LG G6 H872 32GB Astro Black - T-Mobile (Renewed)


  • 5.7-inch IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, 1440 x 2880 pixels with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • IP68 Dust/Water Proof (Up to 1.5m for 30mins) & MIL-STD-810G Compliant Android OS
  • Internal Memory: 32GB, 4GB RAM - microSD Up to 256GB
  • Dual 13 Megapixel Camera (f/1.8, OIS, 3-axis, phase detection AF)|13MP (f/2.4, No AF), Dual-LED Flash, 1/3 inch sensor size & 5MP Front Camera with f/2.2


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This G6 is Certified Refurbished. It is 100% functional and in near perfect cosmetic condition with the possibility of a few light hair marks. This item will NOT come in its original packaging but will include a certified cable and UL approved power adapter. Headsets, SIM card and manual are NOT included. This G6 is locked to the T-Mobile GSM network. It will not work with ANY OTHER carrier besides T-Mobile.

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Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 7 x 5 x 4 inches Item Weight 10.4 ounces ASIN B0744VSYVJ Item model number LG G6 32GB Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Received and had this LG G6 for 4 days now. This morning, it started flashing s warning about moisture in the USB port. But this phone was never wet or exposed to high humidity. Now, it does not charge and beeps everytime I plugin in charger. I did some research on Google and found out that this problem is very common to a lot of LG G6 owners. There is no official fix from LG and people have tried several ways to fix it but it always comes back. Anyway, I will be taking advantage of the 90 day warranty that came with this refurbished G6 and return it. Thanks for reading. Hope it saves you some stress and time.

I ordered two with the intention of upgrading my wife's G5 and my G4. The description clearly says "T-Mobile," but the back has the Verizon logo. T-Mobile's GSM network and Verizon's CDMA network don't like each other very much, and when I typed in the IMEI number on the back of the phone into T-Mobile's network, it came back with a clear "Not Compatible" message.

So, I contacted Amazon Customer Service, who apologized and sent me out replacements overnight. I got two more Verizon phones. And, these two phones should never have been labeled "with minimal to no signs of wear" like in the description. They looked utterly awful, with many multiple, deep scratches all over the back glass of the phones and across the camera lenses.

This was a complete disaster! Amazon clearly has no idea how to manage the refurbished phone business, and the "Fulfillment by Amazon" tag attached holds no weight. The Amazon Customer Service reps were apologetic and made amends quickly, but they cannot guarantee that they will get it right. Their quality control is an absolute mess, and I will stay away from Amazon for all future refurbished options. I cannot trust them.

When I was looking for these phones, I thought that "Certified Refurbished" through Amazon was a good deal. Boy was I wrong.
Phone one: Has a scratched screen protector. When using the phone without the "speaker phone" feature is not possible since the call volume is very low.
Phone two: Phone has been activated for a day and one half. Had to reboot the phone several times (more than three times) when an application freezes. Drops calls also (most likely the phone application freezes.)
Needless to say, if these are "Certified Refurbished" phones, these phones missed the "Refurbished" portion of the process. I will be returning both phones.
Save your time and buy new phones since "Certified Refurbished" is not a good choice.

it may be "refurbished" but the phone has clearly seen zero use. It is without original packaging and the charger may say LG on it...but it is a slow cheap as it gets charger. It shipped with android 7.0 and updating involved a number of restarts before finally getting to Oreo 8.0 Phone came fully charged at 99% which means to me that the seller took the time to charge it up just before shipping it. Nice touch. Completely satisfied. Works on t-mobile as soon as i put in my sim card from my old phone (LG G$). LG G6 is really well made and a great upper mid range phone for 2018. At the time of purchase no other phone could beat this at the under $200 price. I really didn't intend to stay with LG (was gonna get a Galaxy or Oneplus) but this phone matched my needs best and was the right size and durability....and again....the price!

Amazing phone maybe I am spoiling my little girl with this phone she is turning 10 years old but it is very important for safety these days with the technology we have that we are able to have a phone that can take a serious beating a phone you can drop over and over and over a phone that can get wet I have the V series of the lgv30 I have literally I accidentally driven over it and dropped it down 1,000 ft of mountain and not a scratch on it especially with the Incipio dual shockproof case and don't use any other brand of case trust me on this I have had the LG V10 LG v20 LG v30 and soon the LG v40 when it comes out but it made me feel so comfortable knowing that my daughter had a phone that would last and last and last and take a beating no matter what she did do it even though she takes amazing care of it. Thank you Amazon and I believe this is from a third-party seller so thank you too you have no idea how many phones I went through buying the cheaper Chinese brand phones for around the same price that were just worthless but the LG G6 thin Q is an amazing phone that camera is amazing the recording is amazing the speed is amazing and this is coming from a super IT cell phone guy I've had every Samsung phone there is I wouldn't use apple if you pay me to Apple is for your grandparents they just like to advertise a lot and make themselves look good when their phones are nothing compared to Samsung and especially nothing compared to LG unless you're buying the cheaper LG stylos which are still good phones for the price and the LG Stylo phones are great phones if you don't need them to be a Powerhouse cell phone that you need for work. But again nothing stands up to the LG G6 or G7 or the LG v30 they all have an ip68 military grade build and you never have to worry about them going out on you and again like I said before can take a beating. So don't be afraid by this phone it's amazing

The phone looked like it had been intentionally dropped onto concrete on all four corners. There's no way normal use results in that kind of damage. COVERED in scratches. "Certified Refurbished" means "works and looks like new", correct? Even if it wasn't perfect, i'd have let go a few scratches. But what I got looked like someone was playing a prank on me. Sent it right back. Do better.

I gotta say, the G6 defenitively surpassed my expectations for a phone you can easily get for around 200 bucks. From the dual camera, excellent display, wireless charging, and waterproofing. This whole phone feels premium (MSRP 700 at launch). I would definitively recommend this phone to any one. PSA: I recommend that you immediately factory reset the phone once you receive the Android Oreo update, this will fix any performance issue you have. Also if you have any issues I recommend stopping by the LG G6 subreddit for help from the community.