WALLAROO Premium Leather Phone Card Holder Stick On Wallet for iPhone and Android Smartphones (Maroon Red Leather)


  • REAL LEATHER - Made with Rich, Luxurious 100% Genuine Leather
  • * COMPATIBLE WITH NEARLY EVERY SMARTPHONE AND CASE - Compatible with: iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max, XR, XS, X, and 8, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, Galaxy Note 10, 9, 8, 7 , Google Pixel 4, 4XL, 3, 3XL 2, 2XL, LG, HTC, Sony Xperia and many many more! Works with nearly ANY phone case including: Spigen, Otterbox, Lifeproof, Belkin, Speck, and Apple! Any phone or case with a width of 2.5 inches / 6.4 cm. Does not fit iPhone 5 or SE.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Strong 3M Adhesive keeps Wallaroo Attached Firmly to your Phone
  • SECURE FIT FOR YOUR CARDS - Non-Slip Interior Grip keeps Cards Firmly Within Wallaroo
  • LEAVE THE WALLET AT HOME - Whether you're going to the beach, the bar, or the gym, leave your wallet behind, and only carry the essentials like your ID, credit card, and cash.



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Wallaroo Quality Promise

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and with our quality genuine leather construction, we offer you 101 days to rectify any issues. We want to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If you have any issues within 101 days just shoot us a message and we’ll make it right the Wallaroo way!

Founder of Wallaroo,


Wallarooo will replace your wallet!

  • Real Genuine Leather
  • Premium 3M Brand Adhesive to Stick to any Phone / Case
  • Holds 1-3 Cards Securely
    • ID , Credit Card, Debit Card & More!
  • Style to match your phone
    • Several colors to choose from!

Put your Cards in a Safe Pouch!

Inspired by Kangaroos & Wallaroo's

  • The Leather Wallet Pouch holds your Cards tightly so nothing falls out!
    • Would a Kangaroo ever loose it's Joey (baby kangaroo) in its pouch?
  • Every wallet purchase supports Baby Kangaroos & other wildlife through our charitable donations!

Wallaroo will have you hopping with joy!

Free your pocket from your bulky wallet!

Fashionable and stylish! Ditch your cheap rubber, plastic, or elastic!

Available in many stylish leather colors!

Product information Color:Red Maroon Leather Package Dimensions 3.8 x 3 x 0.3 inches Item Weight 0.81 ounces ASIN B01LXQJT4N

It all started last year at the U2 show when I donated to Red and got one of those silicone phone wallets as shwag. It looked corny enough at first, but within a week I wasn’t sure how I lived without previously. For my liefstyle these things are perfect. I always have my phone so now even if i am separated from my purse I still have my license, a couple cards, and some cash. People ask me about the phone wallets all the time so now I carry some of the silicone ones with me in case anyone would like to try! But meanwhile....

Those silicone ones stretch and tear after awhile. So I was so thrilled to discover leather ones here at Wallaroo! Do they cost more? Yes. I don’t mind though because as I said, I’m hooked. Plus it appears to be a small company and if so even better. Rather pay real people a little extra than give it to China and receive inferior products. If you do tons of shopping on Amazon you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Plus I mean... they’re beautiful.

These are *real leather* (I’ve purchased two and both were real leather), and the colors are great. I had the blue which is as it appears online. When it came time to upgrade phones I almost didn’t because I love these things so much. But then I gave my phone to my mom and had an excuse to order myself the rose gold. Have to say it’s just gorgeous with my gold iPhone!

So since they are real leather they need a little break-in time. I learned my lesson with the first one so when the second came around I got it right. I stuck a few cards and some cash in it for a few days to give it a little stretch *before* cleaning my phone case and sticking my phone wallet to it. Perfect!

Get one, you won’t be sorry!!!!

It perfect for what I need, also works wonderfully with a pop socket on it.

perfect leather card holder. I would take the 1 star reviews with a grain of salt. most of those reviews claim that the holder is too tight and they cannot get the card out. yes, when you first put a card in, it is very tight. but this is made from leather so you have to work the leather some to break up the fibers. I only worked my card in there overnight and it is already 100% better. as far as people saying the edges come up when putting multiple cards in the holder....to get around this problem, work 3 cards in the holder BEFORE sticking it onto the back of the phone. again, this is a leather holder, and leather always needs to be worked some to get it back to being supple. overall, amazing product and looks 10 times better than the cheapo silicone ones.

Looks pretty good, I like that I can customize my cover and make it one of a kind

After reading a few reviews, I took the advice to stretch the leather for a few days before applying it to my phone. To do this I inserted three cards into the pocket and left it for a few days until it was easier to move the cards in and out. Then I unpeeled the sticker and applied the pocket to my phone case. However, even with the preventative treatment , the edges still did not adhere to my phone case. The edges peel up and exposed the adhesive. It will not last long.

They got me with all the talk of quality, but as you can see from the pictures, after roughly 2 weeks of use this is the result. Next time I'll pay $5 for the 3 pack of rubber pockets.

I bought this for the sole purpose of being able to carry my phone & keys with me for easy trips to the store, going out, etc. The color is great, just as it was shown in the pictures. I tried putting my card, license and school ID in it and it just isn’t useful. It’s extremely (almost impossible) to get one card out when you need it. You have to pull them all out then pick the one you need. It’s incredibly inconvenient. It is made of good quality and it went onto my phone case very easily, so that is why I’m giving it 3 stars. I honestly wouldn’t try putting more than 2 cards cause it won’t be user friendly. I will be looking into other options, but for the mean time I will be using my actual wallet.

Only had it a week or so, but so far, so good. My prior card holders have not lasted long - carrying it in my jeans made them tear or stretch pretty quickly - but this one SEEMS pretty sturdy. I am not sure the retro leather-stitched design goes that well with a modern cellphone, but, if it lasts, that's worth the clash between old and new. Also, the burgundy is less bright than I expected - but it was the only color I liked. I wanted "brighter" because I am tired of dark phones and tablets that fall on the floor of the car and disappear. But I don't want light blue or prove or white... Anyway, I'm happy of it will last a year or more without stretching or tearing. Time will tell...

I really liked this product up until like a week ago when it fell off. It looked super nice, and everything but I thought it was a bit expensive considering it only lasted about 2 months. But I really liked the convenience of having everything I need with me all the time. I would probably go for a cheaper option.

This holds the credit card I use. It’s secure and extremely handy. Saves me carrying my purse everywhere.

Fits perfectly on the iPhone case, high quality material and stitching and card/s fit snugly. I’ve tried various card holders (cloth, silicone, etc) but this is by far the best for looks, functionality and quality.

Been using it for a while and it’s pretty useful. It doesn’t break like the cheap plastic ones and seems to have kept its leather colour. So far seems great and now I don’t have to carry my wallet which I find annoying.

Brilliant product and great quality leather as well, looks white nice on the phone as well (got no case) would defo recommend

Great product

Pleased. Like it better than the neoprene cases

Didn’t have adhesive to stick to the back of iPhone case??????

Great quality

The leather case is nice, the cards feel secure and it doesn't feel like it's going to tear like some other cases I've read out there.

The problem is the 3M tape that is being used.

The phone case I have is brand new - ordered at the same time as the card holder, so it's not an issue of a dirty case. The case was cleaned and affixed and the tape is adhering well to the case. BUT, the tape is not adhering nicely to the card holder. Smooth plastic case but a rough card holder so the adhesion isn't there.

Sticks well to android phone case. Tough to get the cards out but that makes it impossible for my toddler to yank them out so not bad for me. The leather is stiff, cannot fit more than three cards in it (been using it for a week now), hoping it'll stretch a bit.

Feels great! Wonderful blue colour, soft to touch and substantially firm leather. Love it! Now my bus pass, credit card and phone are always in one place when I head to the train for home. Great value!

Awesome product. If fits perfectly on the back of the phone. True leather. You can put 2 cards max. Great to tap.

I'm very happy with this product. I was concerned that it would feel bulky on my phone, or make it difficult to slide my phone in and out of my pocket, but I haven't found this at all. It snugly holds my metro pass, which is all I want it for, and sits securely on my phone case (no slipping or peeling up). It also looks good!

Seems like excellent quality. Holds drivers licence and one credit card perfectly. Can fit one more card if needed. Works with my wireless charger if I take the cards out. I bought the rose gold and it is a light pink colour. I like it with my silver/white iphone on clear case.