Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (6ft), Silver


  • Staying Power: Lasts 30x longer than ordinary cables-proven in a laboratory environment to withstand 30000 bends.
  • Amazing Strength: One of the toughest cables ever created, with tensile strength capable of withstanding 175 lbs.
  • Apple Certification: MFi certified for flawless compatibility with Apple Lightning devices, ensuring the highest possible charging speeds.
  • Innovative Portability: With a specialized carrying pouch designed to adjust the length of your cable for any occasion.
  • What You Get: PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable, length-adjusting travel pouch, welcome guide, hassle-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.



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PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable
The Ultra-Durable Cable That's Yours For Life

Evolved Durability
Withstand any twist, tug, and tangle with premium braided nylon fiber. And PowerLine+ II's elite internal components are built to last years, charge after charge.

Certified Fast
Boasts Apple's MFi certification for Lightning cables, ensuring ideal charging speeds for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, and any other device with a Lightning interface.

Portable Pouch
Included travel pouch unzips from both ends, allowing you to adjust the length of your cable on the fly. Fit on any desk, table, or workspace, and charge with freedom wherever you go.

Creative Colors
Choose from four brilliant colors: vibrant two-shade nylon braiding to match any device, purse, bag, or room. Stand out from the crowd and easily spot your cable—even in crowded or messy environments.

A Cable for Life
We're so confident in PowerLine+ II, we are offering a hassle-free replacement for all quality issues. Not for half a year, not for 18 months, but for an entire lifetime. It's the only cable you will ever need to buy.

Compatible Devices
iPhone XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 5s, iPad Pro / Air / Air 2, iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3 / mini 4, iPad (4th generation), iPod nano (7th generation) and iPod Touch (5th generation)

Product information Color:Silver Product Dimensions 70.87 x 0.63 x 0.24 inches Item Weight 0.6 ounces ASIN B071WQ2QQT Item model number AK-848061062588

Received this on the 4th and it worked good till two days ago. It stopped working in car for apple carplay. Now tonight, it has stopped charging phone. Nothing visually wrong with it. I know they back their products and I have not reached out to them since its such a waste of time shipping back and waiting for replacement Bahhh.

I have changed the rating for now since Anker actually contacted me and has already sent out a replacement for defective one. They just ask for S/N that is attached to wire which I will take care of. Like I said, I knew they backed their products and this is further proof. Thanks.

I have to change my previous 5 star to 1 since the cable I bought 21 December just stop working for mi a couple of days ago. I just use this in my nightstand at night, no "heavy" use whatsoever. For that price I would've expected to last at least a year. Disappointed.

UPDATE July 13th. Changing my rating back to 5 stars. The customer service and the follow up they provide at Anker is really good. They sent me a new cable which I hope will last this time. They do asked for the serial number to check the batch the faulty cable was in, so they can doble check quality control I guess. They really stand by their products.

Thanks ANKER!

Best charger I have owned. I have bought countless cheap and expensive chargers. Why? Because I keep one in my car, one in every place I frequently visit or work at. I have recently upgraded all my chargers to this one. It may have cost me a bit more to do so. However that cost is extremely valuable.

They are beautiful. They charge the fastest out of all of the chargers I have ever had. I have two 6 footers and one 10 footer of these. The 6, come with a cool case. Even though I do not use them, it was an awesome touch. It also comes with a nice Velcro strap to strap it together. BEST add on ever!

I will buy these again and again and again. I highly recommend them to everyone and anyone!

It is too early to tell if this is a 10 out of 10. I have high standards. But with the quick shipping to my doorstep, the excellent packaging and presentation, the solid texture and feel of each of the components, and smooth charging operations which I am using as I write this review, I am going to give this a 5 out of 5. I got two cords. They fit perfectly in the travel case. By the way the case is very good looking and VERY COMPACT (the product photos are deceiving). Amazing!

Only thing I wish Anker would have done was add a similar fitting travel case for their 10-ft cable. I would have bought that in a heartbeat.

And please come out with similar braided cable with magnetic tip chargers!

But you know what, 6ft is soooo much better than 3ft. So far, I am impressed and delighted by a Charging cable. And it takes a lot of technical skill and quality to do that. Nice job Anker!

If anything goes awry, I'll update my review accordingly but I'm not expecting it. When other users said Apple should have included this quality grade of cable with their phones and tablets, they are 100% CORRECT! You are going to ask yourself WHY you went so long using shoddy OEM cables from Apple.

Now, Anker...when are you going to upgrade ALL of your other useful cables to Powerline+ II ? I want to see it all! USB-C to USB-C, and the other commonly used iterations.

I went ahead and also picked up an Anker 6-port PowerPort 6 IQ-charger and as one would expect both work very well. Currently charging an iPhone 6s+ and IPad Pro from 2016.

Loving it!

UPDATE December 2018: I’ve been using the 6 and 10 foot cables from this Powerline+ II product series rigorously at home, work, and travel and I have not had a single problem. Saved my neck on several occasions. I’ve recommended these to numerous people. I have family members fighting over who gets to use my cables when they visit.

Word of caution: Amazon is now selling a knock-off copycat version competing with Anker’s cables. Don’t buy them, they’re not in the same league as these. You might save a couple dollars but if you read some of their reviews you’ll notice that not everything is amazing about those knockoffs.

Update March 2019: Still work perfect. I have been rough with them. No issues. I’ve had 2 apple lightning cables fail since last year and this cable has become my fail-safe.

Junk cables, very slow charging and device looses charge while using the iPhone or iPad. I bought 2 of the 3ft, 2 of the 6ft and 2 of the 10ft. None work anywhere close to advertised. I own several anker products a due to the past quality of their products I didn’t have a problem paying a higher price for higher quality cables. These fail miserably, DO NOT BUY. They must have had a bad run of cables because what I received are junk. I won’t be buying anker cables again. I hope they aren’t having these same problems with other products.

Cable worked great for around 3 weeks. They are build very solid. However, I can't charge my phone using the cable as of yesterday. I plugged in my phone overnight to charge as usual. The next day, my phone was actually discharged around 6-7%, despite my phone indicating that it is charging. Odd. I changed the cable and it started charging immediately. I let the phone charge up, then started troubleshooting the Anker cable. Tried 3 other power sources (1 18W apple power adapter, 1 apple iPhone adapter, and a MacBook Pro) and my phone will not charge with this cable. In fact, it seems to discharge my phone (~1% every 10 minutes). It hasn't even been a month since I've received the cable so I'm pretty disappointed.

I have bought a lot of Anker cables and plugs. Unfortunately two of the 2 metre cables have failed. However, Anker replaced them quickly. There is a serial number on every cable on a tiny silver strip which should not be removed. Giving the serial number, download of the order number and an explanation to the customer support email is all that is required. No need to post the broken ones back. Pretty impressive service.

I have always loved anker products and Owned several Powerline II for almost a year now. Never had issues with them and they still are going strong and sturdy. I decided to upgrade with the Powerline+ II as my daily driver. However after just using it for 2 weeks only next to my bed stand I started having issues as the charging would automatically stop and start again. Now its very inconsistent as charging turns on and off again randomly. This is not what I expected from Anker as I bought them depending on their quality and reliability.
They reached out to me after my review and have sent me a replacement cable and the new cable works perfectly fine and as what is expected from Anker. This builds my trust in their company even more and they definitely have my loyalty to their brand. Would 10/10 recommend these.

I’ve come to like and trust anker over the last couple of years. Their products seem to be well made and they really last. This powerline 2 cable appears to be a very high quality lead, even more so than the standard ones I’ve bought before - most of which still work now. I’d recommend you spend the extra cash and buy this. Even if you are very heavy handed, their customer service is excellent and they’ll replace your lead if it breaks.

I’m delighted with my two charging cables , Apple cables covering had perished and split, so I was on the hunt for a replacement. As the old cables were a tad short for my needs I thought I could do with a longer one . These cables are brill, long, well made . Only had them a short time so can’t comment on their longevity. The up side is they come with a semi rigid zipped pouch, and a velcro loop , so you can curl the cable up fasten it with the velcro and and have the ends as long as you need , in a neat little package . As for chargability , I can’t see any difference in the time it takes to charge devices , it may be even a little faster. Yes really pleased up to now

I always use Anker as my tech go to brand if I ever need anything new and again this hasn’t disappointed. A strong, sturdy braided cable and a new design meaning a more stable connection point for both the USB and Lightening connection end. I had to replace my old anker one as I’d had it for so long that it had bent and manipulated to the point it wouldn’t charge my phone, but considering the one supplied with the phone I bought lasted all of 6 months and this one lasted at least 5 times longer says a lot for the build quality of the products so I had no hesitation in buying Anker as a replacement. Can’t recommend Anker enough for their products, I’ll keep buying them brand even if there is a slightly cheaper alternative available.

At this point in time it's the best quality cable I've ever owned from multiple different brands. The only small gripe is the lightning connector can feel a little loose compared to others. And Yes, I have cleaned my lightning port on the phone!

This feedback is for the 1.8 meter long cables that I bought. The build quality of this cable is great. I've used it to charge all the iPhones in my household (5, 6, 6S and 8) as well as all the iPads (Pro, Mini) and Apple TV remotes with no issues whatsoever. It even solved some connection issues I was experiencing with other cables and my very old back-up iPhone 5, thanks to Anker's snug and precise fit into its worn-out socket. The case the cable comes in proved to be very handy as well. I'm using it to carry all the other cables I had inside my travel suitcase.

Well what can I say. I love these Anker cables.
Well built.
Super strong
Super high quality.
Super fast.
Amazing travel pouch.
A lifetime warranty!!

I have two of these. I have a 6ft and 10ft.
I did experience a small fault with them after almost a year of hard evey day use. But simply got in contact with Anker and had it replaced under the super life time warranty. Was super easy to process. With great customer service and support.

I will only ever buy Anker cables !
Can be pricey but well worth the money as in the past I’ve spent 5x as much buying and replacing cheaper subpar products.

Fantastic Hard Wearing I keep buying more of them all the time and recommend them to all my friends and family as in my opinion Anker hands down make the best quality cables that last the longest and I have tied many different brands and literally nothing comes close! Hands down always excellent to deal with and Anker customer service is second to none! if you have the slightest issues they will work with you to get it sorted even if it means providing you with a different product!

Seriously If you need the best cables on the makrhet buy Anker end of!!!

I SWEAR BY THESES CABLES you can’t get better then this iv been using anker cables and other products for years and I can swear down they are great. Anyone I know I let them know about this company if they are looking for cables.

This new Powerline +II is great feels stronger then the last generation.

If you need long, strong good built cables get yourself one from anker and if you have any problems with any product there customer service is exceptional. I contact anker around a month and a half after I got two cable from them before to let them know one wasn’t working as it should, I sent some pictures and gave some details and within two days they had a new one sent and on the way to me and even followed up with me to see was I happy with the replacement.

I recently purchased this same item from a retailer who charged me £7 more and didn't provide the neat carrying wallet/case that came with this one through Amazon. This Anker lead is a quality product. You need look nowhere else.

Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable (6ft / 1.8m), MFi Certified for Flawless Compatibility with iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/ iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 5 / 5S and More.

This one was for my wife, after she saw mine (purchased locally). However, she wants to buy another Anker lead but shorter for taking with her when she's out and about (therefore only 4 stars on the 'For travelling' rating.

I bought this on a friends’ recommendation to use in my car as the original apple cables didn’t seem to be lasting long. It arrived quickly but immediately wasn’t quite right. Every now and then CarPlay was disconnection and at first I thought it was my phone. I was in the process of changing phones so just put it down to a damaged/worn lightning connector on my old phone but turned out to be exactly the same with the new phone. Have since replaced with a genuine apple cable again and it works 100% of the time again. Disappointing considering I had high hopes.

I unfortunately started a return and completely forgot about it, my own fault, so it’s still sat in my glove box doing nothing.

These cables are the best cables at first because they charge well and easy to spot when you misplace them!

I said at first above, because I’ve owned both this version and the version before but they have not lasted as long as their price or marketing suggests.

I don’t know if I’ve been extremely unlucky and had two bad batches of different versions but the ends of the cables (near the connectors) have both frayed after a few months of use. This means that it’s charging and data connection has become unreliable and intermittent so it has to go in the bin.

Ladekabel von Appel haben 2 Punkte die mich stören:

1. Sie sind weiß und werden im Auto oder Rucksack schnell „dreckig“.

2. Auto, Büro, Flughafen oder im Zug... das Kabel könnte ein paar Zentimeter länger sein.

Und man ist eh ständig auf der Suche, wo den das Kabel zuletzt unterwegs war... Du nicht?

Mit 3 Devices und 2 Kindern hab ich da manchmal keinen Überblick mehr.

Also müssen zusätzlich Ladekabel her!

Was soll ich sagen?

Wir haben in den letzten Jahren das ein oder andere Ausprobiert, auch Amazon Basic.

Eines hatten wir für unser iPad genutzt und ca. 12 Wochen später wurde es nicht mehr sauber erkannt.

Eingesteckt, nichts. Raus, rein, wieder raus und nochmal rein (nein, keine Staub oder Dreck im Anschluss) und siehe da, es lädt.

Ein Original Kabel rausgesucht und was passiert: sofort erkannt.

2 Wochen später war der Akku dann komplett defekt.

Ob es das Ladekabel war, keine Ahnung. Hinterlässt aber einen bitteren Nachgeschmack!

Letzten Endes bin ich durch eine Empfehlung bei Anker gelandet.

Hab mir dann das rote Anker Powerline+ II iPhone Kabel in 1,8m bestellt.

Etwas teurer wie der Vorgänger, dafür wurde das Plastik durch Alu ersetzt.

Ich finde das rot klasse!

Zum Ladekabel:

• Die Länge ist super und kann durch das mitgelieferte Case gut an die aktuelle Bedürfnisse angepasst werden.

• Die Stecker sind Stabil und haben die ersten 6 Monate mit Kinder ohne Probleme überstanden ;)

•Das Rot ist der Hammer!

Zum Preis: Ich kaufe mir ein iPhone für 800€ und Knauser dann beim Ladekabel?!
Also wenn die Qualität dem entspricht was ich erwarte, ist der Preis für das Anker Powerline+ II völlig angemessen.

Fazit: Haben uns mittlerweile noch ein graues mit 0,9m bestellt. Sagt eigentlich alles, oder?

p.s Hab ich erwähnt das ich die rote Farbe super finde? *grins*

After ruining my last set of charger cables (walking with battery pack mostly) I decided to get a sturdy cable. I found these but had to order them from the UK since they are not available in the Netherlands but it is worth the trouble. Cables look extremely solid and will probably last at least twice as a regular cable, already making them worth the price.
My only point of feedback is that the plastic covers where the cable meets the plug are so sturdy that they hardly bend with pressure, making them no more than an extended contact where the cable will eventually get damaged. A more rubbery connection that would bend better would help protecting more from ear and tear.