Samsung Galaxy A71 (SM-A715F/DS) Dual SIM 4G LTE 128GB, GSM Factory Unlocked - International Version - No Warranty - Blue


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Meet the screen with a lot less bezel, and a lot more viewBehind Galaxy A71's symmetrically aligned 6.7' Infinity-O Display, Super AMOLED Plus color technology delivers real-to-life color in everything you watch and do—from gaming and movies, to web-surfing and multi-tasking. Start enjoying more of what you love, without the screen getting in your way. More cameras to capture more of your worldWhether the moment calls for a close-up, an ultra-wide shot, a nighttime photo, or some artistic Bokeh blur, the A71 Quad Cam delivers with pro-level quality and ease. From a 64MP Main Cam to a 123° 12MP Ultra Wide Cam, to a 5MP Macro Cam and 5MP Depth Cam, A71 is ready for any moment. Selfie Focus captures more you in your selfiesYou want your selfie to look good. So for stunning daytime looks, Galaxy A71's 32MP front camera gives you clear, high-resolution photos. And with Selfie focus to gently blur the background, your face becomes the star. Enough power to maximize your dayWhen out living life, you need a phone that can last. Galaxy A71's 4,500mAh (typical)* battery gives you the power to stream, share and game on. And if you start running low, plug in and power up with 25W Super-Fast Charging. Powerful performance to do moreGalaxy A71 has fast processing and spacious storage so you can focus on now. An advanced Octa-core processor and up to 8GB of RAM deliver smooth and efficient performance. Download more and delete less with up to 128GB internal storage. Add even more with a 512GB microSD card. Your fingerprint is the keyGalaxy A71 comes with high-tech biometric authentication. The On-Screen Fingerprint scanner provides easy and secure access to your phone. Simply press down on the designated fingerprint area to unlock.

Product information Product Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2.5 inches Item Weight 3.52 ounces ASIN B0859M64P4 Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Phone recived in open box. It's not new. Avoid seller. Phone recived with calls logged. It's open box product why it's mentioned "new"

Returning it for refund

This phone arrived on time even with weather delays. It set up easily and transfered all my info from my old samsung phone. It is larger than expected tho and is hard to operate one handed if you have small hands but its still a solid phone just takes some adjustment. The finger print scanner can be a little slow at times but not unbearably slow. Would buy again.

UPDATE: I have been using this phone for a month and it works really well I like it there have been no issues. But recently the phone has started to get hot to the touch both while its charging and if using it for an extended period of time like scrolling through social media, which makes me nervous. I would still recommend it but I would be cautious about it being too hot.

I like the phone, but not worth the price. I sent it back - for a $400 phone has to many issues. Fingerprints hardly ever worked for me, and facial recognition was not good at night. I had to use my pin most of the time. I hated.
I had the Xiaomi Note 8 Pro before this, and it worked better it was a 200 phone. I will probably consider the Xiaomi Note 9S - in my opinion I prefer Xiaomi.

This phone was above and beyond my expectations. I had an iphone 11 for a little while didnt like went back to what i know . This was within my budget and looks flagship quailty. Having some resemblence to a s20 makes it even cooler. You get a case and a 25w super fast charger out of the box ,and pre installed screen protecter which works good. The camera qaulity is perfect for a budget phone and takes clear photos. The battery will last all day. 6.7 inch dispay holepunch is more than enough screen for this price point. I would highly reccomend for anyone looking for a quailty phone for the perfect price.

I bought this Samsung A71 phone on May 15th 2020 and it had issues from the start (poor reception quality, random disconnects from wifi) which we attributed to the know connection quirks of our house, but now the SIM card reader won't read SIM cards properly and won't send or receive calls or texts. I factory-reset the phone, as well as tested the phone with a SIM card that is known to be completely functional, which would not connect properly. I also tested the SIM card that was in it (and had previously worked fine in the phone) in a fully-functional phone and it worked correctly. There isn't any physical damage to the phone either - it's been in a protective case and had screen protectors put on the moment it came out of the box.

The issue is definitely with the phone itself.

Bought this phone to use on Verizon with a pre-existing activated 4g sim and the phone works perfectly. I love the extreme battery life as well as the super fast charging capabilities. This phone is all around perfect for the under 400$ price range, although I do wish it had water proofing but I'll just be more cautious anyways.

Went to the beach the second day i got it couldnt even keep the camera app open for more than one photo... app kept failing apparently and none of the other ones did. So embarrassing when my friends are like "isnt that your new phone?" The battery charges soooo quick but dies just as fast. Very dissappinted ive bought cheaper phones that have run faster... the only good thing, and the reason i bought it... is the camera is great but if the app wont stay open half the time its as good as having no camera.

I bought this phone for myself a couple of months ago and decided to buy this one for my fiancé and we both love it! For the price, I think it's a really good Samsung phone. We've had some very old models of Samsung and been very pleased with their functioning and durability. Yes, it's more expensive than a Xiaomi one, but you're paying for quality, and it shows.

The camera is amazing, I have a little instagram blog and the quality of my pictures improved so much since I have this phone, and the memory is amazing! mine got stuck only once and it was because I had SO MANY apps open, there's only so much RAM you can use at a time (I'm a programmer so I know phones aren't infallible with their memory) but other than that time, the phone is smooooth.

Yes, it has that glasstic back cover and people say it's not premium, to me it still feels really premium. For less than 400 bucks, it's an excelent choice!

Lets start with the Phone. I DID receive the Galaxy A71 in Blue like I ordered in about a week so im happy with that. Everything performance wise is working fine right now, it does in fact feel like a original Samsung device. It works fast and quick as the specs shows it should. Both cameras do operate as intended. It comes with a case for the A71 and a screen protector installed with the side bezel plastic, Not sure if this is factory or aftermarket by "JP Mobiles". The outside of the Phone looks amazing, the blue back plastic looks very bright and has the rainbow affect it should when moved in light, looks great and authentic. The sound on mine works great. Flashlight works as should. Battery life is great so far aswell. I have been able to download all my social media apps and log in without issues. It also does have the GB storage that is advertised, so that it good. Now there are some weird things though to keep in mind, im ok with them so far as im satisfied with my Phone but you may not be. The A71 DID NOT come with the factory plastic wrap on the box. It also comes with a mainly Spanish writing box for a reason i'll get to. It also comes with a "JP Mobiles" shiny sticker to hold the box shut together because their is no plastic wrap. When I go into the "status" in the settings, the Manufacturer says "DISENDO Y DESARROLLADO POR SAMSUNG". I don't know what it means but cleary the Phone tends to be from SOUTH AMERICA and NOT NORTH AMERICA. Going on their Instagram they say their from Miami, Florida but on Amazon they say they Ship from Canada so that in confusing. There are many reviews of people saying they got a device in Spanish so take that into consideration. The sticker on the right side displaying what the Phone is such as colour/model also says "New" which to be honest, im not sure what to believe because it was opened at one point before me. Finally I will say personally from what ive been using on the Phone I am satisfied but you may not be with their business being so confusing. Spanish Phones but "ships from Canada" with a location link to "Miami, Florida". I don't know whats going on there. I gave 3 stars only because I don't know what to believe on where they and the Phone is actually from. The actual Phone itself that I received is great though. Hopefully this helped you in making the right choice for you and with any questions you had before buying.

I was really disappointed when I open the packaging to find that there was absolutely no plastic wrap on the box at all. It wasn't even the fact that the plastic wrap was broken and cut open it wasn't even there. All the accessories and everything were inside but the way the phone is acting now is telling me that this is actually a refurbished phone and not brand new. It keeps freezing every time I try to take a picture and it keeps freezing when I'm trying to use some of the apps. I'll tap on the screen and nothing will happen cuz it's frozen. I'm definitely going to be looking at returning this.

EDIT: I got this phone as an alternative to the $1000+ phones that have all the features that should be standard by now. This phone has all the things top tier phones have that you want; good camera, large amoled screen, great screen to body ratio...ect.
1 month later though, the phone stopped working correctly. The bottom loud speaker stopped working, so no more ringer. Airplane mode stays stuck on unless the SIM Card is taken out and reinstalled and SAMSUNG DOES NOT WARRANT THE PHONE!
I think the issues may be caused by a Samsung software update, but Samsung doesn't care to help.
Would I buy this phone again? No. I would not.

Love this phone. I was very weary on ordering a phone from Amazon but I got my daughter the A20 last summer and it has been great so far. This was more expensive but I did my research before purchase. It's cheaper than the actual Samsung website and more colors than whats available to Canada.

Overall this is a great phone. I replaced my Google Pixel 3XL for this A71 and it's been better so far. The battery is what I am impressed with I can have it on all day watching videos or browsing and it will last throughout the day, I've had to put it on a charger once whereas my previous phones had to be charged multiple times throughout the day.

When it arrived the box was sealed with a sticker and had everything included. Charger cable, Wall outlet, ear phones and the manuals and warranty info. It had a little box with a clear phone case. The phone itself has a screen protector already installed.

Overall I am very happy with this purchase.

This is a fantastic phone. It has everything I wanted: excellent cameras, long-lasting battery, a gorgeous display, removable storage, and a ton of built-in storage as well. My one complaint is all the bloatware that came preinstalled, like Spotify, Facebook, OneDrive to name a few; but after I disabled whatever I couldn't uninstall, I used a third-party launcher (Apex) to hide the garbage apps, and everything is fine. The speaker is surprisingly good for what it is, and while there is no notification light, the A71 does have a customizable always on display. I'm also glad they kept the 3.5mm jack, because as outdated as that port is, it's nice to have redundancy in case Bluetooth fails or isn't an option. Great phone for the money.