JSAUX USB C to USB C Fast Charging Cable 3A [6.6ft 2-Pack], USB Type C Braided Cord Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 S20+ S20 Ultra Note 10/10+,Google Pixel 2/3/4/2XL/3XL/4XL, iPad pro 2018 etc-Red


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  • I've seen people say it doesn't work with the note 10+.. I can confirm that it does!

    Edit 4/13/20.. the phone itself does not say "Super Fast Charging" anymore, even with the original cord. However, this cord does still charge the phone pretty fast.. I'm not sure why my Note 10+ no longer says "Super Fast Charging" but it has been a while.

    Let me preface this by saying that this is only a USB-C cable, but it's the best damn USB-C cable money can buy! This thing is verrrry durable mostly due to the fabric wrap they put around the cable and the rubber reinforced connectors. This things goes in and out of backpacks all day and is still in very good shape. I use one to replace the USB-C cable for my Macbook Pro that is trashed and one for my phone and various other USB-C devices. This is prices fairly low which makes it a super good deal. Sure you can buy other USB-C cables for the same price or a little bit less, but why would you want to buy several of those when you can get two of these and be done with it? These will be the last* USB-C cables you will ever buy. Super good bang for your buck, which is what I'm all about. Do yourself a favor and buy this cables!!! Plus they look cool as hell in RED! If you hate them, just send em back, but you won't need to because they're AWESOME!!!!

    *probably, unless you lose them or cut them in half.

    I was replacing an older USB-C cable that had failing connectors (super annoying) and this one looks like a champ. Only had it a week or two, but it feels thick, tough and rugged, which is exactly what I want. The color scheme is pretty sweet too, with red and black, but it's functionality that most concerns me. So far, so good.

    Great cables. Use them to charge our phones and tablet. Really like the exterior material and length. Highly recommend!

    Not much else to say except these cables work great for power on my MacBook Pro. I'm not a fan of the newer USB-C ports and the power cable that came with the MacBook separated from the housing within a month of use. I travel quite a bit and these cables are durable and look great. The red ones are easy to locate when mixed in with a bunch of other cables too.

    Bought this pair because the USB C to USB A cables that were supposed to be fast charging are not with the Pixel XL. My husband plugged it up to test, and the phone immediately read it as fast charging. Not liking the price on these cables, but they work.

    Update: still working great. I plan to purchase type A outlets so I can plug straight into the wall.

    These are durable replacements for my original Pixel 2 charger cords. The contacts were getting worn in the plugs of the old ones, causing flaky charging connections. The velcro like straps are simple and easy for cord management when not using the full cord length. They also stay connected to the cord when undone, yet are removable and easy to re-position if needed. They are flexible enough to easily extend, and the fan-folds don't disappear, so you can quickly fold them back up and store them away. They have flexible protection on the cord by the plug, so the cords are well protected at the base of each plug. The cords are a tough braided material. I like the red, because it stands out from other cords and backgrounds. When I travel, the longer cord comes in handy in hotel rooms, or on the go for doing "fast" charging. At home, I keep them short and out of the way as pictured.

    UPDATE: Bought in July Failed by March (8 Months). One still works but connectors (contacts) in one cord have worn out after daily use for charging.

    I purchased this cables for usb c plug so I can charge my switch when I'm out and about. Haven't had any issues with the cables. Great cheap cables but the quality doesn't say cheap at all, need some decent cables check these bad boys out.

    Does what's expected.