Apple iPhone XS Max, 64GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)


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  • Fully unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, etc.).
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic, in which case it will be UL or Mfi (Made for iPhone) Certified.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arms length.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.


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Style:Fully Unlocked  |  Color:Space Gray  |  Size:64GB

iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch all-screen Super Retina display. The back is glass, and there's a stainless steel band around the frame. The side button is on the right side of the device. There are 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras on the back. There's a Quad-LED True Tone flash on the back and a SIM tray on the right side that holds a "fourth form factor" (4FF) nano-SIM card. The IMEI is etched on the SIM tray.

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Your Device
SIM Removal Tool
UL-Certified Charger
Mfi-Certified Cable
No Headphones
No SIM card

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Product information Style:Fully Unlocked  |  Color:Space Gray  |  Size:64GB Product Dimensions 7 x 5 x 4 inches Item Weight 0.46 ounces ASIN B07K8RNW7H Item model number A1921 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

I know is use phones but for the price of $700 it looks in a bad condition unfortunately you take a risk when you buy phones with out been able to see them and are used and I am not happy with this purchase.

I bought this phone for my son that lives in Jamaica as a Christmas gift.

You see I was so nervous and skeptical to buy this phone. because of the mixed reviews.

the phone came with a charger, the pin to pull out the SIM card draw, a receipt and a instruction card if you’re gonna send it back. The phone and everything mentioned was packed in a nice box.

The phone is clean and looks brand new. no scratches or scrapes. it’s also unlocked which is what i payEd for. Everything on the phone seems to be working fine for now, I’ll update later if anything changes. So far I’m happy with my purchase. no complaints

I have had this phone for 33 days and it just stopped working for no reason!!!! I paid $1000 for this phone this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I’ve owned my iPhone XS Max for a little over a month now. Let me say this, I started with the original iPhone and kept them through the 4S. I made the switch to Galaxy, and had those through the S6 Edge. Made the switch back and I can tell you my user experience is better than any phone ever. I was definitely the one that argued Galaxy are superior. For many reasons they are. I’ve played with the X, and was disappointed.
Battery life is superior to anything I’ve owned
Reception hands down is the BEST. I can use it without issue in the big department stores that plague everyone.
The feel of this phone is luxury at minimum. It’s flawless in your hands.
It’s faster than any galaxy or iPhone I’ve ever used and tried (Note 8 and S9)
The apps are just designed better.
I am a very heavy user and stream EVERYTHING. I have never had an issue with reception, speed or lagging, ever.
3D Touch and face recognition are super fast and user friendly. I’ve noticed face recognition gets better with use. It’s constantly calibrating, which means as you change, so it does.
The camera, hands down is such an incredible quality. Both features and image quality.
You know this about iPhone, and ignore marketing of other companies, it’s BS.
Wireless charging is lightning fast
Seamlessly connects with iPad and they automatically update each other with apps etc. THIS is super cool!!!
The speakers are incredible! I actually have to turn it down a couple notches as it’s very loud
The new Gold is just absolutely stunning. The backing is a pearlized gold and the trim around it is a classy and metal gold. Stunning

No headphone jack
All glass (doesn’t bother me as I am extremely careful with my phones) but the average person that drops, you need to put a case on.
No headphones included
No cable included (I bought a 5 pack from Amazon anyway beforehand, so it’s a non issue)
The notch. Bit of an odd eyesore but in turn I get HD quality calls and reverse camera functionality)

Overall this truly is an incredible device.

I bought the iPhone XS Max on the first day it came out on September 12, 2018. I purchased the 64gb gold model. I have owned other iPhones in the past such as the 6 and 8 plus and many other Apple products. I’ve also had Androids and many different types of PC’s. In this review I will focus on mainly the camera and battery.

The ideal user for the iPhone XS Max would be someone who has owned an iPhone before. The reason I say this is because it has so many similarities to its previous models such as the format of the apps. Also, the shortcuts on this new iPhone are extremely similar to the old generations.

In my opinion, the iPhone XS Max camera is one of the best and offers amazing advantages. There is this new feature where you can now change the depth of field of a picture that has already been taken. Another plus is that you can do this to photos that have taken by both the front and back camera unlike androids. Some androids can also adjust the depth of field but only before the picture is taken and not after. I use this feature all the time and improves the picture dramatically, making them look professionally taken.

The battery life for the iPhone XS Max is the biggest battery that has ever been on a iPhone. It can even last an hour a half longer than its previous model the X. I start off my day with a fully charged phone every day and stream music, watch videos, roam social media for hours and it does not die. It is at a low percentage, but it still has battery. So basically, one full charge can last you the whole day maybe even two.

Overall, this phone is good phone for anyone who wants to upgrade from their older generation model. The camera will never fail you, it’s the best on the market and offers many editing abilities with the camera. The battery is so big on the XS Max that you won’t always need to carry your charger with you. These are the only things I could talk about in a short review because this phone has so many advantages.

Face ID does not work

Product had scratches on the screen. Definitely heavily used.

El producto llegó como lo menciona la descripción, la parte de vidrio de atrás intacta, el touch sin problemas y solo traía pequeños rayones en la parte de metal donde se encuentran los botones, nada que afecte el rendimiento del dispositivo.

Desgraciadamente este tipo de compras llevan mucho riesgo, así como se pueden encontrar dispositivos rayados y con problemas, el mío tiene más de 2 meses de uso y la batería sigue en un 100% de capacidad.

No esperes mucho también, el teléfono llego en excelentes condiciones, sin embargo, no traen audífonos, solo el cable y convertidor de corriente (genéricos).

Llego a tiempo y de manera correcta, pero el cable cargador de batería no lo reconoce...

Viene con sellos de ser un equipo si bien en caja genérica, es la caja para los equipos renewed, el teléfono está en un 95% de estética solo unos arañazos en los biseles muy ligeros la batería en 96% de vida y el envío súper rápido.

I was a little reluctant to buy this. I Used it for 2 weeks and it’s awesome. I bought my wife a new one from apple and we can’t tell the difference between our phones. Great battery life, large screen, I went from an IPhone 7 256 to this iPhone XSmax 256 and I’m very impressed. I use it a lot.

Les comparto en resumen como llegó el Iphone Xs Max de 256 Gb que pedí:
Estética: Solo un raspón casi imperceptible a la altura del alta voz (9.5/10)
Batería: Llego al 97% (10/10)
Pantalla: Ninguna queja, como nueva (10/10)
Audio: Ninguna queja, funcionando al 100% (10/10)
Face ID: Lo configuré desde el principio, funcionando al 100 (10/10)
Cámara y vídeo: Como nueva, todo en orden (10/10)

Desbloqueado para cualquier compañía (en mi caso use Telcel), sin cuenta ICloud, prácticamente como nuevo, sin reporte de robo, etc.
¡Para ser mi primer compra en Amazon estoy 100% satisfecho, lo volvería a comprar sin duda!

Buena compra

Vale la pena el producto por lo que me costo , solo tiene un detalle en la bocina al recibir llamadas se escucha un poco bajo , todo lo demás funciona a la perfección hasta la pila llego con 92% de rendimiento .

Excelente producto

Excelente compra! El telefono que me llego practicamente esta nuevo, tuve la suerte de tener una bateria al 100% y hasta ahorita funciona de maravilla, el telefono esta impecable, el unico detalle que encontre es un pequeño raspon alrededor del conector de carga pero casi no se distingue. Tenia mis dudas pero valio la pena totalmente!

Solo recibí equipo y cargador y en la publicación indica que incluye caja original lo cual no es cierto.

Llego el teléfono totalmente en excelentes condiciones; pareciera nuevo, sin rayones y ni fallas . Solo el cargador es genérico y la caja en que llego, no era la original. Pero de ahí en fuera totalmente satisfecho y recomendable.

Llegó en perfecto estado, lo estuve cazando y lo encontré a un super precio la pila tiene cap maxima de 98% y ningún detalle estético

Muy bueno, solo porque dice renewed pero está como nuevo!! Genial

Excelente compra! Pienso seguir adquiriendo con este vendedor, 10 de 10

El teléfono llegó con las bocinas tronadas, se escucha muy bajito y con calidad horrible. No recomiendo a nadie comprar electrónicos renewd porque siempre salen mal

Missing items

Llego en muy buenas condiciones casi nuevo, con un 90% de batería, por el momento todo excelente, lo recomiendo!