Vibeside Compatible with iPhone 12 Magsafe Wallet Card Holder for Back of Phone - Holds 4 Cards with 2 Pockets Vegan Leather Mag Safe Wallet - iPhone 12 Mini Pro Max Compatible (Navy Blue)


  • Premium Quality - Our PU Leather matte finish iPhone 12 card holder is Ecofriendly thanks to our quality Polyurethane material. No animals were harmed creating this synthetic iPhone leather wallet with magsafe phone case compatibility resulting in a 100% Vegan friendly magsafe compatible iPhone 12 pro phone Wallet.
  • More Room Design - Gives 2 large magsafe pocket card holders back of phone storing up to 4 cards making for an ideal back of phone credit card holder. Measuring 3.75 inch h x 2.5 inch w x .125 inch d gives a small card wallet feel without sacrificing the storage space on this cell phone credit card holder.
  • Safe Card Storage - With a strong magnet grip on an iPhone 12 pro case magsafe steel plate protects credit cards from demagnetizing allowing an effortless snap into place with credit cards protected. The extra secure grip on our iPhone magsafe wallet makes it easy to hold an iPhone 12 pro magsafe case while carrying or making calls.
  • Vibeside by Mobile Outfitters - Our quality PU leather back of phone card wallet works with all sizes of iPhone 12 models and many Mobile Outfitters mag safe cases. This Vibeside Compatible with iPhone 12 mag safe wallet keeps with the same mission of every Mobile Outfitters product delivering quality end products to consumers everywhere.
  • Vibeside Support - At Vibeside we stand by our products and offer a lifetime no questions asked warranty if you experience any issues with your Vibeside product and you will receive a full refund. Simply contact Vibeside directly through the Amazon messaging system and we will be happy to assist you with any questions, issues or difficulties you encounter. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for at Vibeside.


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Color:Navy Blue

Vibeside by Mobile OutfittersCompatible iPhone 12 wallet with 2 pocket magsafe wallet that will not demagnetize your credit cards. Holding up to 4 cards measures 3.75 inch h x 2.5 inch w x .125 inch d and made of Vegan friendly PU leather with a matte finish. 

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Product information Color:Navy Blue Package Dimensions 6 x 3 x 0.1 inches Item Weight 0.96 ounces ASIN B08PMJYXGD

So, I bought and tried one of the knockoff Apple wallets (note to shoppers - they’re probably all made by the same company, just sold under different labels. I saw this with some of the wallet style cases we tried with my wife’s phone). I have a genuine MagSafe case, and the magnetic connection was so weak, it slid off with the tiniest effort. Definitely didn’t feel safe.

So, I tried this one because it said it had a stronger magnetic connection. And it certainly does. It can still be taken off to use the wireless charging in my car, which is a plus. For the price, this was the best option I’ve tried.

Have both this and the apple wallet and this thing is a much better deal.

- It's thinner so slides into the pocket better
- You can actually take the front card out without removing the case off the phone (you will have to hold it a bit but still better than apple
-can fit more cards than the apple case which is very rigid
-leather feels nice and should hold up well
-the two pockets is nice so you won't be juggling all your plastic around when you need to pull out just one card.

-nothing really. would get a few more colors if they sold those

Shipped and arrived quickly. Very well made. Magnet seems to be strong on Apple’s silicone MagSafe case. Description says it will hold up to 4 cards (2 in each slot). You can put two in each slot, but it is really tight. I am using it with two credit cards and driver’s license.

Overall I like it and would recommend to others looking for a less expensive MagSafe wallet option.

The wallet is a great value, the magnets connection is strong with the phone itself or a magsafe case but would not suggest using normal cases as connection would be much weaker with the wallet. The 2 flaps/front diagonal layers of the wallet is quite thin and I would be worried about stretching it. The wallet is advertised to fit 4 cards but will be very tight, and as previously mentioned will stretch the leather. I will be sticking with 2 cards. The wallet is made with good material and a strong durable back plate that will protect the cards. The vegan leather is smooth and a soft matt feel. The stitching is done nicely along the border. This wallet is miles better than other ones on Amazon that has similar cost. Overall the wallet is very nice and stylish. Good materials and can possibly fit up to 4 cards. If I were to change something to make it better it would be to have slightly thicker/Stronger front flaps, but for the price it’s already very good. Strong MagSafe connection and overall you get more than you pay more.

I like that you were able to put in more than one credit card in this wallet. The problem was the magnet wasn’t strong enough so every time I took out my phone from my pocket, the wallet fell off. I tried it around the house and luckily I did so I’m not going to lose my credit card in a store.

I got this today because Apple's inventory is all out. I think I'm going to return the Apple version because this one has everything I need! The magnet grips very well. The vegan leather looks sleek and looks to be really great quality. Also, the capacity is good - holds 4 credit cards (most hold only 2).

This alternative apple wallet is great for it's simplicity. In comparison to an Apple Wallet it is a little thinner and lighter. The magnetic adhesion to both magsafe leather and silicone cases are equal or better to the apple wallet. I will be comparing over time the wallet's longevity and I hope it stands up to the other magsafe wallets out there.

I just received the wallet today. I have not handled the official Apple wallet, but this product wow's me. I love that it is vegan leather, but the magnet is really strong. I have an iPhone mini 12 with an official Apple silicon case and it the connection is strong. I am confident this would not easily fall off. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a magnet connection you can't expect a wallet to stay on like a stick on wallet or a case that has the wallet portion permanently attached. I have used the UniVerse case system by OtterBox, and it reminds me of that. It probably isn't as locked on as the wallet with that system, but it is a good strong connection. I like that you get two pockets. I put in 3 cards, two in the back and one in the front, but you could probably get 4 in. Anything more than that would be difficult. It seems well constructed, but time will tell. If you are using an iPhone mini, you need a case that has no ridges on the back because the wallet does take up every milimeter of the phone. If you have any ridges or anything that isn't flat, this may not work well. If you are using the official Apple cases you will be set. I will update if i run into any negatives.