Lorex LNR1141TC4 4Ch 1TB Cloud Connect with 4 x 1080p HD Cameras (Black)


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  • High definition 1080p Real-time recording at 30/25fps per channel
  • 4 built in PoE (Power Over Ethernet) ports providing video and power on a single Ethernet cable
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • Selectable area digital zoom in live view and playback
  • Push notifications of motion events and instant email alerts with snap shot attachment


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Style:1080p NVR 4Ch, 4 Cam System

The Lorex High Definition Network Video Recorder (NVR) brings surveillance recordings to life in HD. Record in detail with real-time video at 30 frames per second on all channels, and with full 1080p resolution. Installation is simple and convenient with a single Ethernet cable that provides both power and video between the camera and NVR. See it all in high quality video with the ultimate in recording resolution. Featuring the FLIR Cloud connectivity solution, our innovative and hassle-free cloud connection service that allows you to quickly and easily connect to your system remotely using your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free App, scan the QR code and Stay connected from anywhere life takes you! Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Product information Style:1080p NVR 4Ch, 4 Cam System Product Dimensions 8.1 x 8.1 x 1.8 inches Item Weight 1.1 pounds ASIN B019Q7IFTU Item model number LNR1141TC4

Packaging was great nothing could get damaged unless the box took a hard hit.

My level of tech knowledge is a little more than the average person but definitely not a genius. Mounting the cameras was easier than normal with the templates provided in the box. I hooked up the cameras over our existing cat5 lines in our small business building 1200sf. The DVR was a breeze to get up and running so i could view on my android cell and on my computer at the shop. I will be hooking up a couple of apple products very soon.
The view on from the cameras is very clear and has the distance i needed. I will be getting 3-4 more cameras in the near future to cover the outside of the building.

Item was received opened with marks on camera indicating that it was a returned item that was resold. I returned it because it did not work with my system even though it was compatible. Looks like because it was returned once before it needed to be reset, but there is not way to reset it.
The reason for the three stars is that I returned the camera and received a full refund including shipping.

Great Compact, Quality System, on your Budget,

Great system with a few idiosyncrasies. Had to use a short Redmere type HDMI cable to get a stable picture on any monitor at high resolution. Sometimes when it boots, it does not find all the cameras, but a power cycle has always fixed it.

Compatibility Notice

The cameras are only compatible with certain Lorex NVR models. The camera is not ONVIF compliant and it cannot be used without a compatible NVR.

recommended this system to a client. According to info here, supposed to be US made/assembled and supported. WRONG. Just like all the other junk on the market, this is made in CHINA. Quality is as you'd expect, low. Customer/tech support is NOT US based, but in Columbia (Bogota). Although reps are fluent in English, they obviously have no technical background or knowledge; reading from a script. If your problem doesn't follow their prescribed scripted responses, too bad. This unit has NO fan, runs extremely HOT... to the point of causing constant firmware glitches, and constant beeping due to overheat. Not stated in the downloaded instructions (no written version shipped with unit), is that only way to allow adequate cooling for operation is to mount the unit vertically. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Worse, it runs so hot, I feel there is a risk of fire (if mounted horizontally, as normal).
The cameras are solid, with nice mounts, and easily connected to the NVR. Setup was simple and quick, but that's where the good points end. Video quality is poor, at best. This is NOT 1080p. Video quality (whether viewed off NVR via monitor, or remotely) is barely on par with other brand 720p cameras/systems. One of the cameras in the set has a major red hue skew, which I was able to adjust out, but only by pushing hue adjustment to end of scale (to green). IR illumination at night is right on the quoted distance of around 130ft, but the IR illumination is of a tight spotlight distribution, not a wide floodlight spread... so night vision is good so long as object of interest is in the center of field of view.

But, worst of all is the buggy, self-inconsistent software. The phone app is easy enough to install, but it operates completely differently than the PC version. Likewise, the PC version bears NO resemblance to the NVR on-board firmware. Some functions are only available on the phone app, the PC software, or the NVR firmware OS. There is no consistent programmer's model (typical these days of lazy, inept programmers).
This is by far, the absolute worst surveillance system I've installed, or even tested. The software inconsistencies and contradictions in the poor documentation make it a complete waste of my time. We've been in contact with Lorex/FLIR to replace the NVR due to the overheat issue, but as of yet they have not determined what, if anything they will do. No matter. I plan to replace this unit with something else. It has already cost me days in troubleshooting, trying unsuccessfully to track down accurate documentation and CORRECT configuration info. I've lost money on this job, and Lorex won this round. NEVER AGAIN. If you're looking for cheap, poorly documented and even more poorly designed Chinese made equipment with essentially no support, this is a great choice. As an E/C-tech, I find this pathetic level of quality unacceptable, though typical these days. I will not recommend LOREX/FLIR products again.

Arrived well packaged, appeared to be brand new, included all accessories including mounting template sticker. I installed it, plugged it into my network switch, and it just worked. As advertised, at about half what Lorex charges.