Magnetic Phone Charger Cable, 3 in 1 Cable, (3 Pack,3.3 ft Straight Cable, 3.3 ft L Shape Cable,6.6 ft L Shape Cable) (Red)


  • ♥ New Product: the best magnetic charger in the market, strong magnetic, fast charging & sync for iPhone
  • ♥ Convenient:even in the darkness , Easy to connect with one hand while driving or doing other things
  • ♥ High Quality:High quality alloy material good protecting the fast charging speed ,Data Transmit LED Lightning when charging for reminding
  • ♥ Humanized Design:Reversible magnetic adsorption design, dust plug type charging connector, avoid from dust and lint
  • ♥ Compatible With:Support iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus,8, 8 Plus, X, XS, iPad, iPad mini, LG G5/G6, Nexus 5X/6P, Samsung Galaxy S8, HUAWEI P20, New MacBook Pro, Pixel and More Type C Devices



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Magnetic Charging Cable Magnetic Charging Cable

Strong magnetic

L-shaped design

Strong magnetic

Nylon braided cable

Nylon thread and fishing net line alternately woven

Exact fit between threads without breaking

L-shaped design

Born for the game

Strong magnetic

The best magnetic charger in the market

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Product information Color:Red Product Dimensions 4.72 x 0.39 x 6.3 inches Item Weight 2.8 ounces ASIN B07G5GM5KC Item model number LS-100

I have to say that’s the best charger cable I’ve used, and it’s better than the wireless charger I bought because you don’t need to worry about if you put your phone in the correct position. Now I can just let the magnet to find my phone automatically. In addition, there is a blue LED at the end of cable so it’s quite easy to find the cable itself in the dark. By the way, I really enjoy the beautiful “click” when I charge my phone, I think I’ll put the other cable in my office so that there is no need to remove the plug connector, I just realized it would be helpful to protect against dust!

I've had these cords for a month and they're my second set of magnetic charging cables. They're great but u have to remember to keep off the ground as they accumulate metal dust over time and that interferes with charging. Plus it's very hard to clean off. Get a binder clip or two and use the magnetic tip to attach the cable to it to keep it off the ground.

Works nice! It is great that it comes with all 3 adapters. I’ve had a magnetic cable for a while which would come loose easily. This one is easier to adjust the cable for easy holding.

I thought I got 2 cables and heads only, but I got 6 heads. 2 lightning 2 typeC 2 micro usb, I can plug this in my devices, and use them around my room. What a pity that they do not support Power Delivery, but for this price, this is enough good!

It is worth mention that it contains a 2 meter long cable and a normal half meter cable.

I bought 2 sets of this magnetic charging cable. I'd give it 5 stars, except that periodically, for no apparent reason, when I connect my iPhone6s or iPad mini 4 a message will pop up saying "accessory not supported". And when that happens, it does NOT charge the device. Sometimes if I simply pull out the lightning adapter from iPhone/Pad, it then works again. I suspect this device is NOT Apple tested/certified :(

This is my first time purchasing a magnetic charging cable and the overall experience is great. The cable itself is tangle free and very durable. The magnetic connection just makes charging more cool and fun.

This cables are awesome. They charge my powerbank and iphone 7 plus super fast. They are also very flexible and durable. Just makes sure you dont lose the tip. Keep them plugged in at all times.

My husband loves it for travel and the car, since it sits sideways, he can use it anywhere.

this is great . no more plugging and unplugging cords. damage always occurs to usb port over a long time, lug to lose ect. no more clip in port in to male usb and get the magnetic cable close and off you go. if you need to hook up reguarly to a computer r other not ideal as you have to remove the adapter . but if all you do is charging perfect. my friend in drywall has to take in his iphone peridodicly for cleaning of the usb port , gave him one of my cables. very happy now no more expensice cleaning.

Awesome product but they could make it more apparent in their description that it's not fast charge compatible. Ended up gifting it to my parents.

The cables are very flexible so I was concerned how well they would charge. I use them for my iPhone XS Max and my iPad. I am pleased how well they work. Both of my units charge to 100% in the same time as the original cables. I was also concerned that the connectors might get hot - they don’t. Definitely a solid product.

Works as advertised. I have setup and use with Tablet, and Oculus Quest VR for charging. Very easy to use and magnetic is strong enough to "snap" in place fairly easy. No problems with the charging. The end glows blue making it easy to find in low light, but you may want to consider positioning if you are using it on your bedside table in case you don't like that additional light when you are trying to sleep.

As mentioned, charging worked fine. I did try to use this cable in my vehicle however to hook up and run Android Auto, but vehicle would not recognize my phone ... so if looking for data transfer I am not sure how well it would work.

Pretty good so far, doesn't seem to fast charge but it's still fast enough to be useful. Magnet is strongest on the cord that DOESN'T have an angle to it. Angled cords magnet is pretty weak, but strong enough that it won't fall off just by picking up the phone. So far no real complaints, showed up immediately, decent price, wish it could fast charge and wish the magnet was stronger but overall not bad.

the 90 adapter is great for easy breakaway, and swivels so standing my phone up in it's cradle is perfect.
I'd strongly recommend buying extra nibs with each cable as they're good to have in all your devices, and they do seem to go missing, being so small.
The LED in the cable makes it a cinch to find the end at bedtime, and even from inches away it just snaps to your device like a little blue homing missile.

Having a number of plugs for each different type of device has been great. Each of the kids things (iPad, phone, iPod) has its own adapter, and they no longer flight for chords. The Blue lights is a great reminder to unplug before going to bed. The only downside is the cord doesn't support rapid charge on the Samsung phone, hence 4 stars

 2 different length of charging cable and I like the switchable head. I don't need to change the whole cable if I want to switch device.

Very nice product that will eliminate the plugging for your iPhone or iPad over and over again with this cool magnetic connection seems to be working well but came with defective plugs for the iPhone6s.
Trying to contact the dealer but no answer after 24 hours will see if they contact me after the long weekend and I will update my comment at that point hopefully they will contact me and email me and let me know if I can get a replacement.

Waited 5 months to do this review.

The chargers themselves are great. The light is bright in a bedroom but you get used to it.

The part that goes in your phone is flimsy have had ones where the base has come off, become discoloured so would not charge, became loose so wouldn't stay in phone, stopped charging.

Baught 2 sets . Came with four phone connectors (3 different types for different phones) but have run our of extras. So all 6 charging cables are useless.

Was delivered very quickly. And I love the connection. So easy and the magnet is strong so they stay connected.
Great product. I purchased more for my family

Work well even with a phone case. Otterbox on A70 needed only a little trimming.
Only real complaint is the light up cable end is bright enough to read by. A little electrical tape solved that.

After using this product to charge my phone for 8 hrs it charged it to 20 %.
I then took the adapter piece out of the phone and it fell to pieces.
Biggest waste of money ever !

very nice packaging and works very well. always have had issues with cords breaking due to over bending on accident but with this there isn't any chances of that. the light up ends are a very nice highlight to the cord.

Doesn’t fit properly with some cases..hard to charge at same time as using iPad due to it disconnect to easily.
Not as fast as using regular cable.