Sinjimoru Phone Grip Credit Card Holder with Phone Stand, Phone Wallet Stick on with Silicone Phone Holder Grip. Sinji Pouch B-Grip Silicone Black


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  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL PHONE GRIP STAND WITH CARD HOLDER: B-Grip Silicone is not only a safe credit card holder for phone but also a secure hand grip that prevents your iPhone / Smart phone from falling. Conveniently use the smart grip as a phone stand.
  • USE YOUR SMARTPHONE COMFORTABLY WITH ONLY ONE HAND: Going out shopping or are your hands full? Hold you cell phone safely with the secure phone grip strap made of anti-dust silicone!
  • SECURE PHONE CARD HOLDER: B-Grip Silicone comes equipped with a Flap to protect your important cards such as ID card, credit cards, driver's license, and other private information. Use this mobile gadget as a safe and secure phone pocket.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE CREDIT CARD CASE: The phone strap / card holder for back of phone can be attached to any smart device, mobile phone, tablet, that has a big enough surface.
  • PACKAGE / COLORS / WARRANTY: This package includes B-Grip Silicone x1 and Assistant Adhesive Film x1. B-Grip Silicone is available in 5 color options and comes with a 90 days warranty!


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sinjimoru sinji card holder for back of phone grip silicone pad phone grip stand for desk

3 features in 1 product!

Sinji Pouch B-Grip is a card holder that sticks to the back of your mobile phone or phone case.

You can enjoy not only the card holder function, but also the phone stand / strap at the same time.

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Make your daily life more comfortable.

The securing Flap prevents cards from falling out and protects private information while the elastic band functions as a phone grip. Use the silicone pad on the band as a phone stand!


Sinji Pouch B-Grip can be used with most smartphones and smartphone cases. For a stronger adhesive please use the Assistant Adhesive Film

Notice: For cell phones with glass backs such as iPhone 7, 8, SE 2020, X, XR, XS MAX, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, we recommend attaching on a phone case in order for the adhesive 3M tape to stick well.


B-Grip Silicone x1 / Manual x1 / Assistant Adhesive Film x1


  • Protecting Flap
  • Elastic band fro secure and comfortable grip
  • Silicone pad as phone stand
  • Assistant Adhesive Film for stronger attachment
  • Grip allows one-hand usage of phone
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SINJIMORU, we keep it smart and simple!

We at Sinjimoru strive to create the best product for our customers.

While putting design and functionality in high seat, our team work daily to develop the best products possible to make everyday life easier and more comfortable and fun for our customers. Sinjimoru has been creating innovative mobile accessories since 2008 with captivating sophisticated designs that creates satisfaction and trust through the products.

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Product information Color:Silicone Black Product Dimensions 3.54 x 2.24 x 0.31 inches Item Weight 0.564 ounces Manufacturer Sinjimoru Co.Ltd ASIN B0854573NG

Makes it very easy to hold your phone safely, and I appreciate how you can use the elastic strap or the leather strap for this. The material is super-stretchy which allows it to hold a lot. I haven't needed to use the flap yet - the sleeve holds the cards securely without it, but I'm glad I have the option.

I wished (and recommend) that when I first attached it, I had thought to stick a card in there while letting the glue "fix" to the phone. The stretchiness seems to want to pull the ends up. A single card would stop that, but I didn't do that, so my outer edges never adhered fully. Still, the middle stuck well enough that it didn't come off until I accidentally pulled it off. Since then, I used a super glue to glue it to a rear glass protector and it's excellent again!

The leather strap really works as a horizontal phone stand.

(Updated 7-2020) its been about 5 months and I remain very impressed with this product. I'm now storing about 6 business cards and 5 credit, insurance, etc cards. Fits great - easy to insert and remove the cards as needed, and the holder transferred easily to the back of my new phone case (with the help of some crazy glue). The elastic strap is still in excellent shape. No visible signs of wear. Great product!

Going pandemic crazy, I needed to get out and exercise (safely.)

I started doing what I call "City Hikes"... I live downtown in one of the larger oldest cities in the country, and the main streets have inclines and declines with uneven sidewalks that can be somewhat challenging for a somewhat older person. A 3+mile hilly walk in under an hour can be an ok cardio exercise.

I like to carry a lot: my smartphone with the MapMyWalk app on it, which both records and reports to my headset throughout my "city hike": my varying rates of speed, the degrees of elevation, my heart rate as well as distance covered and my speed right at that moment.
Being a very cautious person - I carry with me all my critical keys including my car key, a major credit card, ATM card, garage pass, Driver's License and some hidden folded cash.
I also carry 2 spare paper masks, 2 pairs of nitrile plastic exam gloves and several sealed SONO hospital-grade equipment wipes.
I also carry my glasses and a water bottle I can drink from, particularly in this heat.

But not only is that a lot to carry but downtown in an old major metropolitan area is not always the safest place - at least not in my neighborhood. Thefts occur even during the day.

After quite a bit of research, scouring Amazon's site and trying a few items, I came up with a combo of items that make carrying all this effortless and as if I weren't carrying them at all, feeling as safe as possible and able to just focus on my "hike."

This item, Sinjimoru Phone Grip Credit Card Holder with Phone Stand ( I chose the silicone version), works perfectly on my Samsung Note 9 in an Ottebox Symmetry Case. Though the product pictures primarily show just using a couple of fingers to hold the phone - it actually stretches enough that I can put my whole hand through, holding the phone in my open hand so I can look at the phone face to see the map or whatever other info I want to at a glance while I am speed-walking, without fearing I may drop the phone, no matter how I might shake it.
Now, I am female and with relatively small hands for 5'3" but there is still a lot more stretch room left for a larger hand -- but the material stays very snug around my hand, without cutting off any circulation.

As an extra precaution, I use this Phone Grip in combination with "SHANSHUI Phone Lanyard, Neck Strap and Wrist Tether Key Chain Holder Universal for Phone Case Anchor" using the wrist band lanyard. The Shanshui Lanyard is amazing; I can dangle the phone by the lanyard and it stays attached. (There is no adhesive in this product, yet with the right cell phone case, it seems amazingly safe.)

Then I put in the other items listed above in the various pockets of the FlipBelt Level Terrain Zipper Edition I was between sizes and found the larger one more comfortable - and though it slipped a bit, not by very much, tighter was not as comfortable.
I prefer to put the credit cards, Driver's License, cash, etc in the zippered pocket of the FlipBelt rather than in the cardholder of the Phone Grip, tho I am sure the cards and cash would be safe in the Phone Grip. I just feel it is much less likely that a thief would be able to steal the Flipbelt off me in broad Daylight than perhaps in a fly-by action - cutting the lanyard *and* pulling the phone and phone grip off my hand at the same time while running by - tho I sincerely doubt the latter could happen with any feasibility.

And finally, for my water, I use FlipBelt's Water Bottles , either the 11 oz or 6 oz, though I prefer the 11 oz in this heat. I fill them half full with my bottled water and freeze them. When I take one out for my "city hike", I fill it up with my chilled bottled water from the fridge. The bottle fits snugly and very stably - because of the curve - in the FlipBelt pocket - easy to pull out and put back in. And in this heat, the ice helps keep me slightly cooler - but honestly, the ice is all melted and the water almost normal temperature by the end of my walk.

I am soaking wet at the end from sweat; so is my Flipbelt - but everything else - in my FlipBelt or my hand - is absolutely safe and dry.

And I walk with all the speed and flourish I want because I feel like I am carrying nothing the whole while... free as a bird :-)
I hope this helps!

I’ve had this for months now, and love it! High-quality, super durable, and fits up to six of my cards. Nothing has fallen out yet, and the part that you can use to put your hand through and also as a ring stand has held up well. The glue estate Strong to my phone case as well. They did give me the wrong color so just beware of that. Once this one eventually kicks the bucket, I’ll be buying another!

I've been using a magnetic adhesive card holder on my phone for a long time, but it finally wore out. After browsing Amazon for a while, I chose this one. I love the rubber strap, it fits my hand comfortably. I can still use it as prop to hold my phone up on hard surfaces. The fabric does stretch and I currently have 4 cards in it comfortably. It is a bit inconvenient to get the cards out, and does take a bit of manipulation to get the flap back in. I've found it's easier to just life the stretchy fabric up and fold it over, rather than trying to slip the flap back in. I wish it were a bit easier, but I think I'll adjust just fine. My phone still fits in the holder in my car, as this card holder does not add too much thickness to my phone. Definitely recommend!

I have read quite a number of reviews saying that it does not stick. I found this to be true when I was putting it directly on my silicone case. Apparently, it does not stick to silicone, but the product comes with a clear plastic piece that you add to the back of your silicone case. See my pictures. You apply this credit card holder on top of the clear piece and the adhesion is superior. It’s not coming off! I bought another one of a different color, and the packaging was different from the one that I kept. In that packaging, there was no clear backing piece. If I had only received that one, and knew nothing about the clear backing, I would have had to return and write a bad review because it would not have stayed on. There are a few warnings on the packaging about the product not adhering to certain backings. I am not sure whether it will stick to other materials, like leather or other plastic, but I can speak for silicone. The trick is the clear plastic that the credit card holder sticks on top of.

I have six credit cards, two metro cards plus a $20 bill, and it fits well and snug. It takes a little getting used to, as far as getting the cards out, but I have really enjoyed the simplicity of this credit card holder on the back of my phone. And holds it all!

I’m aware that my case color doesn’t match the credit card holder, but I like it that way.

It's is ideal for holding a few card and happy It has the band.

It definitely needed the added adhesive assistant that is placed on the phone case first as other wise I don't think the card holder would stick.

Only not is once it's stuck you cannot lift it up and move again as the stickyness goes .

It is a little pricey for what it is though.

Only problem that I have with this product is that my car phone holder no longer grips my phone the way it should due to the added thickness this product adds. I now have to turn the phone on it’s side and have it gripped to the top of my phone over the home and volume buttons.

Luv it thanks xx

Love the new holder for my iphone11 really great quality

Useful, seems good quality so far, will have to see how fabric wears with repeated ises