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  • New Design:Rotate to open,It's crucial that your new webcam cover does not interfere with your ability to completely close or fold your laptop.
  • Durable and Gentle:Made of thermoplastic polymer;strong 3M glue,not easy to fall off.
  • Protect your Device:Circular design bring you soft feeling,rotate open when you need to use your webcam.never worry about being broken or damaging your device.
  • Suitable For Most Devices: This camera cover can be used on most webcams on your device as long as the surface around the webcam is flat. We have tested it on a diversity of brands such as Apple, Dell, Surface, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo and many others.
  • Protecting Your Digital Life: Covers your webcam when not in use, and prevents web hackers from Spying on you. It is perfect to provide privacy, security and peace of mind to individuals, groups, organizations, companies and governments.



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New Design Laptop Camera Cover - 100% Effective Solution to Stop Web Camera Spies.

Who's watching you through your web camera? If you didn't know there are a lot of potential Hackers out there potentially spying on you... To the point that the FBI launches criminal investigations into webcam spying. If you don't think it can happen to you ask the SEVEN women that recently had over 20,000 photos taken of them illegally and posted on the web. Don't be the next VICTIM!

Protect yourself and loved ones from Cyber spying, or cyber espionage - the act or practice of obtaining secrets without the permission of the holder of the information (personal, sensitive, proprietary or of classified nature), from individuals, competitors, rivals, groups, governments and enemies for personal, economic, political or military advantage ... 100% Effective Solution to Stop Web Camera Spies. Prevent anyone from watching or recording you through your web camera(s).


  • Ultra thin webcam cover (0.027 inch/0.8mm)
  • Fits any laptop or tablet
  • Installed in 5 seconds

Easy as 1-2-3 to install:

  1. clean surface with enclosed cleaner
  2. remove adhesive backing from cover
  3. place window area of cover over laptop camera lens

Prevent anyone from watching or recording you through your web camera(s).

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Product information Package Dimensions 5.63 x 3.5 x 0.04 inches Item Weight 0.246 ounces Manufacturer SBYURE ASIN B07BKTCTBH Item model number 8541707589

Cover placed over front camera snapped off despite light usage after being removed from my handbag one day, about two weeks after installation. Another cover, over one of the two rear cameras on my phone, slides around in a mushy goo of aggressive that never adhered and set up properly, despite the directions being followed exactly and the surface bring cleaned and properly prepared for adhesive application, so the cover moves around in this jelly-like residue, frequently slipping out of place and failing to cover the camera. The third cover works perfectly. This product needs some tweaking, but is a decent design that best suits my phone needs. I'd like to repurchase once these design issues are addressed, because I believe this can be a really great product with a little effort and thought.

(UPDATE) I figured out a way to make the adhesive stick better. The problem was it would not stick to the glass around the camera lens. I used some clear packing tape and put it over the camera, then stuck the lense cover to the tape. So far it seems to be staying put.

The design is nice but the adhesive is garbage. I also had to trim the edges down so it would not cover the screen when its on my selfie camera of me Samsung S9. Finding thin double sided tape that actually lasts is not easy and I don't want to glue it on possibly ruining my phone.

Ok, I was extremely hopeful with this however, they are very cheap. My first attempt at attaching this to my iphone and the moving part on top popped off. While attempting to re-attach the top piece I pretty much ruined the adhesive so it did not stick well and lasted about 12 hrs before it fell off my phone. They do come in a 3 pack so I was able to attempt a second time. It didn't pop off this time but same issue with the adhesive. Not veery sticky so it slides and then facial recognition doesn't really work because the camera becomes partially covered. Not only does it look liike this is going to bee a fail, in either case the material is very cheap and I do not think it is worth 16d. Just my 2 cents. :) Take it for what it is worth. :)

I had great hopes for these; the shape was good. I didn't realize the adhesive surface was so narrow but I tried them all. Two fell apart - and no, I didn't force them. Just opening them for application, resulted in each of the two separating. The third wouldn't stick at all. It wasn't in a little bag with an instruction slip so I think it might have been from a previously returned order.

These are not available as of this writing but I wanted to weigh in hoping that no-one else wastes what is a considerable sum for such a product.

This is a great idea and works for laptops, but the ones I put on my Galaxy S9 cell phone are not going to work. The cover for the front lens of the cell phone doesn't fit and the cover for the back lens keeps getting bumped out of place.

Firstly, the adhesion sucks terribly. These do not stick well on a cell phone. They slide around and fall off readily. Secondly, the lid that you swivel around breaks off easily. These two issues are deal breakers for me, it's just one more thing that if something gets on the glass over the camera hole, you're pretty much out of luck as the only way to clean it is by removing the product. I'd give it 0 stars if I could.

Does not work! So how am I still able to unlock my phone with face recognition and the lens “closed”! I can also unlock other apps I have to unlock with Face ID only. Would not recommend if you want it for privacy. I can also see how the sticky stuff comes off easy. I almost pealed it off myself but luckily I had read the review issues. Wish it worked, it’s the perfect size.

i was super excited + added it to my family's devices. slowly each family member's cover would snap off + break making the product completely useless. this product would work best for someone who has an iphone case with a cover.