?

Research shown that organizations and people all over the world are infiltrating our webcams, taking pictures without our notice. So covering your webcam is essential to stay protected



-Hacking webcams is a popular activity for hackers. While the general public has become aware of this creepy hobby only recently, it has actually been a “hobby” of hackers for years

-- The only way to protect your privacy is to cover the camera when you are not using it.

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- It is made with a high quality plastic material with the strong adhesive. It stays on strong when attached. mply align to your webcam, attach and press firmly for seconds for a strong fit.

- However, the non-permanent seal can be removed if needed and there will be no glue residue

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Webcam Cover Slide Blocker for Laptop Computer, MacBook, iPad,iMac, Tablets PC, Echo Spot, Camera Cover Sticker Protecting Your Privacy Security


- Product Size: 18.5mm (L) 0.5mm(Thick) 9mm(W)

- Simple to use.

Clean minimalist design.

Works with laptops, desktops, smartphones


- It measures only 0.022 inches in thickness which means it will not interfere with the closing of your laptop lid, perfectly combine with your devices.

- Does not interfere with webcam use or indicator light.

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Clean the surface of your devices



Remove the blue tape behind.



Align hole on the cover over camera lens and press.



Slide the cover to open and close the camera.





Product information Color:Gloss Black Package Dimensions 4.96 x 4.13 x 0.31 inches Item Weight 0.634 ounces Manufacturer Elimoons ASIN B082W1SWKC

This is an awesome utility. After watching a thriller movie about creeps hacking into cameras, I became extremely paranoid that my family could be going through the same thing without us even realizing it. We not only immediately bought antivirus softwares, but purchased these covers as well just for extra precaution. Definitely worth the price and is excellent for calming those paranoid nerves! Definitely feels, looks, and works better than sticking a post-it note or sticking electric tape onto your camera after each camera use! 10/10 recommend for everyone who views this product as you can never be too safe!

I had thought earlier that I got only three but in fact I received three packages with each one holding three.

Nice product, great price.

I don't like it, it's very small and it doesn't let a face recognition to work.

Work well when they are on, but they have a tendency to stop sticking and just fall off.

Great product!

I like to be in full control of what my laptop camera sees and these covers are a lot more versatile than tape (which is what I was using before). There are two parts to these covers. An oval-shaped part that has adhesive on one side, which you place around the camera and a magnetic circular part that snaps into the oval and then slides back and forth to easily cover or expose your camera lens.

They're a little tricky to get placed correctly (at least for me and my big hands). I didn't get my first one placed quite right, so the edge of the oval track was showing up in the camera's periphery when I used it. I had to pull it off and try another cover. The second time, I aimed better and my camera works fine without showing up in the video image.

I've been using one of these covers for about a month now, I think, and it seems to be holding up quite well. Because it is a magnet and not little plastic grooves in a track, I expect each sliding cover to last a long time.

The basic idea is simple: Cover your Webcam! Doesn't hurt and eliminates revealing moments when accidentally turning on the camera or somebody remotely accesses[1] it. You can use electric tape, masking tape, a post-it, or anything else that won't smear the lens with residue. A sliding cover sounds neat and effective. They look big on the photos, because they show a 3D rendering than the actual product. When I received them I was surprised how tiny they really are. They don't have to be large to cover the small camera on your tablet or notebook, but it makes it really hard to slide the cover. It reminds me of playing with kids and their toy figures. It comes with all this miniature stuff and makes me feel clumsy because my fingers are just too big (and there’s aren’t). You have to use your fingernail to catch it. The other issue: They are made terribly cheap. I didn't expect billet aluminum, but these feel like they are punched out of soda cans. The manufacturer of your device puts a lot of money into the looks and feel of their products. Humans have a very sensitive tactile perception and can feel micro-fine imperfections. You realize when you chipped your fingernail, and it feels like it got hit by a bomb when you touch it with your finger, but it’s actually just a tiny nick? That’s how this cam-cover feels. Slightly annoying on a notebook-screen, strange on a tablet, but for sure not something you want on your phone. Beside: On my notebook it touches the hand rest when closed [2]. I smeared some toothpaste on it to illustrate (see the photo). My opinion: Unless I find a better product, I keep using masking tape, but the blue for cars, that doesn’t leave residue and keeps sticky. Just cut a little square and one roll will last years. Will also work on the front camera and Smart TVs[3]. I put a link below. That’s three stars, because works with limitations because of the low quality.
+ privacy
+ easy to install
+strong adhesive
+ discrete depending on the color
- cheaply made
- tiny, barely covers the glass on some cameras
- rough edges
- slider doesn’t move easy, needs fingernails
- might leave scratches on notebooks with screen down

3M Blue Masking Tape: https://www.amazon.com/ScotchBlue-Painters-Multi-Use-94-Inch-60-Yard/dp/B00004Z4CP
[1] The Hill: ‘FBI director: Cover up your webcam’,
Julian Hattem 09/14/16
[2] Gizmodo: ‘Apple Warns Against Closing Your Laptop While Using a Webcam Cover’,