Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 (16GB) J337A - 5.0" HD Display, Android 8.0, 4G LTE AT&T Unlocked GSM Smartphone (Black)


  • 5.0" 720 x 1280 pixels, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • 16 GB, 2 GB RAM, Expandable memory storage Up to 400GB, Android 8.0
  • Rear camera: 8 MP with LED flash, 4X digital zoom Live video capture and playback [email protected] HD, Front camera: 5 MP, 2576 x 1932
  • 2G Bands: 1800, 1900, 850, 900, 3G Bands: 2100, 1900, 850, 900, 4G LTE Band: 13(700), 5(850), 4(1700), 3(1800), 2(1900), 7(2600)
  • Verizon Locked - Works with Verizon only. Item is Discontinued, May not have manufacturer warranty.



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Color:Black  |  Size:AT&T Unlocked

The Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) is an easy-to-use smartphone designed for your lifestyle that still fits your budget. Enjoy your videos and photos on the 5-inch HD display. Talk for hours on a single battery charge.(1) Expand the memory up to 400GB via microSD card . INCLUDES: PHONE, CHARGER, USB, USER GUIDE.

Product information Color:Black  |  Size:AT&T Unlocked Product Dimensions 5.62 x 2.76 x 0.35 inches Item Weight 7.4 ounces ASIN B07L543G3M Item model number SM-J337A Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

This phone showed up with all the ATT junkware. It's unlocked but it's got all the ATT stuff on it, and I am using T-Mobile. The bluetooth turns off often and I have to reset all network settings until it happens again. This means I have to key in my password for wifi every time. It's very annoying. Online help is not much help. If I can't find a good fix for it I'm returning it as junk. I had an old CDMA J3 on Sprint and never had trouble with it. This thing is driving me crazy. The online help says to one by one uninstall my apps, which would also be extremely annoying. Why can't they get it right out of the box?

This is the second one we have bought. The phones are affordable for what we need. We normally use our tablets or computer if we have to do much more than scan Facebook or Twitter so to spend a large sum doesn't make sense. If you need a workhorse that handles minimal tasks, this is a good alternative.

DO NOT PURCHASE! After a week the battery will not hold a charge! Once the battery completely died the phone will not charge at all! Waste of money!

Please see Update below!
UPDATE 29.04.2020: The originals battery charge drops first 10% quickly and then the last 50% in a few hours very quickly as well on Standby. Now I tested the second battery on this and it has a steep drop of the first 19% within 1 hour and then the last 10% are gone quickly as well. Down from 100% to 81% within 1 hour on standby. So this battery is as well defective (it is supposedly an OEM genuine Samsung battery). Both charge very quickly indicating batteries are defective and do not hold charges - or the charger or J3 phone is destroying the battery so the phone is defective. Definatelly stay away!!! Since 2 batteries already with this model are defective indicating a defective phone or charger. I allways only use the charger which comes with the phone exclusively. The seller did not offer a refund nor did he replace the phone. Nor did amazon. I suggest to buy smartphones from eBay since with them I have a way better experience regards defective items and warranty. These batteries are all "Made in China" as it seems and I suspect they just did not put enough chemicals into the battery in order to save a dime or the phones got produced carelessly. This my phone is definatelly a lemon.
UPDATE 17.03.2020: Dont buy. Phone now freezes and no response without taking out the battery. This batch is definatelly defective. Nor amazon, nor the seller nor Samsung do honour any replacement. If you get an defective one which reveals itself just after a month of purchase, the return window closed and you are on your own. After that amazon, seller and Samsung pass only the hot potato around to each other avoiding warranty (I sent them a graph of the battery chart were it shows clearly first 10% and last 50% drop drastically within 2 hours till the phone dies). Amazon agents made me try the safe mode but no difference whatsoever while hanging on chat with over 10 agents on one session. No solution whatsoever. I prefer from now to buy from an local physical store - at least AT&T promo phones I dont buy anymore. Seems as if these phones are of lesser QC at the factory and produced en masse for AT&T with cheaper materials. People who bought J3 models from local stores dont have problems as they told me. I doubt Samsung would be able to fix this phone but rather would showel responsability around and away from them as such as I end up anyways to buy another new phone.
UPDATE 07.03.2020: Dont buy this phone. It is to annoying to have to deal with an dead battery all the time. If there is an power outage most likely the phone will be dead as well so completely unreliable for emergency situations. You cant rely on these. Could be it's because of AT&T branding since locally bought J3 phones seem to work fine. Neigther amazon nor the seller nor Samsung honour any replacements thus the buyer is pretty much stuck on its own. Even the first phone of these which I gave as a gift to another person behaves similar to this, meaning battery life is just plainly unacceptable. Making 3 short calls per day, checking messengers 3 times a day for 30 seconds and writing 3 short SMS causes the phone awake dead next morning - being mostly on standby and on extreme battery savings mode. Useless piece of junk. If it was not for the very nice Android 9.0 I would give it 1 star. For comparison: a locally bought Samsung J2 Prime with same battery size and Android 6.01 lasted me same conditions between 3 and 6 days of battery life. This particular model or batch seems to experience lots of lemons and defective units. What's up Amazon/seller/AT&T/Samsung?!
UPDATE 26.02.2020: Samsung doesnt honour any phone replacement and Amazon claims "out of returning period" so I am stuck with this problem. Its definatelly not the battery since the phone keeps behaving like this with ;has problems or you give the problems "time to settle" after 30 days you are pretty much on your own with this phone. Be aware of potential defective devices and old batteries from storing on shelves which hold no power anymore. Still 3 stars because of the nice Android 9.0 experience.
UPDATE 24.02.2020: Battery or phone power management is defective. Battery charge curve shows an steep decline on the first 15% of the battery charge (100% down to 80%) and then an even steeper declined curve at the last 50% (50% to 0%) when idle. Indicating the battery is not holding charge or the power management electronics of the phone is defective. I have never seen this. It varies a bit from charge to charge but I cant even get through one day with this. All battery sucking Apps and settings are switched off, uninstalled or inactivated (no Wifi nor Bluetooth on whatsoever and no synchronizing nothing) as such as on idle over night it sometimes is at 51% and on the morning at 10% (only idle and phone is not used). According to the specs this phone should be able to last about 6 to 8 days on idle. These phones never got any Android updates or patches - I dont know if thats normal. Be aware of possible defective batteries or phone hardware (I dont believe this is an software issue). However Android 9.0 I like very much (last batch came with Android 9 and not 8.0). Occasional freezes are known for the 2 phones I bought which is another issue to worry about.
It's a very good Smartphone for the Money. Android 8.0. Came with lots of bloatware from AT&T which all is not usable abroad the US. Some of the bloatware does not allow to be uninstalled. Otherwise buy with confidence, it's a good fone. SAMOLED Display, it is Unlocked so you can put in any SIM Card, the Display is easy to read at 70% brightness in brigth sun ligth outside. Battery Lasting is not so great as with an J2 Prime I have so this lasts for about 2 days only with WiFi allways on while my J2 Prime lasts between 3 and 5 days with Wifi off. Android 8.0 Oreo is a bit better than Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow but not that much difference in daily life. This phone constantly is searching for something while I have disabled anything I could disable so dont know what else to disable to make the battery last longer. It's super responsive and does all what a Smartphone is supposed to do. Battery is replaceble and 2600 mAh I believe. Fotos are good enough but as with the J2 Prime lack of digital stabilizer so they are easy to blurr out. Otherwise for ordinary life a decent camera. Front selfie Flash not existant but it has back Flash. For the selfies it brightens up lots the Screen which is replacing the Flash I guess which works well. Good Quality Samsung phone as allways expected from Samsung. Only negative is the a bit short life of the battery but this Screen is HD and SAMOLED as they Claim so it may use a bit more of energy. Despite that, if switched off all antennas, one may get well 3 days of use of one battery Charge. Small form factor phone.
I recommend this model and brand. It is the model 2018 AT&T Version of Samsung J3 Smartphone.
UPDATE 02.02.2020: I bought first one of these and about a year later the 2nd one. Be AWARE! The first batch has an very nice sAMOLED display while this last batch (dunno when they switched) has NOT. The last one I bought has an simple IPS display. Kind of dissappointing since I bought it in the hopes to get an sAMOLED display as did the first one. That is kinda missleading. They work at least as they should and are nice phones. First phone came with Android 8.0 and the last one came with Android 9.0. These seem to never get any OS updates neighter from AT&T nor from Samsung. The first phone had a sticker on the screen stating "sAMOLED", and this second one didn't. So if you buy it now you most likely get an "lower quality" IPS screen, although both HD and its very bright but no comparison to the sAMOLED screen in bright sunlight. Be aware of that: they switched screens between production batches.

This is what i pay for and im so glad because buying a new device is like there is no worries about unless if you buy a refurbished device. There is to worrie because sometimes you dont get what you pay for. Well this seller is fantastic because i got my phone so fast even when i order it on a Hollidays ( Christmas ). The phone is what was described on titles. And unlocked and 4g device. It works perfectly for H2o wireless.

For the price you can't ask for more. Removable/User replacable battery was the main deciding factor for me. Unless I accidentally smash/soak it, it will last until 16GB can't fit my basic set of apps anymore. If the battery starts to tank, 15 bucks will buy you another 2 years or so, and repeat. Also gives the opportunity to keep a charged spare battery in the car for if you forget to charge it. If you want a phone that paces with a $300 tablet and takes pictures that rivals a $200 camera, you need to look beyond the $119-$149 price point.

This phone will NOT download images. Period. Data is turned on, but when hitting download on the message it spins for a minute, then stops, and never downloads the image. This limits messages to simple text.
This phone will not allow Wifi calling - it only gives the message "Please try to set up Wi-Fi Calling again later". Wifi connects fine, it just won't do anything with it.
It refuses to connect to my PC using USB, even after the Samsung drivers are installed on the pc. You can hear the connection sound on the pc, but a driver error - for the Samsung driver - keeps any files from transferring. It did transfer files from a laptop with a generic driver, but the Samsung driver installed on the pc (uninstalled and reinstalled several times) won't work.
Signal strength is poor compared to the Iphone 3 (yes, a 3) that it is replacing.
The battery is down to 89 % while plugged into the pc trying to get it to transfer a single file, which it is refusing to do. How much power does it need to do nothing?

Telephone fonctionne bien par contre provient des USA et a des applications AT&T qu on ne peut supprimer. Vieille boite brisée. J etais un peu déçu lorsque je l ai vu a 15$ moins cher au magasin local prés de chez moi.

Battery was defective. Did not offer to replace it.


Got what i wanted. Works great

Très bon