AT&T Wireless LG G8 ThinQ - 128GB - Aurora Black - LM-G820UMA (Renewed)


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  • 6.1" QHD+ OLED FullVision display (3120 x 1440 ), 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage with option to add up to 2 TB of microSD expandable memory, and Android 9
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core processor (2.84+ GHz x 1 + 2.42+ GHz x 3 + 1.79+ GHz x 4)
  • 16.0MP + 12.0MP dual rear-camera setup with OIS+ and Dual PDAF, 8.0MP front-facing camera with Story Shot & Makeup Pro
  • 3,500 mAh non-removable battery with USB Type-C fast charging (wireless charging enabled, wireless charger sold separately)
  • Airmotion: with just a wave of your hand, easily access favorite functions without touching your phone. For ultimate convenience, Multi ID enables you to unlock your phone one of three ways: Hand ID, 3D Face Unlock, or Fingerprint ID


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Color:Aurora Black

Airmotion, with just a wave of your hand, easily access favorite functions without touching your phone. For ultimate convenience, Multi ID enables you to unlock your phone one of three ways, Hand ID, 3D Face Unlock, or Fingerprint ID

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Product information Color:Aurora Black Product Dimensions 0.33 x 2.4 x 5.98 inches Item Weight 5.9 ounces ASIN B085S3CPNK Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

The G8 was one of Last years flagships. It was panned, not for doing anything poorly, but for not wowing with any of it's features. It retailed for around $850 and the popular consensus seemed to be that it was a winner @ $650.

This has made for a delightful situation when it comes to the value-oriented consumer. While the Samsung S10's are still selling in the $450-$500 range, here is a phone that has the same system internals (Both are powered by the Snapdragon 855 in the US) and similar, if somewhat lesser camera and screen for $198.

And when I say lesser, it's academic. If you take a pic of the same subject/time/location and scrutinize, you can tell a difference. However, you will never shoot with this and say "That would have looked better on an s10" It's like a GPU that gets 300fps vs. one that gets 250fps. You can objectively tell the diff, but in RL, you will never notice. Same story with the screen. Samsung is definitely better, but you can't tell if not a side-by-side. Both have amazing screens and cameras ( I appreciate that if this doesn't seem dated in a gen or 2 that something terrible has become of the phone industry).

If you enjoy quality audio on a phone, then the situation goes sideways for Samsung. My audio experience for the S line comes from the S10+ but I doubt it's worse than the S10. The G8 is far superior in respect to audio. If you no longer plug in headphones, it won't matter, but if you use your phone as an audio source, the G8 is it. I admit the "Quad DAC" deally sounded like marketing wank, but whatever they are doing, they are doing it right.

I can't directly compare battery life as my S experience was from the larger and more expensive S10+, but battery life seems very good. I'm not the kind of person who trys to go as long as they can between charges. I have chargers everywhere around me, so I never really let phones die.

Immediately updated to Android 10 OTA as well.

Phone came is seemingly flawless condition with charger, cord, and sim key all equally pristine. At $198 or less (at the time of writing) I don't think you can get a better deal on a phone.

The price does seem to fluctuate as things do on Amazon. As of this writing its a little high, but hold off a bit and it'll go back down.

Couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Bought a phone here. Really liked the phone, but it was still on somebody's account at AT&T. Wouldn't let me unlock it or move it to a new account. Had to send it back. Company was good with the return, but it cost me a lot of time. Ended up buying another one of these phones from eBay and I really like it. I'd buy the phone - just not from them.

The phone came basically good as new. I was a little hesitant, but I needed a new phone, have always liked LG, and the price was right. Not disappointed at all. You can't even tell it was "renewed". Your mileage may vary, but for me it was basically like getting a brand new G8 Thinq for about $200.

Somehow the task of buying a phone for less money through a third party has been the death of me over the past weekend with an unlocked LG G7 thinq that ended up being locked to Sprint and left me with no usable data at all whatsoever. Came across this G8 Sunday while researching which phone to get to replace the defective one and I am very satisfied with my purchase !!

Not only do I have the storage I want at 128GB which is more then enough for what I use the phone for(and because I have a 65GB mini SD) but the camera is also amazing on this phone and I love the little filter effect things you can attach to your picture as well !! The always on display is pretty cool as you are able to customize it and the phone is very good on battery life as I held over an hour long video chat and only went down not even 20%.

LG has always offered me the customization that I want with not only being able to customize ringtones but text notification sounds as well. And while G7 goes though the messenger app itself G8 allows you to do it the original way by editing the contact which is the way I am most familiar and the easier way to do it honestly. The sound is also amazing on this phone and you can do equalizer and customize that as well as the display itself where you can adjust to a warmer or cooler display as well as night time mode which is less stress on your eyes with such a high resolution screen.

I recommend this phone for anyone who is also under AT&T, you will not be disappointed and the shipping is good even though I had to rush delivery so I could take back the other phone (:

Just recieved it today. Its beautiful. My att SIM card worked great. Flawless set up. Got my zagg shield and my Plum-colored Otter symmetry case. Nice upgrade from the g6!

No damage to the phone and encountered no problems so far.

Even though the one i ordered was used it came in with no scratches anywhere and looked almost new. The only thing that wasn't exactly up to par was that it came with a Samsung charger but as long as it quick charges it's still ok. The screen looks amazing compared to my aging LG V20 and i like the newer screens that go mostly to the edge of the phone. Wish i could have gotten an G8X though because this is almost too small for my hands but for the price i really can't complain.

Any time you buy a refurb your rolling the dice but I tried this and am glad I did. Its fast, seems to be built pretty tough the battery life RIGHT NOW is pretty decent and we will see whats its like a year or two from now. Unfortunately I am stuck with all the google garbage and atnt bloatware and crap sucking the life out of it but we will see. Electronically speaking though its a powerful phone with ample storage space for my needs and it does well in places I used to have problems with my galaxy and the apps required where I work. Best of all you cannot tell its a refurb at all and there was absolutely no problems with the setup and transfer. May very well be the best electronic investment I have made this year and I build and sell PC's and electronic devices for a living and I am pretty critical of things. This goes beyond what I had expected and then some. If your trying to decide on one of these, just buy it!

Sin duda fue una excelente compra calidad precio, llego antes de tiempo me encantó llegó en buenas condiciones, todo funciona al 100%