Short USB C Cable 0.8ft 0.25m, CableCreation Braided USB C to A Cable 3A Fast Charging 480Mbps Data, Compatible with New MacBook (Pro), GoPro Hero 7 6 5, Yoga 900, Pixel 3 XL, Blue [56K Resistor]


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  • NEW UPDATED VERSION! This Cable use quality 56kΩ resistance to protect your devices from damage, Compliant with USB Type-C Specification
  • USB Type C Compatible with iPad Pro 2018, Nintendo Switch, Macbook Pro, Chromebook Pixel, Moto Z8, Moto Z Droid/ Z Force,Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10+/ S10e/ S9/ S9+/ S8/ S8+, Google Pixel 3/ 3XL/ 2/ 2XL/ XL, ASUS ZenPad S 8.0, Lenovo Zuk Z1, HP Pavilion X2, HTC 10 /Bolt, Huawei P20/ P20 Pro/ P30/ P30 Pro, Mate 20 10 Pro, Xiaomi 8/ 9/ Mix/ Mix 2/ Mix 3, GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5 & new devices with USB-C port.
  • USB 2.0 A MALE HOST Connect to Host Based Computer, Power Bank, USB Wall Charge to Charge for the New Macbook, Google Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet etc. It support both charging & Syncing Data if USB A Male side connect with a PC/Computer
  • USB A Male to USB-C Cable is built with USB2.0 Solution, support USB 2.0 speed up to 480 Mbps(=60MB/s)
  • Dynamic and Fashionable two-tone black and white Braided, Reversible gold-plated usb-c connector, Aluminum case, The use of more durable.



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Size:0.8FT  |  Color:Blue

Brand Guarantee
CableCreation Focus to the Ideal Design of All of Our Quality Cables.
CableCreation is not Only a Brand But Also a Creative Team With Own Factory manufacturing.
CableCreation is Confident to Offer All Buyers with Items Life Time Warranty.

CableCreation USB3.1 Type C Male to Standard USB2.0 A Male Connection Cable
Side A: Gold Plated USB Type C Male Plug Aluminum shell …Gold Plated Shell to Guaranty the Contact With Device efficiently, Reduce the Signal Loss.
Side B: Gold Plated Standard US 2.0 A Male Plug
Cable 100% Shielded Coverage
Cable Color: Bule Color
Cable Length is 0.25Meter Approximately 0.8feet (Note: The 0.8 feet length is from end to end)
Very important for buyer, USB A Male is Host & USB-C (Type-C) is Target/Device

Compatibility Devices(Incomplete)
2015 New Macbook 12-inch
Google Pixel C
Nokia N1
Nexus 5X / 6P
Lumia 950 / 950XL

Important Notes
USB A male is host & USB-C (Type-C) is target/device

1.Use the original or qualified charger to work with the cable to charge your cellphone.
2.Make sure to use the product in dry places, avoid high temperatures and open flames.
3.Do not always plug the cable to the power outlet. When you leave or when the cellphone is fully charged, the cable had better be unplugged.
4.When a cable is damaged, especially when the outer jacket is broken and wires reveal, discard it.Do not charge with it any more!
5.When the connectors have contacted dust, water and other easily conductive objects, it’s better to replace it with a new one.
6.Do not use current on this cable over 3 Ampere.

Product information Size:0.8FT  |  Color:Blue

Technical Details

Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand Name CableCreation Item model number CC0275 Item Weight 0.352 ounces Package Dimensions 9.5 x 8.78 x 0.3 inches Color Blue Voltage 5 Volts

Additional Information


Purchased cable on 12/1/17. Last night the cable burned up while charging Samsung S8. The phone seems ok but will see how it continues to charge. Guess I should have purchased a Samsung cable.

I've had this cord for 5 months and used it in my F150 with a quick charge cigarette lighter. The USB end MELTED. I came into my truck one day to the smell of something burnt. Searched high and low in a panic wondering what it could be and then saw the metal end melted. I've used various cords like this in my vehicle, all with the same quick charger I've had for 3 years, just at varying lengths (have to have multiple because kids and husband steal my cords). I've never had one melt on me. If I could put ZERO stars I would have. Just glad the thing didn't start a fire in my vehicle!

"Frequently bought together with Samsung T3 SSD"???? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Silly me took the Amazon recommendation and 4.5 star reviews at face value and bought it WITHOUT READING THE REVIEWS. Smh. This cable is garbage for one reason, and one reason only: it is built to USB 2.0 spec. How is that even possible? Whose idea was it to build a cable in 2017 with a USB C connector on one side, and USB 2.0 on the other? That's like putting the most amazing piece of imported French Gruyère Cheese on a lightly charred piece of wonderbread toast from August 2006. It makes no sense - whatsoever. This cable should be USB 3.0. Any cable with USB C on one side should be USB 3.0. ANY CABLE RECOMMENDED WITH AN SSD SHOULD MAKE A SMALL ATTEMPT TO MEET THE SPEC OF THE SSD. This is just ridiculous. Thankfully, the T3 drive came with an OE cable in the box, so I didn't even need this cable in the first place. Zero stars, would not recommend to a friend. Would recommend to en enemy, though. Smfh.

This cable is not safe, it could burn you as it did my wife. The plug melted causing hot black plastic to leak out of the USB C connector.

No phone was connected at the time. It was connected to an OEM Motorola 5a charger that has never had issues.

This cable worked well until after about 30 minutes charging my phone from a battery pack it got dangerously hot and nearly fused itself to the charging port on my phone. The small end of the cable was hot enough to burn fingers. This cable failed (dangerously hot) after only two months

I've ordered several of these over the past year or two. In general, I was impressed. The most recent order, however, was not so good.

I bought the most recent of these for a family vacation. I got the cord and it worked at first. Then, within a day, it became intermittent. I found that putting half a twist into it made it work, and I was able to get through the trip with it functioning. Then, at home, (only a week after purchase) it really started to fail. Now, it's basically useless.

Given that I bought several of these and only one seems to have gone south, I had to consider how to rate it. On the one hand, three out of four were good. The last one was defective. So I'll give it three stars. I guess I'll try a different cord to replace this one.

Not machined and assembled properly. Drops connections at the slightest touch of the USB-C connection.

Seems to be that the on the USB-C end that the connector fits too loosely. So the slightest wiggle results in the contact being broken momentarily.

I tried several of this brand. All the same.

So far none of the other brands I bought at Amazon had any problem.

I purchased two of the short USB-C cables to connect my Samsung T3 SSD drives to my 2016 MacBook so I can backup video footage on remote productions. The data throughput as indicated by the Black Magic Disk Speed Test was below 40MB/s read and write. (Fortunately, the Samsung SSDs came with their own USB cables which provide 400MB/s throughput.) Incredibly disappointed in this product and will be looking for a refund. This is a real bummer because I wanted shorter cables than the ones that were included with the Samsung SSDs, as I'm trying to pack light for international travel.

This cable works absolutely fine and has allowed me to charge my new Pixel 2 at home from a position that is far away from the nearest plug point. This cable plugs into the Anker high speed charger with 2 ports.

Whilst it charges USB-C absolutely fine, it does not seem to be compatible with Fast Charging or 'Rapid Charging' as it's called on the Pixel 2. If I swap to the official cable that came with the Pixel, it works fine on rapid charging, so I know it's the cable with the issue. So it loses a star for this reason as there are some times I wish I had access to rapid charging with this cable.

Overall, recommended, but if you need fast charging - you may wish to go something different.




It's a nice premium feeling cable. Looks great with it's braided cord. I use it with my Android Auto in my car. Android Auto is notoriously picky about having a good quality cable, and this one did the trick nicely... for 6 months.

Only reason I give an average score is I've just had to buy another because the original one I bought died after 6 months. For a tiny but premium priced cable, I would expect longer than 6 months life out of it. Why did I buy another then? Well it's the only premium short USB-C cable I've been able to find.

Bought because nice long cables that meant phone could continue to be used whilst charging, without having to sit right next to the wall. However, the cables failed around the joint with the USB C plug and I've done replaced with more robust cables that have better protection of that area of the cable.

great short cable for my new phone. not suitable for 'fast charging' which is ok, too, as this is just for use with portable charger.

it also can also be used for full data exchange between the external SD card and the PC as an added bonus (another company's 'fast charge' cable i bought doesn't do this).

The cable was slightly shorter than I expected but this was my fault as I hadn't realised the length included the connectors too, so it was slightly too short for it's intended purpose of using it to charge my phone in the car but I've used it to connect my phone to my PC instead.
Cable and connectors seem to be good quality and feel very solid and I like the braided cable.

I bought one of these braided leads to keep in my glove box to be able to charge my pixel. Works well and having other braided cables, know that they are more hard wearing than standard leads. Like it enough to have bought an extra one to keep at work! Definitely recommended

Bought this to use with a portable battery and didn't want something that could get tangled. The build of this cable is premium, it really is.
All metal sockets with a clean finish and the cable itself is a braided material. None twist and actually quite stiff. It will bend of course and the perfect right angle to go from the power bank to my phone, while in my pocket. Gives a decent charge speed too with the right battery.

I bought this as I wanted the extra length to charge my computer in hotel rooms when travelling as I use it to watch TV - standard length cables are never long enough. It is quite thick as it is braided for extra strength but comes with a handy bag so it coils up nice and tight so takes up little room in my luggage. Does the job I wanted it for very well.

What more can you ask for: Fuss free; well made and will use again. A fabulous provider that all others should look up to in awe. In years to come they will make statues and short plays about this fine purveyor of product. I can see children being named after them. Ill bet these children will grow up learning in wonder at how IKITS are a beacon of light in an otherwise dark wasteland.
Thank you IKITS may you live long and prosper

This is my lifeline for my phone (no pun intended) as i use it every night to make sure that my phone has charge in it for the morning when I need it the most. Although I have noticed that from time to time it doesn't work with the Samsung fast charging however it is easily fixed by taking the cable out of the phone and re-inserting it.

Seemed well made and good value, but bought for using in the car for which it wasn't ideally suited. With it being 20cm long the phone was effectively locked in position. The cable itself was also inflexible, so didn't tuck in to the cubby hole I wanted it to and the nylon coating was quite rough, which I thought over time my scratch my piano black plastic interior surrounds.

No power coming through at all. To prove everything else was ok I used a much longer cable from another supplier and the device worked, therefore this cable is for reasons unknown not suitable. It’s a great shame because the short length was perfect.

If a fault develops with the Apple TV and cannot be reset the only resolution is to connect to iTunes to return to factory settings and download any news software/firmware.
To do this you need a usb type c connector. Not only do Apple not provide this with the Apple TV but they do not provide a usb type c Apple cable.
This cable is perfect

I'm afraid this might be one of those occasions when only an apple product will do. This item charges so slowly that I gave up in the end and used an apple cable.