Swann SWDVK-430004-US TruBlue D1 3000 4CH DVR/4 600TVL Camera (Black)


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  • Includes 4 x high resolution 600 TV lines 1/3 inch SwannTruColour (STC) video & powerful infrared night vision
  • Set & forget by recording continuously from 4 channels for 30 days+ onto a 500GB hard drive, even longer with motion detection
  • Save time & have peace of mind by easily locating incident video, then transfer to external storage via USB, eSATA or network
  • Setting up remote viewing has never been easier with Swann's 'My DVR' customizable network configuration
  • Surveillance in the palm of your hand with live viewing on 3G/4G-enabled Smartphones & tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry devices and more*, and remote notification via email


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Style:4-Channel, 4-Camera

Swann SWDVK-430004-US TruBlue D1 3000 4CH DVR/4 600TVL Camera

Product information Style:4-Channel, 4-Camera Product Dimensions 7.88 x 11.62 x 17.52 inches Item Weight 13.2 pounds ASIN B008P8FEPA Item model number SWDVK-430004-US Batteries 2 AA batteries required. (included)

Bought the 4 camera system about 10 months ago from Fry's. Called swann tech support to install the system, everything was working fine until a couple of months ago. During its routine reboot every saturday night, it wouldn't restart back to normal. I had to power cycle it a few times and it would work again. This went on for a couple of weeks and then it wouldn't restart at all. After calling the tech support and performing all the required diagnostics, they created an RMA to return the product for warranty.
I had to spend close to $50 to pack the DVR and ship it to Swann. I even included a print out describing the problem and all the diagnostics performed thus far on the product. Couple of weeks later they ship the same DVR back saying they didn't find any problem. Just upgraded the firmware..
Now 2 weeks later, the same problem! Stuck after spending over $500 on the darn system.

I think you find the real quality of a company when the stand behind their Warranty. Swann failed big time in my case. I'd stay away from them at all cost!!

This cctv system is great. I installed and setup everything myself crawling through my attic and hooking up the cameras to areas I wanted covered.
The reason this system does not get a 5/5 from me is because:
1. I can't access my system over the net , although this is possible. My network doesn't allow static public ip's so make sure your Internet service provider does allow this. The swann manual is very mediocre in explaining how to do this.
2. Swann support does not exist. I have sent emails to Swann with no response from them at all. Everything that I've learnt about the setup I learnt from YouTube , so no thanks to Swann support.
4. Dvr's email alert attachment's sends me blank emails if there is an attachment it is unreadable.
5. The alert function went haywire at night, I turned down the sensitivity to as low as possible and I still get the odd alert when a bug flies passed a camera. So that's not the best.

All in all this system is ok if you can get passed the snags I've mentioned.

Picture 6/10 hooked up to a VGA screen
And I've also tried viewing it via my wifi network only on my iPad laptop and iPhone.( can't get the thing to work outside my network due to non static public ip.) also tried hdmi, still gets a 6/10.

By the way the dvr is a bit noisy so make sure you put it somewhere you won't be bothered by the constant humming.

Good luck with your purchase I hope my review helped. And if you guys at SWANN are reading this.....please contact me!!!!!!

We purchased this system for over 500 dollars.......it is easy to set up.........however the first night we noticed that 4 of the cameras do not work at night........the image is fuzzy and you cannot discern anything. I called the company and talked to Josh..........who insists that I go up, (the cameras are mounted high for security) take one of the defective cameras down......give it its own power supply and see if it works that way. We have already tried switching the power supplies with the 4 cameras that do work...........and still the 4 defective cameras do not work....we also tried them in different ports........so my problem is I feel they should let me return these 4 defective cameras and I should be sent 4 that do work.......without me having to jump through all these hoops.........This item is still brand new. The customer service is very poor.
Now one week after our initial talk of how 4 of the cameras did not work, Swann wants me to return to them the 4 non-working cameras........so I will be out 4 cameras while this exchange is taking place, they will either repair them or replace them at their convenience......which is not my convenience..........and they will not state how long this will take. This whole system is less than a month old..........has been up for perhaps 2 weeks and we have been complaining since day one..........I truly hope Amazon is listening. The proper thing to have done with a system this new is to just send 4 new replacement cameras and have me send back the 4 that don't work. Then I would still have a working security system and I might not be so displeased with this arrogant comapny. Okay is now the 15th of July, I have returned 4 of 8 cameras and they have not even acknowledged they received them and now you cannot get a hold of a person at their customer service number.....they say they will call you back........I guess I will just return the whole security system as it does not work for me with only 4 cameras......I don't understand why AMAZON does business with a company like this

The product description reads "Surveillance in the palm of your hand with live viewing on 3G/4G-enabled Smartphones & tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and more, and remote notification via email" and this is a TOTAL deception. There is no customer service to help set up this impossible feature. So no remote viewing with this horrible product. However, it does work as a camera system. The cameras are OK but not great. The most annoying feature is if you have a camera in a dimly lit room, the night vision constantly CLICKs on and off every 3 seconds. It makes for a loud clicking sound in that room. Not the greatest.