USB C to 3.5mm Adapter (2 Pack),Type C Male to 3.5mm Female Headphone Jack Audio Converter,Aux Cable Cord for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra S20+ Plus 20 20+ Note 10 10+,Google Pixel 4 3 2 XL,Oneplus 7 7t 8


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  • Connect to traditional headphone and start listening to your music without investing in a new pair of USB Type C headphones.
  • (Calling is NOT supported for devices with a headphone jack) Support phone calling and music control for most USB-C enabled devices in the market.
  • Built-in DAC chip and high-quality copper to ensure stable and virtually loss-free transmission of audio signal.
  • Constructed with double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy casing to withstand daily bends, twists, and pulls.
  • Constructed with double-braided exterior and aluminum alloy casing to withstand daily bends, twists, and pulls.



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Package Includes

  • USB C Male to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter * 2

Top Features

  • Built-in DAC Audio Chip
  • Double-Braided Exterior
  • Aluminum Alloy Casing

Elebase USB C Male to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

usb c female to 3.5mm male adapter

USB C Male to 3.5mm Female Adapter

usb c to 3.5mm female adapter

usb c to 3.5mm female adapter

usb c to 3.5mm female adapter

Enjoy Your Favorite Music

Miss being able to listen to your music with traditional headphone? Connect your 3.5mm jack headphone to your USB-C device without a 3.5mm audio jack with this sturdy USB C Male to 3.5mm Female cord. Play and Enjoy!

Superior Durability

Built with reinforced material (from the connector to cable), this USB c to 3.5mm adapter withstand daily bends, twists, and pulls. It boasts a 7000+ bend-tested lifespan, much higher than most other similar products.

Support Hi-Res Audio

Featuring built-in DAC audio chip and high-quality copper, it provides a consistent sound output so you shouldn’t have any loss of quality during the digital conversion to analog process.

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Product information Color:Purple Package Dimensions 7 x 4.5 x 0.1 inches Item Weight 2.39 ounces ASIN B085NDVHR6

I was a little worried about this item working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because the Note 9 wasn't listed as compatible but it worked great! I gave the other one to my wife who has a Samsung Galaxy 8 edge and it worked great there too, in fact, the sound quality was noticeably improved. These adapters have their own DAC (digital to analog converter) which is, I think, an improvement over what Samsung uses to drive the headphone jack.

In my wife's phone, she has a very thick case so her earphones didn't fit well - you really had to push it in the jack and it MAY work. With this adapter, voila! no problem and better sound quality too.

One small caveat, (and they tell you this upfront in the ad) you can't use this for phone calls. You can leave it plugged in and put your phone on speaker and hear your call once you pop an earphone out, but no sound comes out during a call. For everything else however, this is da bomb!

I gave this 5 stars because it absolutely deserves it. It does exactly what it says it does and better than imagined it would. If you're an audiophile and want better ad clearer tunes from your phone, go for it.

 We all know the problem with audio jacks always being to big to plug into your phone when the case is on.

I did some research and found that newer model phones can use the USB port to play audio, so I purchased this audio cord after a friend suggested it to me.

The sound quality is amazing! I was actually surprised at how well the sound is through USB C. I have pair of Bose headphones, and a pair of Sony headphones. They worked perfectly in both.

I love the design of the cord. The cord is not only braided, but ribbed at the ends to help with flexibility of the cord when it's plugged in. I've found that this feature makes cords last twice as long as a cord without it.

The part that really let's me know that they are going to last is that click noise you hear when you plug them in. Cheap plugs do not do that.

Overall I am extremely satisfied and would suggest these to anyone. Actually I have suggested these to a friend and gave another friend the spare cord to try, as he also has an otterbox case.

Originally, I gave this item a 5-star review (see below), but after just three months of using it for an hour three to five times a week, it has completely died. So I am adjusting my rating from five to one star.

I use this adapter so I can use my headphones and not the earbuds the phone came with. I have a Samsung Note 10+. It works great. I've only had it for a short time, but the connection is secure. Sound quality is on par with my headphones, which are perfect. What's not to love? It comes with 2. My daughter took the other one. She uses it in the car.

I just received this newly-released product a few days ago and am very impressed with the quality and value. The USB-C male to 3.5mm audio female adapter is a great alternative for those who wish to use wired headphones or a non-bluetooth capable speaker with plug and play operation, superior quality and built to last years. Apart from competing brands that make far-reaching and sometimes deceptive claims, I evaluated this Elebase adapter and can make the following claims with these key, notable attributes:

-The assembly/adapter is a perfect length at 19 cm (end to end)

-The build construction, using extremely flexible, 3mm OD quality braided cable is remarkably strong. It is constructed with slate gray, anodized aluminum shell connectors for both the USB-C male and 3.5mm female ends, with rubberized stain reliefs. The connectors are of very decent quality.

-Plug and play operation. Tested with an Ipad Pro (2018), Macbook (2018), Imac 5K (2017), etc. All worked flawlessly. See the comprehensive compatibility list.

-Super crisp, high bandwidth, noise-free audio. The 14-bit DAC integrated at the USB connector end is absolutely amazing and performs flawlessly to produce professional quality audio. I tested this with various headphones including Bose noise reduction headphones and other audio equipment, including a dynamic signal analyzer measuring the noise floor that was barely detectable. Definitely not something you see every day from a device like this

There is not much to dislike. Take it from me. I did not get paid to say these things and have designed hardware for the past 41 years, so I know quality when I see it.

Besides, the merchant is very cooperative and responsive and stands behind this and his other products with pride, unsurprisingly.

Highly recommended. 5 stars!

I'm disappointed in the quality of the adapters. They look substantial and decent quality but every-time the cable gets rustled or moved in the slightest I loose connectivity and have to keep looking at my phone. It leaves me loosing confidence that I'm able to handle my remote meetings without missing something or interrupting the call asking people if they can still hear me.

In regards to phone calls, they allow you to hear audio, but the person I'm calling can't hear me.

What more can I say, if they were a few bucks maybe, but for the price I expected seamless performance.

Got this product to connect my regular 3.5 mm earphones to my Galaxy S20 Plus because they took away the headphone jack. I wanted to use my other earphones that I had purchased prior such as my Bose headset, so I decided to go with this option. It does the job and I can leave one adapter at work and one at home. The quality is as great and I don't have any negatives to say. As for sound quality, I didn't notice any difference from using this adapter compared to just plugging directly into a headphone jack.

Most stores haven't started selling USB Type C headphones yet so I was happy to have come across this adapter so we could use regular headphones still. It works as it is intended to and seems like it's made from durable material.