Wireless Security Camera System, Victure 1080P 8 Channel NVR 4PCS Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera with IP66 Waterproof, Night Vision, Motion Alert, Remote Access, No Hard Disk


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  • Plug and Play & Easy Setup: The wireless security cameras is paired with the NVR system at the manufacturing plant. Just connect the power supply, you can enjoy 24*7 monitoring service. Inserting a 1TB hard drive (not included) can save one and a half month of continuous recording video, which is very suitable for villas, homes, offices, shops, hotels, warehouses, schools, businesses or other places you want.
  • Multiple Devices can be Connected: Connect the wireless security NVR system to router then download free app ''Eseecloud' into your windows & Mac, Pad, or Android or iOS. You can remote access simultaneously on multiple devices at any time, anywhere with Wi-Fi/ 2G/ 3G/ 4G. You will never miss out on a moment with remote and local playback.
  • Motion Detection and Email Alert: Smart notifications with email/snapshot alerts will be sent to your mailbox when motion is detected. Customize your own detection zone for each camera, you will get extra peace of mind by receiving instant alerts to avoid frequent alarm.
  • IP66 Waterproof Security Cameras: Records in 1080P HD to capture crisp images, provide HD live video, ensures smooth footage day and night with 2.0 Megapixel bullet cameras. Up to 65ft Night Vision.The IP metal housing camera has IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating.
  • Expandable 8 Channel NVR System:This wireless security camera system can support up to 8 cameras connected. In the user manual, we have attached detailed connection instructions, and we guarantee to provide patience and robust high-quality service.


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Victure Expandable 8 Channel Wireless Security Camera System

Note 1: Hard Drive Disk is not Included.Please contact Victure support team if you have any questions, we will respond promptly.

Note 2: Wireless means wireless Internet connection, it also need to be plugged in the power supply/outlet for 24/7 recording.

Packing List:

NVR*1 (Hard Disk Drive not included)

DC 12V/2A

Power Adapter*1(For NVR)

DC 12V/2A Power Adapter*4(For IP Camera)

IP Camera*4

USB Mouse *1

LAN Cable *1

Screw*4(For IP Cameras)

Screw*1(For HDD)

Waterproof Kit for LAN Port*2(For IP Cameras)

User Manual*1




Remote Access on Multiple Device

The IP cameras have been pre-matched to the NVR host at the factory,so it can auto pair,plug and play.if you need remote access,you should connect the NVR host to Network via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.(Download free App ''EseeCloud'' on your Android & iOS from Android Google Play or Apple App store; or install CMS software ''EseeCloud'' into your windows & Mac.)

3.6mm LEDs Infrared Night Vision

1080P 3.6mm LEDs with IR-CUT function, 110° viewing angle, 65ft Night Vision range compared to others cameras that with blurred night vision, Victure security camera has clearer night vision, provides crisp night vision to help you get clarity files even at the dim environment.The camera uses a sturdy metal shell with IP66 waterproof, which is more durable.

Video Playback & Video Backup

This security camera system supports sync-playback, video backup, motion detection, email alert, App alert and customize motion detection area.You can use this security system to monitor the every corner safety of your house and garage. In the unlikely event of a theft, you can also check the playback video for the first time and back up the video to the police.

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Product information Package Dimensions 12.91 x 11.1 x 6.34 inches Item Weight 8.05 pounds ASIN B08HN941LN Item model number NK200

 This couldn’t be any easier to install, setup, and get working. Yes, you do need an outlet for power to plug each one of these cameras in, but being wireless, they just connect to the NVR once turned on. You will need to buy a hard drive and install it if you want to record and save it, but you could always just use it to view the cameras live with no recording using the Eseecloud app on your phone or tablet, plugged the NVR right into a monitor, or use their cloud service to store it on.

The software on the NVR is intuitive and easy to navigate and figure out. You can set up zones for each camera to detect motion or to ignore if you like. I don’t want to see all the cars going by my house, so I block those out, so they are not picked up by the motion of them going by. You can record on motion or continuously if you like.

The view from these cameras is awesome and works well both during the day and night with the inferred cameras. You do need to play with the camera angle to get them to show where you want them to when you first put them up, but using the app to do that, makes it a piece of cake to do.

This comes with 4 cameras, but you can add up to 4 more, for a total of 8, if that is not enough. I have four and it covers each side of my house with no problems.

You can set up getting alerts as well when there is motion detected and adjust the sensitivity so you don’t get one every time the wind blows, but you may still get some for what seems like no reason, but better safe than sorry. These cameras do reach 65 feet in seeing the motion, which is plenty far enough away for most situations and locations that you may need to see and record.

Overall, this is a set and forget kind of camera system unless something happens, and you need it. It is nice being able to see if someone is at the door, something being delivered, or the pet sitter showed up each day. A great wireless camera system that just works right out of the box.

 This Victure NVR system comes with 4 cameras, each with their own power supply in white. They're bullet cameras, wifi connected (with additional ability to be hard wired), also white. They have 1 antenna each. The NVR itself comes in black, with 2 antennas, a VGA connection, HDMI Input, USB port, and network port. It will accept 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch SATA hard drives.

Both VGA and HDMI can output up to 1080p, with H.264 being the standard compression, at 15fps. The maximum hard drive size is 6TB and the unit uses 6 watts to run.

This is a wonderful whole home system or backup system for your existing one. At only 6 watts, connecting this system and its cameras to a UPS (universal power supply), it's suited very well for a redundant security system in case of power outages.

Where to begin. This is a great little security system. I was happy to find that it was easier to setup and install than I thought it would be. I only used 4 screws total to install the cameras because I was able to find ways to make them stay in place securely without screwing them in.
Connecting the cameras wirelessly to the computer unit is just plug and play. Just plug the camera into power and it will automatically connect to the main unit. One tricky thing I didn't find was which camera channel or frequency I'm supposed to be on. Apparently there's laws for this stuff and they vary from place to place, but I couldn't find any information about this online.
It should be noted that this system does not come with a hard drive. It will work without one but you won't be able to record anything until you get one, which is kind of the main point of a security system. I was able to find a two terabyte Western Digital Purple security system hard drive on Amazon for $40. To install it, you just have to unscrew four screws on the unit and plug in the two cables to the hard drive. They don't provide screws to attach the hard drive to the inside of the unit, but I was able to use two of the four case screws to attach the hard drive securely. I'm not sure why they didn't include more screws, but two of them work fine to hold it in place and two to screw the cover back on.
The cameras work really well. As you can see in my photos, they keep a low profile but also warn off any intruders. The cameras have a green light on the cable which you can either display or hide, and a red light that is on for the night vision. The camera quality is quite good as well. The Night vision works really well, as you can see in the picture with the four cameras. Build quality of the cameras is really solid, and they're fairly heavy.
The software has all kinds of functions. I was afraid I would need to hook it up to the internet, but that's only optional. Because the cameras send live video directly to the main computer unit, you don't need to connect it to your router if you don't want to. If you do connect it to your internet, then you can get live video to your smartphone. I was able to compare my brother-in-law's security system software to this one and they're nearly identical, and his system cost around $600.
As with any security system, the tough part is cable management. I had to drill one hole through our garage to get the power cable to it, but other than that I was able to run power to all four cameras fairly easily.
The wireless video quality of the cameras is pretty good. As you can see in the photos we have a camera at the front door, on the back corner of the house, on the back door of the house, and in the barn behind the house. All four cameras receive a strong wireless signal because our computer unit is placed in the middle of them all. The furthest camera we have is the one in the barn And it's about 40 ft away and between a house wall and a metal barn wall and we still get a strong signal. We tried setting up the computer unit in the basement but we're only getting a signal from two of the four cameras, so we moved it upstairs. I don't think it liked being underground.
Anyway, I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Give it a thumbs up if it was helpful.