Ailun Car Phone Mount Magnet Key Holder 2Pack Stick on Dashboard for iPhone 12 12Pro 12Mini 12Pro Max /11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/X Xs XR Xs Max Galaxy s20, s20+ S20Ultra S10 S9 Plus Black


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  • Easy to use: This Stick-on universal smartphone magnetic car mount holder is easy to install.Just stick it on your car and you are good to go.It will not block the air vent and the windshield of your car.You also can stick it on any flat surface,for example,car, kitchen, office, bedroom or any areas where you need to hold your phone or keys or anything metal
  • Magnetic and Cradle-less design:The reinforced magnetic holder of this car mount produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold up your device securely,while allowing you to drive without distraction.
  • Metallic & Adhesive Plate: Equipped with round and rectangle metallic plates. The metallic plate for magnet can simply be placed between the device and its case. The adhesive metal plate also can stick to back of your device directly without case.[please Note: iPhone 7 and 7 plus Jet black have super slippery back which doesn't work with the adhesive metal plate, it requires a case to mount up]
  • Swivel Ball Head: The swivel ball head of the magnetic phone mount provides 360 degree rotation, giving you the ultimate flexibility in rotating your device and swivel your display as you ensures optimal positioning angle, you can place your phone in any orientation, horizontal or vertical,enjoying the most effortless mounting experience.
  • Wide Compatibility&Simple Design:Universally compatible with smartphones and mini tablets,including iPhone 12 12Pro 12Mini 12Pro Max iphone SE 2020 iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/X/Xs/XR/Xs Max,8/7/6/6s plus/6/6s/5S/5/SE, Galaxy s20, s20+ S20Ultra s10s10 plus S9/S9+, S8/S8+,S7/S6 Edge, S7, S6, S5, S4 ,Note 10 and other Android, Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.Easy to use, fit for various size.Slim and lightweight design bring your car with a neat and organized look.


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Ailun Car Phone Mount,Magnet Key Holder

Car Phone Mount Car Phone Mount Mount Air Vent Car Phone Mount CD Slot Car Phone Mount Air Vent Car Phone Mount Dashboard Car Phone Mount Phone Ring Stand Holder Air Vent Car Phone Mount Feature Two Lever Settings Options Easy Operation,Strong Magnetic Mount Wide Compatibility&Simple Design Magnetic and Cradle-less design Adjustable 360 Degree Rotation Angle Wide Compatibility&Simple Design Compatible Models For any smartphones and devices between 50-95mm in width Universally compatible with smartphones and mini tablets Universally compatible with smartphones and mini tablets Universally compatible with smartphones and mini tablets Universally compatible with smartphones and mini tablets Universally compatible with smartphones and mini tablets Quantity 1Pack 1Pack 1Pack 2Pack 2Pack 2Pack Ailun Car Phone Mount Ailun Car Phone Mount
Product information Product Dimensions 4.13 x 3.15 x 1.34 inches Item Weight 4.2 ounces ASIN B06XCRZZTW Item model number 4326588497

To be honest, I had a problem with these when they first arrived. The magnetic face part of the mount screws on and I didn't realize this. The magnet holds the phone so securely that when I would rotate the phone it would cause this to slightly unscrew. After many times of doing this it would cause the face to become loose and the phone wouldn't stay in place. After realizing that I was doing this, I tightened it and have had no issues. When everything is tight, this has an amazing amount of hold and I have no issues with it securing my phone. I have this mounted to the dash of Jeep Wrangler and even when I am in bumpy conditions off-road, my phone is secure. Great product!

So I have been using this for 7 months now. It has exceeded my expectations. It has continued to hold my phone very securely. I have used it offroad many times in Moab and have never had an issue. I like to use my phone along with Gaia GPS and clinometer apps for trails and it keeps the phone easily accessible and visible. I like this product much better than products that require clipping in because it is easier to remove when getting in and out of the Jeep.

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I bought this to replace the vent mounted magnet holder in my Ram 1500. The vent mount meant I lost heat from that vent I really wanted to use. I live in Colorado and I was worried about other reviews that had dash mount sticking problems in cold weather. I used heat gun to warm the surface I was attaching to and did two alcohol wipe cleans ups. The base attached fine and has held through 8 degree to 55 degree in the sun extremes over the last two weeks. I like the two included phone side magnets because I can just put them under the cover, one above the other, and have a wide range of solid mounting positions. The phone has stayed on over dirt roads (not *bad washboard yet) without falling off. This mount also provide a better viewing angle for the phone that doesn’t ‘drift down’ like the vent mount did. The price was great, it came with two mounts and phone magnet sets, and works great.

You can't beat the price $6.99 for two of them just make sure you use the alcohol swabs provided on the area that you're mounting it too especially if you live in hot states because the heat will eventually make them fall could also use some 3M adhesive a dab of that on the back of it will work perfect. I gave it five stars. my iPod/ IPhone both fit perfect. Strong magnet. I just wish the magnet that mounts to the back of the phone would be a little bit smaller.

 Liking it so far. It is very compact, magnets are strong - holds my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone very well. 2-pack makes it a sweet deal. They gave round metal plate and square metal plate, which is good enough for most cases. For phone I used round metal and square can be saved for iPads/tablets.

I attached the metal plate to the phone case, not to the phone, and even still it is holding very good. Overall happy with it so far - its been only couple of days, but don't foresee any issue.

I tried a car vent holder earlier, didn't like it because it was obstructing air flow from vents and also phone was getting too hot when I put it in heat during winter season. I am about to return the car air vent holder.

The one thing that's lacking is the sticky backing isn't the greatest but that might have been my impatience. I didn't wait for the alcohol to fully dry after cleaning a spot. That said, my husband took a lighter to the sticky backing to melt it a bit and that worked perfectly so it might have just been too cold here (20-30 degrees in the car).

Now that it's stuck, it's staying stuck. Holds my phone well (Samsugn s8). I didn't stick the magnet to the phone itself just stuck it between the case and that works well. I had a bit of trouble fitting the ball and socket together to set up the mount but you just have to force it a bit so it pops in.

I mounted my holder on a flat surface near my steering wheel and my husband mounted his on a more vertical surface. Both seemed fine when you get the sticky down. Holds my phone solidly. Overall this is great!

+ Small form factor
+ Sticks firmly*
+ Strong magnets
+ Comes with two mounts!! Insane value
+ Holds phone well (Pixel 2 with metal plate inside case)
+ Super easy setup and convenient mounting/dismounting
+ Includes extra 3M tape as well as 2 metal plates per mount (4 total)
+ Metal plates that go on phone or in case are extremely thin and entirely unnoticeable with a case on

- Very short, and slightly limited range of motion**

* The mounts stick firmly to windshield glass. That's the only thing I've tried it on. It's also Winter weather though, so I can't speak for how well it'll hold up come Summer.

** This complaint mostly has to do with my specific use case. I wanted to use this mount for my phone to use as a dash cam. The problem with this is that the furthest the mount angles down is essentially what is shown in the main picture. This ends up in the phone camera pointing down at the dash. So while technically a "dash cam", it's not really what I was after. I worked around this by attaching the mount to my windshield, tucked slightly behind the rear-view mirror to limit distractions. Now I've got a perfect dash cam solution, for the low price of $6 (plus the several hundred for a phone, but let's not talk about that). I'm using the DailyRoads Voyager app for the dash cam, and it works fantastically.

Overall, super happy with this product. I'm still not over the fact that this comes with 2 mounts for such a low price. It's a crazy value for such a nifty thing.