Foretra - Ultra Thin Metal Webcam Cover Privacy Slide for Your Laptop Tablet Smartphone Avoid Camera Hacking and Protect Your Privacy 5-Pack (Black)


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  • ✅ FITS ON MOST DEVICES: It can be used to cover the webcam of your laptop, iphone, ipad, smart phone, tablet, ps4, xbox, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Surface Pro, Android tablet and more!
  • ✅ PROTECT SECURITY AND PRIVACY: It is perfect to provide privacy, security and peace of mind to individuals, groups, organizations, companies and governments.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE: Simply slide to open or close your camera. Instant Privacy, Use your devices worry-free. It will not prevent laptops from closing perfectly due to its Ultra-Thin design. Perfect for your Mac
  • ✅ PREVENT CAMERA HACKS: Our webcam cover is an effective way to prevent hacking and web camera spying. Even the FBI recommends that you cover your webcam when not in use.
  • ✅ CONVENIENT FAMILY 5-PACK: Perfect to protect all your devices



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Our Webcam Cover protects your privacy on all your devices laptops, tablets, smartphones, video games, etc. by physically blocking access. Avoid being a victim of webcam hacks.

Anyone can hack your computer and turn on your webcam without you noticing. According to the FBI, the only way to ensure your privacy is by physically covering your camera when it is not in use. It's your personal space, only you should decide when your webcam will be used.

PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY: Our webcam cover is an effective way to prevent hacking and spying on your webcam.

Quickly and easily attaches to the front of your camera's lens, and prevents hackers from seeing you through your webcam

Convenient 5 or 10 pack is ideal to protect all your devices


- Clean the surface of your device (for phones use Alcohol to clean and remove all the finger oil, ensuring a proper adhesion)

- Setup the cover in the OPEN position

- Carefully peel the protective film covering the adhesive on the webcam cover (be careful as it could peel the actual adhesive film)

- Apply the webcam cover to your device, aligning the opening with the lens of your device

- Press "firmly" the webcam cover for a couple of minutes

Enjoy your privacy!

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Product information Color:BLACK Product Dimensions 3.94 x 1.18 x 0.12 inches Item Weight 0.212 ounces Manufacturer Foretra ASIN B078SKLGGF Item model number 8541707558

These are really thin, which is great. Almost invisible on my Mac screen and work great. They require a little effort the first few times I opened and closed the cover and had to use my nail to get it moving, however, they loosened up pretty quick and now I just use my fingertip to easily move the cover. While they are relatively easy to move, they will not move on their own; so there's no worry that they will open accidentally.

These work great on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. It practically disappears on the black bezel. Easy to slide back and forth after the first couple of tries. The laptop closes and latches as you would want. Also works great on my wife's forward-facing camera on her iPhone 8 Plus.

It's really nice that it works on my Macbook Pro. Only one feature I don't like is that the side of this cover is curved-up in order to hold the slider. Otherwise, this product works well.

It is extremely thin, so they have that right. However, it was flimsy, unpleasant to use and fell off the phone. So there's probably a better option out there. But if thinness and these dimension are exactly what you are searching for, you've got 5 replacements if it falls off and it's cheap, so maybe it's right for you.

I've been using this for a few months on my laptop. It works great. I like that it is subtle, and looks better than some of the larger plastic ones I've seen. The adhesive is fine so I gave the other 4 to coworkers.

SIZE: these seem *tiny* when you get the out of the package. The size is perfect once installed.

I had previously tried another style (round with an inner disc that rotates). This style is much better.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend for a phone since that might be subject to more side loads that might push it off.

The friction encountered when sliding the cover is greater than the strength of the adhesive. This results is that when you try to slide the cover, you just end up pushing the frame along, rather than sliding it open. It's pretty worthless, and I'll be buying something that works.

After the negative review, the seller reached out to me, and sent me another pack to try. This newer cover does not have the extra friction, and can be closed and opened without issue. The backing adhesive isn't very strong, and will move if you push the frame hard, but for light use it works just fine. Thanks to the seller for making it right!

Ultra thin. Don’t get in the way and fit under covers easily. Surprisingly durable too for such thin plastic with a moving part!

Good item. Some sliders move freely when device is turned side to side. Pinched in edges to adjust the movement. Be careful with macbook pro as it may prevent the laptop from closing properly.

El adhesivo es bueno, su instalación es sencilla y cumple con su función. Las fallas que tiene el producto es que 2 de las 5 cubiertas no corren bien, se atoran y es difícil abrirlas y cerrarlas con el dedo, lo cual se puede corregir doblandolas un poco en sentido contrario. El problema más grande es que al estar instaladas en una macbook air, la cubierta pega en la base y en el trackpad, lo que provoca que la tapa no cierre perfectamente y se rayen las partes donde golpea.

After noting my comment about how the piece does not stick on very well and losing a piece, I received a replacement from Carlos. They have great customer service and I highly recommend that you buy products from them. They care about their clients and this is why clients will return in the future. Many thanks Carlos!

These are awesome covers that are super slim and stick on perfectly.
I highly recommend them.
One note is to check if the cam lines up over your trackpad perfectly so you don’t accidentally pinch the lid and cam cover scratching your trackpad.
This isn’t something I suspect would be likely to happen but it was something I checked before committing to a cam cover.
Also don’t cover your mic hole if it’s beside the web cam.

funcionan para lo que están diseñados, no se notan y le dan una mejor estética a la computadora que ponerle una cinta para tapar la cámara, ademas se puede abrir fácilmente solo deslizando, hasta ahora no se han despegado, por lo que tienen un buen pegamento, son muy delgadas por lo que no interfieren a la hora de cerrar la computadora, el único pero que les encuentro es que algunas computadoras tienen más diámetro en el vidrio protector de la cámara y no la cubren completamente, pero en la mayoría queda muy bien, es una muy buena compra

I had a couple of orders of these and change them only because the black paint rubs off the trim. I enjoyed their strength and low profile. However, my last purchase I had to return because I couldn't get the slider to move without aggressively pushing with my nail. The adhesive in the back was very bad and the whole thing would slide around. Could have been a bad series but I am switching to CloudValley brand as it seems like a better build.

En cuestion de la seguridad, nunca se toman las medidas suficientes! Y mas ahora que puedes hackear calquier dispositivo! Los compre para ponerlos en mis ordenadores ya que nunca sabes quien te pueda estar viendo del otro lado sin tu consentimiento! Se me hizo una buena oferta por 5 piezas!

I had bought a seat from some other seller a few months ago and now wanted new ones for my new devices. So I ordered these ones which even has silver colour in them as it matched with my MacBook. I am so disappointed in them as they didn't stick properly at all and a re so rough that they actually scratched my laptops surface. Only giving one star for the ease of installing them.

I bought this for my work laptop (MacBook Air) and noticed that although it adheres quite firmly and does what it's supposed to do, when I close my laptop, this slide cover rubs up against the base of my laptop and leaves a black mark. I've grown accustomed to it but if you don't like this and you use a Macbook, it's best to purchase a white or silver slide cover instead.

Window opening isn't large enough for some webcams and it's not easy to place it properly, so if the camera angle is very wide, you get black vignetting in the image. First item was not placed properly and the sticky glue is not reusable so it's a one-shot deal. Good luck!

The sticky adhesive is not that sticky. I put it on last night and I was using my Pixelbook this afternoon for a while. When I picked it up again afterwards, the adhesive part had moved/shifted.

1/5 sticky adhesives that came in the package doesn't work... I tried to slide close the hole on the adhesive and slide it back open; it doesn't work. It seems it's stuck.

The covers look great and open/close great, unfortunately the adhesive material doesn't work very well on glass. It's not like the covers fall off - but they don't stick to glass very well and it's easy to move them around even weeks later so they're always off centre and need to be readjusted.

For instance, works great on my work thinkpad that has plastic around the outside of the display (and camera), but on an hp x360 or a samsung tablet with a full glass display the covers don't stick as well and easily move around.

Fits perfectly over my laptop camera. It doesn't cover the microphone and is super easy to use. This was just as described and I'm happy it came with multiple covers. I recommend this to people that normally cover their camera with a sticky.

On the plus side, it is an easy way to cover your camera on your laptop.
On the down side, the adhesive is so-so. The part that slide doesn't glide smoothly, you need to use your fingernail and when you push it open/close, the whole assembly shift on the cover. Since I seldom use the camera, so no big deal

se me despegaban. Pero el vendedor me escribió que limpiara con alcohol el cristal y eso si funcionó. Yo lo había limpiado con un producto de cristales ópticos y se despegan. Con alcohol no.

This is possibly the most overpriced and useless product on Amazon. The only reason this would have any advantage over a normal sticker is the fact that it is a slide cover. However, the execution on this product is absolutely terrible.

Any reviews describing the adhesive is suspect. The adhesive on this product is terrible. After placing it over the camera, even opening or closing the slide cover shifts the entire position of the piece.

The covers last just over an hour a piece. With even gentle normal usage, slipping it into your pocket, and maneuvering around the screen with your finger it will inevitably fall off within an hour.

The fact that this product costs what it does is a joke. This product is only worth the 5 cents it costs to manufacture per pack. The metal this is made with is flimsier than the aluminum from a soda can. Once again, do not buy this product.