2 Pack (3.3FT+3.3FT) USB 3.0 A Male to Micro B Cable Galaxy s5 Fast Charger, AINOPE External Hard Drive Cable Compatible with Galaxy Note 3, WD Camera, Seagate Hard Drive and More


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  • ✅Universal Compatility: This hard drive cable compatible with capacity hard drive with micro B port and external hard drive such as Toshiba Canvio, Seagate Free Agent, and Western Digital (WD) My Passport and Elements hard drive. Also compatible Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, Note Pro 12.2, Tab Pro 12.2, Pentax camera, USB hub and etc. It can connect the XBOX or PS4 with hard disk to expand the storage space for you to download more games.
  • ✅Never Rupture: Strengthened nylon braided cable is more durable than normal OEM s5 cable, combine premium durability with beauty, featured flexible and tangling-free, have no worry about chewing by kitty. Compared with OEM Note 3 cable, the SR reinforced design can efficiently prevent broken,so as to realize the real durability.
  • ✅5 Gbps Transfer and Sync: AINOPE Micro USB 3.0 cable supports usb 3.0 standard data transfer rate at up to 5 Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0. HD movies can be transferred in just seconds.
  • ✅Stable Connection: The 10,000+ plug lifespan test ensures high quality and longer service life. Well-made aluminum alloy connector of this samsung galaxy s5/note 5 fast charger and protable external hard drive is tightly fit, situation of charging transferring failure and hard disk not recognized will never occur.
  • ✅Certified 3A Fast Charging: Fully charge your Samsung S5/NOTE3 in one and an hour with this samsung s5 charger, guards your devices safety with 56KΩ resistors, prevent heating to protect your battery, while keep charging in quick speed at the same time.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1:Is this Ainope USB 3.0 hard drive cable durable?

A1:Yes, this hard drive cable is very durable. It is made of nylon and has SR Cable Joint. Besides, it has passed 20000 bending tests. p、Please do not worry about the durability of this cable.

Q2:Which brands of hard drives are compatible with this Ainope USB 3.0 Micro-B cable?

A2:Don't worry, this hard drive cord is compatible with all portable hard drives with Micro-B.Such as such as Toshiba Canvio, Seagate FreeAgent, and Western Digital (WD) My Passport and Elements hard drive.

Q3:Is this cable compatible with Samsung S5/Note3/Note Pro 12.2/Tab Pro 12.2?

A3:Yes, this samsung galaxy s5 fast charger is compatible with Samsung S5/Note3/Note Pro 12.2/Tab Pro 12.2 and achieve fast charging to 100% in an hour.

Q4:How fast can this external hard drive cable transmit data?

A4:Compared with USB 2.0, our External Hard Drive Cable is USB 3.0, and the speed of data transmission can reach 5Gbps. Please do not worry.

Q5:Why would a seller sell two different lengths of cable together?

A5:This way can meet the needs of different customers, different length can be used in different places.

USB 3.0 To Micro B Cable USB micro B 2 3

More Details

6.6FT for long distance use.

  • You can sit on the bed or on the sofa and use the 6.6ft hard drive cord to charge your phone, and you don't have to wait for the wall charger to charge your phone.
  • What's more, you can connect your PC to your hard drive with this 6.6ft cable and extend it over the desktop as an extension cable, instead of bending over to find a USB port every time.

3.3FT cable is more portable

  • The 3.3ft hard drive cable is more portable, saving the space of your bag, and it is more convenient to take this cable to travel or business trip.
  • What's more, you can connect your laptop to your hard drive with this 1 M cable on your desktop, which will keep your desktop clean and easy to organize.

Useful Sticky buckles for Storage

  • With the Sticky buckles to keep the cable organized when you don't want to use that length sometimes.
  • Also to keep it neatly folded or rolled up for storage.

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Product information Size:3.3ft+3.3ft Package Dimensions 8.2 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces Manufacturer AINOPE ASIN B07WG2TPC8

I have a Seagate external hard drive and the chord it came with started disconnecting and connecting on and off randomly. I knew that meant it was probably time to buy a new chord, so I bought these and voila, problem solved! I hope these last for a long time, I don't want to have to buy more later! I'm happy with them. Now I can move my computer around and the hard drive around and it does not disconnect!

I own a Samsung S5 Galaxy. This item fits perfectly. The original charging cable would 60% of the time slooow charge while in the 110 volt outlet. I had to plug and unplug, rotate the plug polarity, or use a different 110 volt outlet. When I could get it to fast charge, it would be fully charge from 20% in about 40 minutes verses 3 hours!
Using this cable system, the charging rate is ALWAYS FAST!!!
The cable is reinforced with winding's around the central core, and with a rubber extention behind the connectors...all of this, the original cables lack.

I bought this product because I wanted to have a backup cable for my Seagate External Hard Drive in the off chance that the one that came with the hard drive were to ever break. I travel my hard drive a lot, so the cable is starting to wear out hints why I bought this product. I used it the other day to check to see how well it work. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how well this works. Very durable, good connection to the devices. I can tell that its made with a good material. Very happy with this purchase. Will be buying more if ever needed.

I am a photographer and I am ashamed to say how many hard drives I have which I use for backup and backup of backup. Hint, it's well over 50, from .5 terabytes to lots and lots of 8 to 10 tb hard drives. Backup is the greatest insurance against loss and ensuring the backups are not stored together when a disaster strikes.

When I work on my laptop editing photos or doing other things and simultaneously am connected to a hard drive -- any hard drive -- and especially even newest 2.0 large capacity hard drives, I've had a heck of a problem keeping any other cables connected to my USB ports.

That may seem like a small issue, but when a USB cable comes loose, then disconnects with any laptop movement that stops the connection to the 'scratch disks'. Photoshop reads and writes to disk to store its temporary files, and best use is to write to one or more exgternal hard drives, designating them 'scratch' disks' -- just like throwaway scratch paper.

Whether or not those files may be temporary, if there is a disconnection, most ofteh Photoshop will crash, and the work almost alays (maybe always) is unsalvabable. The program has an 'autosave' feature, but that often does not salvage fresh work, so it's 'start over' and ensuring the cables stay connected.

I've seldom had a probloem with the USB 3.0 to HDD connection, but have had enormous issues with EVERY USB cable I've used to date -- except these.

Ensuriong conxxstant connectivity for me I figured was a lost cause short of having a tech install new USB ports on my high speed laptops which involves substantial expense plus danger to the motherboard.

It dawned on me after using gthese cables for weeks that when they were used for the HDD connection, they just did not come loose and disconnect -- the mate between the universal plug and the Dell receptables was a snug and workable match, and without any issue of 'forcing' or even feeling more than that the connection was 'snug' but desirable.

As time passed, I stopped using the various other cables I've hoarded from major manufactures -- they uniformaly, regardless of soruce -- easily disconnecgted during use.

These did not.

They are highest value for my money, and I'd even pay more for such quality if it were advertised.

If you have the same problem as I, I recommend these cables highly for your USB 3.0 connection; even if only to a USB 2.0 connector which has same size receptor.

Performance is highese quality and I'm super pleased. No morer cursing under my breath when I see the Photoshop' scratch disk screen that says the program is crashed and will restart. I just don't see that screen any more from lost USB connections. Other cable manufactuers shoujld take note; I can't be the only one!

I don't review unless a product is a 1* or 2* disappointment and am unlikely soon to give another 5* review, but I got far more than bargained for or imagined, so it's 5*s. and a review with my reorder.

But scratch disk files are essential; without them the program crashes and any work to that point generally is lost. That may be an hour to hours' of work, with high changes none is saved even though the program has an autosave feature.

I didn't even thinkm of connectivity maintenance when I bought these cables; I was looking for high quality cables for USB drives, and they have proved of highest quality.

Unexpectedly and almost unnoticed, I find that once these USB 3.0 cables are attached to any of my ports that they just do not disconnect. Thatt feature along has already in a month of two saved me a great many hours lost work.

I've bought various other cables and always keep the cables supplied by the manufacturer for data transfer (and actuating the hard drive 'on' feature when the circuit is connected. No matter what the source, even those from Seagate and Western Digital seem too loose for my Dell laptops (all of them).

But with these cables that no longer happens.

The price of caboles is negligigle compared to the value of my lost time; often times special inspiration in editing cannot easily be repeated, so preventing disconnect from machine to exgternal HDD is valuable. I had not thoguht I'd ever be able to solve the problem short of asking a tech to install new USB 3.0 connectors to the laptop, but that promised to be both expensive and fraught with perils to the motherboard.

That's aproblem I no longer have.

I'd recommend these to any user; tight connector tolerances may or may not be more expensive to manufacture, but I know that all the cables prior to these two (both lengths) cost me valuable time and energy.

These cables have stopped that loss, and now I'm buying more. (and I have no idea who the manufacturer is, or do I have any connection to anyone involved in selling, design, manufacture, etc.; I'm 100% independent and just interested in getting highest quality. I also never before have given a 5* review or ever been moved enough to review any product that was not a failure deserving a 1* or 2* review.

This is the exception.

Purchased the cables to replace the ones that came with the external hard drives. The original hard drives cable were making intermittent contract and required fiddling upon booting up. This set of cables makes sure contact, you can feel them snap into place unlike the old ones. The construction is sturdy with excellent fit and finish. The length is all I could hope for. If you are looking for this type of cable I would recommend these with no hesitation.y

These robust cables look well made, they're a great match for my silver laptop, and they power my USB3 hard drives just fine, as well operate at USB3 speed. They are a bit on the stiff side; I would have liked a bit more flexible, but they're still a better alternative to others I've seen. The real test is how long the connectors last, and I just got mine. And since I'm using them for backup hard drives and not phones, I won't be plugging them that often, so I can't guess how well they last on cell phones where they may get plugged several times a day. I'd probably try them if I had a cell phone with that micro b connector.

The original cord for the Seagate external drive I use was fraying in one spot. Additionally, if the laptop was moved, it would disconnect from the plug and have to be unlocked again. Initially, I was concerned about getting a generic cable, however, am now very happy I did. It has worked beautifully every time I have used it.

Very tough cable! And good looking too! I used gave this to someone who seems to ruin cords for a living but this one has stuck around for her for awhile with no signs of wear.

I have another in a conference room that also receives heavy use and it also shows no signs of wear or softening after about a month of use. I will definitely but these again.