Rokform - Universal Adjustable Magnetic Dash Mount Secured by Strong 3M VHB, 360 Degree Swivel Dashboard Phone Holder Compatible with All Rokform Magnetic Cases (Anodized Black Mount)


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  • MAGNETIC SWIVEL DASH MOUNT: CNC machined aluminum swivel includes a Powerful Neodymium Magnet to hold your smartphone securely in place and 3M VHB to ensure maximum mount adhesion to your car or truck's dashboard.
  • ADJUSTABLE MOUNT FUNCTIONALITY: Simply clean the dashboard with the supplied wipe, then remove the adhesive backing on the dash mount, and finally stick the mount to the desired spot and hold for 30 seconds. Once mounted, your smartphone can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode mode (360 Degrees) with zero sliding.
  • DASHBOARD MOUNT COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all Rokform Magnetic Cases, but also includes 2 metal plates enabling universal mounting capabilities for any smartphone or smartphone case.
  • MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: Specially designed Neodymium magnet will not negatively impact your GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, Apple Pay, Bluetooth, camera, or data transfer.
  • ROKFORM WARRANTY: We offer a 2-year warranty on our entire catalog, along with 5-star customer support. If you have any issues with your purchase, please let us know, and we will fix it!



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Color:Black  |  Size:One Size

Treat yourself to the ease and convenience of Reform new Reform 360º swivel dash mount This easy to use dash mount attaches to your dash or any smooth surface with strong 3M VHB Once installed the powerful magnet specifically designed to work with any Reform Magnetic case with amazing ease provided a powerful hold With its minimalist and low profile design the Swivel Dash Mount looks great on any dash

Product information Color:Black  |  Size:One Size Product Dimensions 1.35 x 1.75 x 1.35 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces Manufacturer Rokform ASIN B07BJVNZHL Item model number 336201

I've been using Rokform products for years (phone cases, car mounts, stands, belt clips). I have been one of their biggest proponents for a while. So, imagine my disappointment when this product failed miserably to meet Rokform's typical standard. I followed install procedures accordingly, but the adhesive is completely useless. It will barely maintain its own body weight much less with a phone attached to it.

The magnet is typical Rokform greatness, so I have to give that consideration in my rating. You can always use some third-party adhesive to make the thing stick like it should.

This Rokform swivel mount looks to be of good quality upon inspection, but performance suggests otherwise. I have this mounted on a vertical portion of my vehicle, meaning the phone mounts solely to this mount with the magnet, and does not rest upon any other service. The adhesive portion mounted to the vehicle is performing well, and has maintained its adhesion to the car without fail. Additionally, the magnets are more than sufficient in holding the phone secure to the mount. The ball joint of the mount, however, has been very poor in maintaining the position of the phone when attached to the mount. I have an iPhone 7, not the plus size, and the ball joint is too loose to hold the phone in place for much more than about 2-5 minutes of driving. In my 30 minute commute, I typically reposition the phone upright about 7-10 times. It seems as though this ball joint would only be sufficient to hold the phone in place if the bottom of the phone was also resting on another horizontal platform, like a dashboard. If you plan to hang this without a platform to support the bottom of the phone, expect that this will NOT hold your phone upright unassisted.

I just got this for the convenience of not having to deal with spring loaded clamps or bulky phone mounts attached to the windshield. Rokform has been my phone case and mount preference for the past year but with this item I'm somewhat displeased that the swivel is so giving. Any slight movements or normal driving on newly paved roads my mount still drops down with ease. I would have imagined it to be manufactured with some more resistance considering this mount is meant for mobile use. All in all a good product but definitely need to address the swivel resistance.

For years I had a universal suction cup mount but it finally broke and come to find out that the model I had is no longer available. I have a Rokform case on my phone due to the roklok mount I have on my motorcycle. After searching for another similar mount I used before I gave in and went with the magnetic mounts since my case has a built in magnet. After trying numerous aftermarket mounts and them not being compatible with my case, I gave in and bought this one. This mount is the only one that works with the RokForm phone cases. It seems to be rather sturdy but have noticed that it will slowly move during the course of the day and needs to be adjusted but the movement is minute.

Over priced but, very well made. Great attention to detail. A little on the too short to be practical for a lot of use options.

I LOVE Rokform. But, this was a bit disappointing. It sticks well and my Rokform case magnetized to it just fine. BUT, it slowly moves from the weight of the phone. It gets droopy. A tad drunk.... :(

This is a well built device , heavy metal, precision made. I had to adhere it to the top of my dash board. Normally the adhesive strip loosens and the device falls off. But I am also not parking in the sun as often as I used to.
Rockform makes great stuff and I hope I don’t end up with the device falling off.

LOVE IT. I have a Nissan Juke which has NO flat surface to apply a phone holder... I was told about this company and let me say this....I won't buy another brand again. ROKFORM is absolutely the best on the market. Top quality to say the least.

Love it and it sticks great. Bought a second and a mount for the motorcycle.

There the best quality. Price is a bit high for what it is but I can’t complain.

Awesome!!! Works fantastic with my case and can swivel where I need.

Good quality, the magnet is very strong to hold IPhone 6, I am very happy with my purchase, I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking of buying it. The ball joints very strong, it stays set position while you are driving, it doesn’t move.