Lightning Charger Cable Saver | MacBook iPhone Micro USB Protector | PC/Notebook Charging Cable Saver. Snug Fit for All Cell Phones, (Multi Color)


  • COMPLETELY PROTECT ALL CABLES: Lightning Cable Protectors are designed with highly flexible silicone and can be used as phone charger cord protector and phone charger saver to completely protect cables for all devices including, cell phones, computers, laptops, lightning cables, pc’s, the list goes on and on. PREVENT YOUR CABLE ENDS FROM EVER BREAKING OR DETACHING AGAIN.
  • FEELS GOOD TO THE TOUCH: Besides protecting all Your USB cables / cords, the Lightning Cable Protector feels surprisingly nice and is fun to install on any wires end. Use it as your headphone cord protector or charger cable cover. Simply touching it can relieve your stress too! Yet, even better, the Lightning Cable Protector looks super cool. It doesn’t get any better than this!
  • DID WE MENTION: The Lightning Cable protector works with virtually all computer and cellphone cables. You can even use it in almost anything like as pet cable protector, chewsafe cord protector, cord protectors from pets, wire protector from pets and as a wire protector tubing for phone and computer cables.
  • TIRED OF REPLACING YOUR LIGHTNING CABLES: Lightning is your permanent fix to all those damaged lightning cables. It perfectly works as a cable strain relief or a critter cord so you won't have to deal with cable repair or iphone cable repair and frayed wire repair. You can buy bulk chargers with no worries and the Lightning Cable Protector with your phone caviar. Save money by protecting Your investment.
  • One-STEP INSTALLATION: Step 1, Wrap the cable protector onto Your preferred cable as an iphone charger end piece. The Lightning Cable Protector will wrap around any wire just like a protective sleeve would but with more mobility.



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Your Ultimate Universal Lightning Charger Cable Saver!

Are you getting a lot of headache every time your authentic charger cables are getting damaged by mishandling or frequent usage? It is indeed a big frustration when you are in the middle of an important conversation and your gadget is already low in battery but unable to charge because your charger cable has a loose end with exposed wires?

The Zone-365 Twist Cable Protector is specially made for your all your gadget needs. It is designed to effectively protect any type of charger cables ranging from iPhones, Android and other Smart phones, computers, USB-powered devices and more. It has more applications that you can imagine. You can install them on just about any power cables of today’s modern world. Its internal diameter is compatible on any standard charger cables in the market. Get your universal charger cable protector today!

Your Total Money Saver

The prices of original and genuine charger cables are no doubt very pricey. Aside from that, original chargers that came with your gadget is the right charger according to specifications and offer reliable and fast charging.

With Zone-365’s “Twist” Lightning Charger Cable Protector, your chargers are ensured to be in very good condition and are for sure will last longer than your charger’s life span. This way, you won’t have to be worried that your good ole charger will not work as it used to. It is saves you a big deal of time and money over buying another genuine charger cable or going after imitation cables that are not only crappy, but also dangerous.

Sense and Flexibility

The last thing you don’t want to happen with your precious chargers are to see them with open wires hanging from end to end. Using Twist will help you protect your charger cables by adding strength to the cable endings so the outer layer and the wires beneath won’t have to incur dents or be easily pulled out from the USB connector.

The Zone-365 Twist Lightning Cellphone Charger Cable Protector is made out of Silicon which is heat-resistant that endures hot wires, rubber-like characteristic for flexibility and bendability, moisture-absorber to keep the cables dry, and hard which makes Twist durable. In general, Twist is one of the best cable protectors that actually makes sense!

Easy Install Phone and Computer Charger Cable Protector Bend Without Worries Protect Yourself and Belongings From Electric Shock and Fire

There are a lot of phone charger cable protectors but only few have the convenience of installing it. The Zone-365 Twist is designed to provide a quick install because we understand busy people who like to do things on the go. Just twist around the cable and it wraps easily.

One of the things that charger cables are made soft and bendable is the convenience for easy storage and usage at any position. However, when cable ends are twisted and bended to and fro, the cables have a tendency to break. With Twist, your cables can now bend without worries!

Loose cable ends with exposed wires can bring you a great amount of shock. More often, exposed charger cable wires are the root cause of electrical fires which can be prevented with the right kind of cable protection. Use Twist today and save yourself and loved ones from electrical dangers.

Product information Color:Multi Color Package Dimensions 9.5 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches Item Weight 1.58 ounces ASIN B073QMGRQY Item model number CP-0102

I purchased this product to act as a strain relief on my cables where the cable goes into the plug.

Sadly any light brushing from clothes can cause the thing to drift off the end by the connector and travel up the wire where I don't nee strain relief.

Bottom line you have to resort to gluing them in place.

As a strain relief, they are surprisingly flimsy and allow the cable to bend at unacceptable angles when lightly pressing on it.

I wouldn't buy these again

I'm not sure what I do, but I'm hard on my charging cables and I get 2-3 months before they start to split from the cable and the plastic and I have to replace them. I've used Apple, Belkin, Anker, and Amazon Basics which are great but I still go through them. I came across these and tried them out, they're awesome. I've been using the same came cable for 6 months now or around there which is the longest I've used one for. It's still going strong. These are a great little solution that cost a lot less than replacing lightning charging cables.

They fit best on cables shaped like Apple cables instead of the tapered plastic end that goes to the cable. I know I can't describe that well so I took a picture. The pink cable is the kind that they don't fit as well on, they fit perfectly on the grey cable though.

A lot classier than breaking a pen open and using a spring (without stabbing your fingers when you grab the cord). Pricey, and the product price fluctuates a lot so make sure you watch the changes and don't overpay. Much better than other cable savers out there that involve a rubber piece that is held closed with a plastic clip, so this product gets my 4 stars. Shave off a couple of dollars and it might get a 5 star. I bought two of these and didn't get the markdown pricing, so shame on Amazon.

This is a very clever product. I have placed them on 2 iPhone charging cables at the end closest to the phone and on my macbookpro charging cable. I don't understand why apple doesn't just include these in all your purchases if they can't make their charging cords with more durable connections. The product is easy to apply. I have only had them on a couple days so it is too early to say whether they will really extend the life of the charging cord, but I have certainly replaced cords to both of these items before for fraying.

Second day in and they've already stretched out and are sliding down the cord. What a waste of money. I feel worse because I created a demand for plastic. Slap a bandaid around the cord and it'll be more efficient and less bulky.


I suppose it's HELPING. It comes off and I need to readjust it constantly. I may end up just using it as the substrate to the "mold it to the shape you want and let it cure" rubber stuff. I think that would work better.

I think the concept is sound, it just doesn't fit around the cable and stay secure.

My first purchase of these little items has worked great - easy to put on, they stay in place, and they definitely seem to extend the lives of my charging cords. So I bought more. But this second batch just isn't the same - they don't stay in place and so aren't offering the protection where it's needed. I'd like to try more but uncertain whether I'll get a good quality batch or a poor quality batch.

I hate to recall how many new iPhone chargers and MacBook power bricks—the latter at $80 or $90 a pop—I've had to buy over the years as the originals gradually frayed at the connector ends until they stopped working altogether, attempted electrical tape repairs notwithstanding. These inexpensive little coils wind right around the connector base and first half inch or so of cord to keep it from bending and ultimately breaking at the join. Simple as can be and works like a charm. Plus, fun colors make it easy to tell your gear from everyone else's at a glance. What's not to like? Genius.

Recibí hoy el producto, lamentablemente en la descripción no especifican cuantos protectores se recibirán, sin embargo en la foto aparecen 12 de ellos y solo envían cuatro... deben mejorar su descripción incluyendo el número de protectores vendidos (solamente 4).

El producto esta muy bien, tiene Buena calidad, facil de usar.
Lo que deberian mejorar es al momento de hacer el pedido, ya que no tienes oportunidad de seleccion entre las tres opciones de colores que te muestran en la foto.
Yo lo compre y tuve que esperar a que llegar para ver cual de las tres opciones me mandaron

I was under the impression this item came with the 3 packs as pictured; however, I only received one single package containing 4 cable savers (effectively protecting 2 cables). The product fits decently and seems to be doing its job, but I'm slightly disappointed with the price and quantity.

Keeps the cords nice and looks good, exactly as it seems.

Bought to use with cords that were already pulling away near the plug end. This product isn’t tight enough to stay over the damaged area of the cord.

Colores divertidos y cumplen muy bien su función. Recomiendo altamente.

En la imagen aparecen 3 paquetes y das por hecho que te van a llegar 3, me llegó solamente uno. Lo cual se me hizo sumamente caro para lo que es.

Una excelente opción para proteger la parte que siempre se rompe de los cables, da seguridad al uso.

Easy to attach. Works well.

Muy buenos
No se me ha roto ningún cable mas


Sumamente práctico y fácil de instalar; después de analizar las opciones existentes y con base en las opiniones que otros clientes han dejado, decidí probar éstos protectores. Empaque de primera, llegó sin ningún daño y mucho antes de lo previsto. La instalación es tan sencilla como se indica al reverso del empaque, el protector se mantiene en su lugar y no hay que estarlo regresando a la posición original. Conforme pase el tiempo veremos la durabilidad del mismo.
Si buscas un protector simple, sencillo, fácil de instalar y de mantener en su lugar... ésta es la opción!

I ordered the grey 4-pack and it arrived on-time and as advertised. It fits well on apple-brand lightning chargers (as shown in picture) but is too small for my off-brand chargers. To be honest, I don’t really think its made much of a difference or made the cables any more durable but I’m going to keep trying them