Anker Powerline II USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable (3ft) with Power Delivery, for Apple MacBook, Huawei Matebook, iPad Pro 2020, Chromebook, Pixel, Switch, and More Type-C Devices/Laptops


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  • 10Gbps Data Transfer: Supports SuperSpeed data transmission (send or receive an HD movie in as little as 2.5 seconds), as well as audio and 4K video signal.
  • USB Power Delivery: Charges any current or future USB-C device at max speed. Utilizes E-marker chip to safely deliver up to 100W (5A) of power.
  • USB-IF Certified: Meets safety standards of the USB International Federation for worry-free charging and transferring.
  • A Cable for Life: We're so confident about PowerLine II's performance that we gave a hassle-free, lifetime warranty.
  • What You Get: Anker PowerLine II USB-C 3.1 Gen2, a hassle-free LIFETIME WARRANTY and friendly customer service.



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USB C 3.1 Gen 2 USB C Thunderbolt 3.0 USB C 3.1 Gen 1 USB C to USB C 2.0 USB C to USB C 2.0 (Nylon) USB C to USB C 2.0 Charging Technology 100W 100W 60W 60W 60W 60W Data Transfer 10Gbps 40Gbps 5Gbps 480Mbps 480Mbps 480Mbps Length 3ft 1.6ft 3ft 3ft/6ft/10ft 6ft 6ft Bend Lifespan 12000+ 1800+ 5000+ 25000+ 35000+ 12000+ Lifetime Protection

Model Number: A8485


Transfer data up to 10Gbps (an HD movie or over 100 music albums in as little as 3 seconds). Or send audio and 4K video signal directly between devices.

High-Speed Charging

One of the first USB-C cables to fully utilize USB Power Delivery and an E-marker chip. PowerLine safely and reliably delivers up to 100W of power. Ensure you're giving your device an optimized charge.

Speed and Safety

PowerLine II is completely authorized by USB technology's leading association—proven to work flawlessly and safely with any and all USB-C devices. Sync & Charge with total peace of mind.

Lasts a Lifetime

To show our belief in PowerLine II, we are offering a hassle-free replacement for all quality issues. Not for half a year, not for 18 months, but for an entire lifetime. It really will be the last cable you ever need to buy.

Fully Compatible Device

iPad Pro 2020/2019/2018

Galaxy Note 10/10+/9/8

Galaxy S8/ S8+/ S9/ S9+/ S10/S10+/S10e

Google Pixel 3/Google Nexus 6P

Nintendo Switch

Huawei Matebook

MacBook Pro(2020/2019/2018/2017/2016) 13.3''

MacBook Air 2020/2019/2018

Compatible Devices (limited charging speeds)

Google Nexus 5X

MacBook Pro(2020/2019/2018/2017/2016) 15.4''

Lumia 950LG G5/G6/G7

LG V20/ V30+/ V40

Huawei Mate20/Mate20 Pro/ P30/P30 Pro

Xiaomi 5

Lenove IdeaPad 720S 13

Incompatible Devices

- Huawei Mate 9/P10

- MOTO Z/Z Force

- One Plus 3

Product information Product Dimensions 35.43 x 0.28 x 0.2 inches Item Weight 1.44 ounces ASIN B072JYDQ7N Item model number AK-A8485011

I am connecting and charging a Surface Book 2 laptop through a USB-C hub connected to a 4K TV/monitor. I have tried 4 different hubs, 8 USB-C extension cables, 3 USB-C to USB-C cables, 3 USB-C to HDMI cables, and 3 HDMI cables. I have tested each exhaustively to figure out what does and doesn’t work.

I wish I had just found this cable first!!

I am going to include what I finally found did work to hopefully save you the weeks of testing, frustration, and returns that I went through. If you are looking for a way to have one clean 3ft cable (so that the hub can be behind desk) that connects to the USB-C port on your Surface Book 2 and provides charging (95 to 100w) at same or better rate than the original charger, and connects to a 4k display at 60hz, and does not cause image or sound distortions, and allows connecting other USB peripherals to the hub, here is what works (links below):
- Anker Powerline II USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 3ft - This is the KEY PIECE! I fought through so many cables that were infuriatingly problematic and inconsistent. The Anker Powerline II worked perfectly as soon as I plugged it in and has continued to do so every time. I REALLY wish I had just found it first! It would have saved me hours and hours of frustration! If you can have the hub right next to your laptop and then a bunch of cables running out from there, then this cable is not necessary, but I needed a clean look with one cable from the laptop and then all the mess behind the monitor and desk.
- WBPINE USB C Hub HDMI 5-in-1 Multiport Adapter or Koopman Dex Station USB Type C 5-in-1 Hub - These appear to be the same product and manufacturer. I like the black case and green power light of the WBPINE. Koopman offers a better warranty. Both worked the same. One of the great things about these hubs—besides the rarity of supporting 4k at 60hz and 100w power—is that the 6in cable to connect to the laptop is removable. That makes it both more durable and possible to replace the short cable with a longer one rather than having to use as USB-C extension (male-to-female) cable which I found to be more problematic and harder to find with the right specs.
- Wacom 100w Power Adapter with 6ft “Mickey Mouse” AC Power Cord – This is expensive for just a power adapter. At the time, it was the only good option I could find to support 100w. Hopefully more 100w power adapters will come available at lower cost.
- High Speed HDMI Cable - I have tested several. They have all worked. I could not see any difference between 4ft and 6ft, but 4ft fit my application better. Just make sure it is rated for high speed. Don’t spend more than $10.
- TCL 55S423 55in TV - (From Costco) Great price. Supports Chroma 4:4:4. Has ports coming off the side rather than back. 55in is as big as I would want to go for comfortable monitor. The TCL 55S405 is similar, but I think it has the ports coming off the back which means it has to mount farther from the wall.
- As a side note, the Vivo Mount-VW03G is a great mount for a 55in screen that you need to be height-adjustable and rotatable and the Vivo Desk-V111VT makes a great rolling height-adjustable standing desk.

Now that I finally have the hub and cables figured out, I am loving my setup!!

Anker Powerline II:
Koopman Hub:
Wacom Power Adapter:
Mickey Mouse Power Cord:
Vivo Adjustable Mount:
Vivo Rolling Adjustable Desk:

Note: I didn’t go with the Surface Dock because of short non-removable/extendable proprietary cable and less power delivery. I wish Microsoft would fix both of those things and offer a simple option that didn’t involve figuring out all the separate pieces above.

Probably the best 3.1 Gen 2 C to C cables out there. I haven't seen any cables over 3 ft that include Gen 2, and if I did, I'd have to be pretty sure they were legit before I trusted them with my devices. I think I read somewhere that the limit for Gen 2 is 3 ft, and Thunderbolt 3 is like 1.5ft, so whatever; 3ft it is!

Be warned though, that although you can use this for almost all of your type C uses, devices that don't comply with the PD protocol will sometimes not work with these legit, chip-in-connector type cables.

It's not Anker's fault, and Anker sells plenty of type C cables without these chips, but if you try to use this with something, IDK, "hobbled together", it might not charge. This cable won't destroy those devices, in fact, it'll do the opposite, it won't charge them at all to be on the safe side, it seems.

I'm talking cheapo portable monitors, perhaps cheap wireless headphones, I heard the Raspberry Pi 4 at first had a bad type C connector that wouldn't work with this type of cable, also.

So keep that in mind.

Another great cable from Anker. Been using their Lightning and micro-USB cables for years. This one is a bit thicker, but bendable enough. Definitely has a premium feel to it, unlike Apple's sticky cables. Use it to charge 2018 Macbook Pro 15''. No problems whatsoever.

Would be great if it came in white color and perhaps 6ft length.

Edit: Revisiting 3 months after. Cable still looks brand new, no sticky feeling like Apple's original. Still clicks when connected, although a bit more stiff connection than Apple's (don't know whether this is good or bad :) ).

Cable causes Pixel 2 XL to power off when charging. All other cables work without issue, but this one specific cable plugged into the same power source as the other cables causes the device to power off. Tested and confirmed several times.

Used this between a MacBook Pro Retina 13" (2016 edition) and an LG 43UD79-B. Cable works perfectly, carrying DisplayPort from computer to display, PowerDelivery (from Monitor to computer) and USB (the monitor has USB A ports that are linked to whatever is plugged into the USB-C port). No other USB-C cable I tried (including a cable from Belkin [included with their Thunderbolt 3 dock]) was functionality in carrying the DisplayPort signal. Relieved and happy.

I'm already a fan of Anker cables and chargers so I searched for their cables first. I was looking for a fast cable to use with the Anker 30W USBc charger and to use with the USBc ports on my laptop. Now this cable might be overkill for a phone but it charges as fast as my phone will allow and is a good quality cable.

Note: This probably isn't the best cable for travel as it's only 3 feet long -so if the outlet is across the room in your hotel/Airbnb it won't reach. Also aiplanes don't have USBc ports yet. You'd have to use an actual outlet and charger- which some planes have. Idk if 3 feet will even be long enough to use and charge your phone at the same time on a plane without stretching your arms all the way out and in-between your knees, making you look like a weirdo on a plane full of strangers. Then the crew will think there's something wrong with you... yada yada. It's just not a good look. But your phone will be charged so it beats no-cable for travel.

Seriously though this cable offers top charging and data transfer speeds and I haven't been able to find a longer one anywhere yet. Most longer cables are gonna be plenty fast though so it's up to you if it's a worthwhile trade-off.

TLDR; Every cable I've gotten from Anker has been top-notch and I recommend!

Super geeignet als Ladekabel für das Macbook Pro 15“ Modell2018 um mit 86W zu laden.(mit Coconut Battery getestet)
Datenübertragung habe ich nicht getestet, gehe jedoch davon aus, dass das ebenfalls problemlos mit der gleichen Geschwindigkeit arbeitet, wie das beim MB mitgelieferte. Es ist mit 90cm relativ kurz aber in meinem Fall wollte ich genau so ein kurzes Kabel haben, das original Kabel war mir zu lang und deshalb zu unsortiert auf dem Schreibtisch.

Ich habe dieses Kabel in der Absicht gekauft, meine zuletzt erworbe Powerbank Powercore Speed mit der Nintendo Switch oder mit meinem Power-Delivery-Ladegerät zu verbinden, was sie auch tut.
Das Kabel sieht relativ unspektakulär aus, aber worauf es mir ankommt, ist dass es robust konstruiert ist. Im Vergleich aber zu meinem Powerline+ II-Kabel muss ich sagen, dass die Powerline+ II-Variante im Übergang vom Kabel zum eigentlichen Stecker widerstandsfähiger gegen Knicken etc. konstruiert ist. Ich glaube allerdings nicht, dass beim normalen alltäglichen Gebrauch dies zu Problemen führen sollte, da man ja auch nicht am Kabel reißt und im Endeffekt eher der Port des angeschlossenen Geräts eher Schaden nehmen würde und dieses meist hochpreisiger ist als das hier besprochene Kabel, so dass man darauf als normal denkender Mensch auch eher verzichtet.

 Da ich aufgrund eines Festplattentauschs meines Razer Blade 15 (2018) eine 256 GB große NVme Festplatte übrig hatte, habe ich mir das passende Festplattengehäuse von XT-XNITE ebenfalls über Amazon bestellt. Das mitgelieferte Kabel funktioniert zwar wie es soll, jedoch wollte ich meine externe Festplatte mit der maximal möglichen Geschwindigkeit betreiben. Die zwei Bilder in meiner Rezension zeigen ganz schön den Unterschied des Kabeltauschs in meinem Setup. So konnte ich die Geschwindigkeit beim Lesen von 420 MB/s auf 804 MB/s erhöhen und beim schreiben sogar von 434 MB/s auf 821 MB/s. Wer einen USB3.1 Anschluss an seinem Gerät besitzt, kann ich dieses Kabel nur wärmstens empfehlen. Das Einzige das mir negativ auffällt ist die Steifigkeit dieses Kabels. Bei meinen Anwendungen stört es mich jedoch nicht besonders.

Die Musik für meinen Klipp habe ich übrigens von FRAMETRAXX.

Ein wirklich schönes Kabel der Firma Anker.
Top Verarbeitung, nicht zu dünn aber trotzdem auch nicht allzu störrig.
Funktioniert an allen Geräten einwandfrei und auch beim laden meines MacBooks konnte ich keinen Geschwindigkeitsunterschied bemerken. Einen Klettkabelbinder gab wie bei fast allen Anker Kabeln auch dazu.

Ich hoffe es kommt auch noch eine längere Variante auf den Markt. Klare Kaufempfehlung!

Habe nach einem Kabel gesucht dass die PD Standard der Konsole unterstützt und bin mit diesem fündig geworden. Gemeinsam mit einem passenden Netzteil lädt es die Switch genauso schnell als das original Netzteil.

Das Anker USB-C zu USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Kabel ist wie andere Anker Produkte gut verarbeitet und liefert hohe Übertragungsgeschwindigkeiten beim Datentransfer (bis zu 10 Gbit/s). Man sollte dennoch beachten, dass 90 cm Kabellänge nicht sonderlich lang sind. Wer auf der Suche nach einem kürzeren USB-C Kabel ist, dass sich auch hervorragend für unterwegs eignet wird hier fündig.

Wichtig für MacBook Pro Nutzer: Laut Produktbeschreibung unterstützt das Kabel USB Power Delivery mit bis zu 100 W. Weiter unten in der Produktbeschreibung (siehe Bild) wird hingegen auf eine "limitierte Ladegeschwindigkeit" beim 13" und 15" MacBook Pro hingewiesen.

Auf Nachfrage bestätigte mir der Support, dass das Kabel an MacBook Pro Geräten die volle Ladegeschwindigkeit unterstützt. Auf der englischen Amazon Seite wird das Kabel auch korrekt mit einer vollen Unterstützung für MacBook Pros beschrieben. In meinem Test lädt das Kabel genau so schnell wie das von Apple mitgelieferte Original USB-C Kabel (MacBook Pro).

Auch wenn es zahlreiche günstigere USB-C Kabel gibt ist das Preis/ Leistungsverhältnis bei diesem Kabel dennoch gut, da es sich hier um ein USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Kabel handelt. Insgesamt eine klare Kaufempfehlung!

+ gute Verarbeitung
+ wertiges Material
+ hohe Übertragungsgeschwindigkeiten nach USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Standard
+ unterstützt USB-C Power Delivery bis 100 W
+ gutes Preis/ Leistungsverhältnis für ein USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Kabel

- Nylonumanteilung u.U. wünschenswert

Connects to my Kensington SD4600P to allow transfers at USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gb/s) speeds (limitation of the dock, not the cable) and charging. Feels well built like all Anker products.

It's worth noting that it doesn't have an LED near where the cable joins the connector, as the pictures would suggest. Not a dealbreaker but slightly irritating as I was expecting an LED from the photos.

Very sturdy, it seems made to last and withstand intensive use. Connectors give that pleasant feeling of perfect contact when you plug them in. Not at all similar to the flimsy cable that came with my device. Works well with 45W fast charger. Does not heat at all and ensures great charging performance. I am very pleased.

I'm pleased with this cable in general. The reason I don't give 5 stars: the tab is very slightly longer than the USB-C socket on my MacBook Pro so that the connector doesn't sit tightly in place. This means that any movement of the laptop or the external drive causes the connector to jiggle and that sometimes causes the drive to dismount. With the Apple supplied charging cable the fit is exact. Other than that, the cable arrived in the time specified and the transfer speeds are excellent.

This is a great quality, sturdy USB-C cable. I've used it now for 6months with constant plugging and unplugging and it still works like new.

Lots of people try to charge their EOS R's LP-E6N battery through the USB C port and fail. One of the reasons is that they are not using the correct USB-C cable. This one is a good substitute for the cable that comes with the Canon EOS R and functions correctly.

Like the package with clear confirmation of the spec. Unfortunately this doesn't work with my HP z27n G2 monitor. Not sure if it's the cable. The spec matches, a similarly spec Belkin cable. Really nice to have included a cable tie. No usb or thunderbolt 3 logo printed on any side of the dongle.

I saw some issue with the cable 1 year 3 months after I bought it. And the Anker customer service just replaced. As promised the 'life time warranty' does not seem to be a myth.

The old cable did work very well until then. And the new one is doing a fine job.

So good job Anker.

Works great, wish it was longer though

As described... Anker products are a bit pricey but has the best quality... Speed of file transfer is supreme. .. Quality and fit is 2nd to non... Very happy