Apple iPhone X, 64GB, Space Gray - For AT&T / T-Mobile (Renewed)


  • Locked to the GSM network and only compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Metro. Will not work with Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular or Cricket.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic, in which case it will be UL or Mfi (Made for iPhone) Certified.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arms length.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.


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Color:Space Gray

iPhone X. Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance. With iPhone X, that vision is now a reality.

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Amazon Renewed is your trusted destination for pre-owned and refurbished products that are professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new. A Renewed supplier who is Amazon-qualified, but not Apple certified, performs a full diagnostic test, replaces any defective parts, and thoroughly cleans the product. Any repairs are made with Apple components that are new, or reused and in like-new condition. The product may have minimal scratches or dents, and a battery with at least 80% capacity. Box may be generic and accessories may not be original, but will be compatible and fully functional.

This product is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee
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Product information Color:Space Gray Product Dimensions 6.3 x 4.33 x 0.79 inches Item Weight 13.6 ounces ASIN B07BKQ957W

When I received the phone (space gray 256g), the box was extremely dirty. The lightning cable was not wrapped as it should have been and it was just sitting there, crumpled up. The presentation was awful, however, I decided to overlook it because the phone would make up for it. When I powered on the phone and set it up, it started to lag and wouldn't open certain apps at the time I wanted them to. after a few hours of use, it died despite being on 83% charge. When I got it to power on again, it said it was at 2%. At times it would power off at random. This phone would never connect to wifi and the keyboard lagged and barely worked. This is completely unacceptable. I paid $850 for this phone. I expect it to work. I expect something that I paid a lot of money for to work 100% of the time, not some of the time. Extremely unhappy with this purchase. I use my cell phone a lot for work and I have been unable to do so because of these issues. Unacceptable.

It was a refurbished phone but the display on the phone had dead pixels and it would power off it self and it was still locked to the seller code

I purchased this refurbished iPhone with high hopes. It looked great and the screen was in perfect condition. I soon realized that the Bluetooth did not work with all my Bluetooth devices. I could not get the phone to pair with my car or headphones. The phone also didn’t work when I tried using the adapter and headphones with a cord. I returned the phone for a full refund.

The phone i was told by an Apple employee should of never been put on the market. What a disaster purchase! The phone will never work. I now have to wait days for return instructions and a refund. What a mess! I will never use Amazon again!

I am happy that I found an unlocked iPhone X. The price was decent. I can’t say I’m in love with it bc it’s more difficult that the iPhone 6 I had. Getting used to no home button or headphone jack is a bummer.

Nice product, looks like new. Battery life is not 100%, I would say around 60... but overall, I satisfied with the purchase

This iPhone was worth every dollar! I was a bit unsure if I wanted to order this phone due to the bad reviews of them receiving very used and scratched phones. But I decided to take my chances and order it. AND I AM SO HAPPY I DID ! My mom and I actually ordered this same phone for ourselves. My phone was in perfect condition. No scratch of any kind. However, the side of my mom’s phone did come with very minor scratches by the SIM slot. Nothing major or visible. Easily concealed with a phone case.
Unsure if this was the seller’s doing or the phones already had it before refurbishing it, but our phones arrived with already having a tempered glass screen protector not only on the screen, but also on the camera ! Ordered a pack of screen protectors prior to ordering the phones, but now I have a new pack for the future.

Won't connect with my Bose wireless speakers, and won't connect with my wireless JBL speakers. Internet search shows many people have similar problems. The iPhone X has serious issues with bluetoothing. Wish I hadn't bought it. Another problem is that the music app randomly malfunctions. I click on a playlist for it to play and instead get a menu of things to do such as deleting the playlist. Why? Is some saboteur active inside Apple? I've not used anything but iPhones since the first one came out, but this sort of deliberate aggravation of customers is getting too much.