Webcam Cover Laptop Camera Covers Metal Slide for Laptop Computer Phone Camera Privacy Covers Metal Ultra Thin 3 Pack


  • Webcam cover super thin design 3 pack. Perfect curve edges perfectly combine with your devices. Webcam cover slide only 0. 027 inch thick and does not feel Its existence when the laptop lid is closed
  • Webcam cover can be opened or closed with just one simple finger movement.Slide the webcam cover open when you need. Close it when you don't need, blocking potential hackers. Unique design allows you to easily enjoy safe digital life
  • Strong and durable nano double-sided adhesive bonding can make reliable connection between your devices and webcam cover. The adhesive can be easily applied and removed from the device Without any tracesCovers your webcam when not in use and prevents webcam hackers from spying on you. Slides open when you need to use your webcam. Locks in place to ensure cover does not slide open.
  • This camera cover can be used on most webcams on device for Laptop, PC, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iMac, iPad, Smartphone,as long the surface around the webcam is flat. Protect Your Privacy and Security Digital Sliding


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Camera protection cover is an emerging product to prevent privacy leakage in recent years. Faced with the lack of malicious data theft programs and self-prevention awareness by network hackers, our personal lives are constantly being violated by the outside world.The camera cover is protected from intrusion, just push it to refuse to peep

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Brand Name Nertpow Item Weight 0.81 ounces Package Dimensions 3 x 3 x 0.4 inches Color Name Metal 3p

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I got this to help me feel secure while using my laptop to access the internet these days. I have a Macbook Pro 2018 model and I did try some other camera covering. Most of them are slightly big and prevent the Macbook to close completely. However, this one doesn’t. At first, I was like why is it so small, but I surprised of how it looks on the laptop. You can barely notice there is a camera covering and it works perfectly. Totally recommend it!

These were much smaller than I expected, which is great because they won't get in the way of me closing my laptop.

I have several laptop for my job and didn't want to front office peeping at me through the webcam, so I bought this three pack. They open and close easily.

My only complaint is that the adhesive doesn't hold to glass very well, so on two of my laptops the whole cover slides around when I open and close the cover if I'm not careful.

This is my first time writing a review. At first I thought this product was too small for my laptop camera but when I installed it with my camera on, this fits perfectly! I like that it’s easy to install and it came in a pack of 3. I normally use a sticky note to cover my camera but this makes my camera came with a cover. So happy with this purchase. I gave one to my family member to cover her laptop as well. It comes with a microfiber to clean your camera too. Satisfied with my purchase and I still have another extra one!

It’s way!! Smaller then what it seems but still does the job. I wanted a bigger one and I thought that’s what I was gana get but instead got something almost microscopic and it’s not at all worth how much they charge I think it should be cheeper. In my opinion they should be like $2 that’s all that’s how small they are.

I purchased these for 2 iPhones and an iPad. The one on the iPad is still in place. The ones on the phones lasted a day or two. They slide around on the glass screen and if you put your phone in your pocket they fall off. Great idea but really flimsy. I would not recommend buying these for a phone camera.

Product is easy to install. Just line it up and stick it on. The slide over is fairly smooth. Covers the camera very well and it is just a simple slide over to open or close viewing capabilities while doing zoom meetings or any other time you do not want people to see you from your computer camera.

I purchased webcam covers previously from another seller and those were great. They were thick and sturdy. I assumed these all would be similar and I was wrong. These are not sturdy and super cheap. I don’t like them and will search my previous orders to buy from the other seller.

What a clever piece of equipment! So easy to install and very practical for its intended purpose. Also like the fact that it’s very thin so there’s no interference with the laptop when I close the lid. Also very easy to slide the cover to hide/unhide the camera.