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  • Works with Alexa: ask Alexa to show your kitchen, lounge, nursery, or anywhere else you have your SmartCam, on an Echo Dot, Echo show or fire stick connected to your TV
  • 1080P Full HD with live stream and 8x digital zoom – 2. 8mm Focal length. 110º wide angle lens. 1/2. 9" Cmos sensor
  • Motion & noise detection with alerts: when motion or noise is detected a 12 second video clip is automatically recorded
  • Free cloud storage. Videos are stored for 14 days for free and secured in a AWS cloud via an end-to-end encryption
  • Night vision: with F2. 0 aperture, ir-cut filter, and four 850Nm infrared LEDs. The Neos SmartCam night vision allows you to see up to 9 metres away even in total darkness
  • Flexible design: The unique design allows you to point the camera in precisely the right direction. The magnetic base connects to any metal surface or use the included metal plate and adhesive pad to mount the camera anywhere
  • Download clips: save video clips to your phone with a single tap and Share them with your family & friends



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Neos SmartCam - Keeping an eye on what matters most | Works with Alexa | 1080p Full HD | Night Vision | 2-Way Audio | Auto-arming

What you need to know:

  • The Neos SmartCam is for indoor use only
  • Use and setup requires iOS (11.2 or later) or Android (5.0 or later)
  • Use and setup requires a 2.4GHz WiFi network
  • A microSD card is not supplied
  • Existing Neos customers don’t need to download the camera app, just add the camera onto your existing Neos app


  • Works with Alexa: Ask Alexa to show your Kitchen, Lounge, Nursery, or anywhere else you have your SmartCam, on an Echo dot, Echo Show or Fire Stick connected to your TV.
  • 1080p Full HD with Live Stream and 8X Digital Zoom – 2.8mm focal length. 110º wide angle lens. 1/2.9″ CMOS sensor.
  • Motion & noise detection with alerts: When motion or noise is detected a 12 second video clip is automatically recorded.
  • FREE Cloud Storage. Videos are stored for 14 days for FREE and secured in a AWS Cloud via an end-to-end encryption.
  • Night vision: With F2.0 aperture, IR-CUT filter, and four 850nm infrared LEDs. The Neos SmartCam night vision allows you to see up to 9 metres away even in total darkness.
  • 2-Way audio: Listen and talk to your pets or visitors using the SmartCam’s built in speaker and microphone.
  • Flexible design: the unique design allows you to point the camera in precisely the right direction. The magnetic base connects to any metal surface or use the included metal plate and adhesive pad to mount the camera anywhere.
  • Download clips: Save video clips to your phone with a single tap and share them with your family & friends.

Product information Style:Single Pack

Technical Details

Manufacturer Neos Part Number NS-CAM-02 Item Weight 3.53 ounces Product Dimensions 1.97 x 1.97 x 2.2 inches Item model number NS-CAM-02 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Size SmartCam Style Single Pack Material Plastic Shape Square Power Source 5V DC, 1A Item Package Quantity 1 Display Style No Display Plug Profile Surface Mount Included Components 3-Pin Plug, 1.8m USB Cable, Mounting Tape, Wall Plate, Quick Start Guide Batteries Included? No Batteries Required? No

Additional Information


I couldn't give this device a proper review because I found the set-up process way too intrusive.

Before you can operate the camera, you need to give your name and an email address, which is fair enough and pretty standard for these devices, but also your phone number, address and exact location. You don't need to be overly paranoid to think that might not be a good idea. You are giving these details to a company you know little about, trusting to their security procedures, and streaming a real-time feed from your home, with details of your name, address and exact physical location for no good reason (the app suggests they need your location to identify your wi-fi!?) - and doesn't give you any choice in the matter.

By all means give customers the option of providing this information in return for extra functionality, but don't demand it. There are plenty of smart cams that stick to name/email - I'll stick to them.

The Kit is massively impressive for the money... But.... The App is Soooo Intrusive!! ... I felt like they wanted my bank details and mothers maiden name by the time i'd finished the compulsory online registration... No real reason for that unless they are selling this info on so not sure i like the product... I tried to skip some of this but no go - They need Addressees, Phone Location Rights, Etc... And - It's a Camera - If that info leaks, what protection does the consumer have when they hold all that Data and your Live Feed? ... Did not make me feel confident about this business... :(

Chances are you've ended up reading this because you've found the Wyze Cam v2 on Youtube and tracked it here. Both it and the Neos SmartCam are the same rebranded Mii hardware but the software is the significant differentiator - and the Wyse Cam isn't officially available in the UK. But it's not the WyzeCam.

The Neos software is still in it's infancy compared to the Wyze cam, and it totally inferior in every regard. Considering both are built on the same hardware the key (and useful) missing features from the Neos are:

Alexa/IFTTT integration
Smoke/CO alarm detection (via sound)
Configurable motion detection zones

There are other features missing like time lapse, but it's shows the difference and value of good quality, well thought out software - especially as both are using the same hardware.

But is it all bad? No. The camera is cute, but doesn't particularly blend in. The picture and video quality are excellent given the price. The included USB cable should be fine for most and the mount options are spot on - don't bother with the mount kit; simply order a cheaper extension cable here and drill a hole in the included mount plate if you want to screw it to anything.

Setup wise it's been a mixed bag, i bought two cameras and the app advised that both needed firmware updates upon setup. It downloaded and installed both but then proceeded to hang until i unplugged and reconnected the cameras (risky!). It worked, and the cameras were working.

The capture of address and contact details is poorly explained, and OTT if you ask me. No idea about the phone number, but your address details are required for the Auto arming; essentially using the GPS in your phone to tell the app if you've left the location you've setup the cameras and then arm the cameras.

Thats ok, but there are far better options; first use Wifi to identify that as GPS is a battery hog and needs to be Always on, or allow a schedule to be set (Foscam added this earlier this year). As neither are available i have to manually arm the app as location services on my phone kills the battery. Also not everyone likes handing out address details! Arming the cameras manually takes about 20 seconds, far too long.

One of my cameras has stopped detecting motion or sound for no reason, despite changing settings to maximum sensitivity, this camera also stopped working totally before i reset it. Support case raised and will update the review

Generally the app is a good start, but it's far too simple and filled with a couple of gimmick features like live chat. Chances are if you're setting one up and having issues you'll be doing so out of hours when the chat/support line is closed.

SD card recording is a great option, but the included cloud storage is a real USP if you're unlucky enough to need the footage it'll be available here; at least for 14 days and then you can download it to your device. Plus it's free!

Don't get me wrong for £25 you're getting better hardware than you would with the cheapest Foscam, and the equivalent hardware from Foscam is £90 - so this is a bargain; but if you want a good, reliable security camera look elsewhere for the moment.

The Neos SmartCam needs a lot of software development before i'd trust or recommend it.

Key feature requests for the devs are:

Alarm activation schedule (variable by the days of the week)
Auto arming via non-location service methods
Configurable recording length
Configurable recording reset time
IFTTT integration
Smoke/CO alarm detection
Configurable motion/detection zones

Update 16/04 - Neos delivered Amazon Alexa integration recently which is a plus, but after a months + usage i've hardened my opinion that all these cameras are good for are watching a baby/child or a pet rather than as a home security system. The features and reliability of the cameras are just too poor to be a home security solution, and the app is still plagued with bugs (like logging you out and resetting all of your alert settings when you log back in even when arming the cameras!!) You get what you pay for and i'd pay extra for the peace of mind Ring, Nest, Reolink etc... provide.

Would not install / set up. I tried several times. I unistaĺled and re-installed, tried a different phone, different house. Sometimes it failed immediately, sometimes it froze halfway through, sometimes it had a flickering message. I never managed to get the camera working. It has a confusing website that seems to be a houshold insurance website with minor links to this camera. The software wanted information or permissions that i would be exceptionally uncomfortable giving (address of my property, my name, phone number, location of my phone.... all combined with a live cctv link to my house). Whist the Neas team may be fine upstanding folk (I assume) i simply do not want all of that information together anywhere other than in my own head. Despite claims that I could decline giving permissions and continue the most common point of installation failure was the point that I chose not to grant location permissions. I really wanted this sytem to work, however, it has wasted a few hours of my time for no benefit. Sorry Neos team but i have returned the camera and would not recomend the product.

I work in IT and my home is filled with gadgets and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with this camera.
The app is excellent, feels like a lot of time and effort has gone into making it. The build quality of the camera itself is very good too. Really impressed that videos really are stored using end to end encryption, details are in the FAQ.

Love the auto arming motion detection feature

Edit: I’ve had the camera for just over 1 week now and fairly acquainted with it. Still very impressed overall. A few extra things I’d like:

Control over app notifications, I don’t want a notification every time I leave the house and the camera arms itself.
The ability to exclude areas from night vision detection. My TV triggers night vision on and off quite often.

I’ll update this review as and when the app and functionality is updated.

 Fantastic piece of kit! Very easy to setup and put in place. Picture quality is very very good and the sound is clear. Night vision is amazing!! If you have a room that goes pitch black (that you can’t even see your hand in front of your face) really pitch black! Then this will not disappoint. I placed mine inside my garage to keep an eye on the garage door to make sure my son shuts it (see attached photos ). Camera came well packaged and with short but very easy detailed instructions, usb cable power adapter (similar to apple) and mounting plate if needed.

Update** Neos boost paid upgrade addresses many of the comments in my original review, well done for listening to customer comments.
Original review Neos SmartHome great response to queries on Facebook. excellent picture quality. Supposed to be indoors only but can record out windows but needs to be in intimate contact to avoid glare from night vision leds.
Good motion detection. However, potential buyers be aware that Neos records 12s of video to cloud and then has a 5 minute cool off period before recording again. This means that the burglars can run round and round your house and not be recorded to cloud.
Apparently a SD card will record all events but this is only useful after the robbery and assumes that the Neos has not been stolen. Still great value for £20 but need to be aware of this limitation. Neos seem to be listening to customer feedback so outdoor variants, longer recording times may be added as an evolution of the product.

I had 3 weeks ago bought the Chinese “Clever Dog” camera which was a complete waste of time as it constantly froze and was loosing Wi-Fi connection regularly and when it did work the live stream was juddery and glitchy even tho I have Vigin super fast vivid 200 broadband with Wi-Fi extenders around the house, eventually I got so fed up of it and returned it to seller for a refund

However I bought this little miracle Neos Camera last week from Neos a Uk company after checking out the American version (wyze) on Youtube , and MUST say what a fantastic piece of high tech camera, it is easy to set up, so easy to use, the camera and the app quality are amazing!

I am so pleased with this Camera and quality I bought 5 more, 6 in total and they all work very well no issues at all, clear video streaming, App works fine ...... honestly this Camera is the best for price and functionality, you can’t go wrong

Great work Team, just hope you maintain the App and keep improving your Camera and offer more devices to work with the App

**** DONT DISSAPPEAR in the future and leave us deserted in the future please *****

Now works with Alexa!!!

Ps.... I have already shown to friends and family and you will see a further increase in sales this coming week. :0)

Like others, I found its insistence on knowing your full address and the app having access to the phone's location services extremely worrying. Sure, Neos keep responding to say "it's for the auto-arm feature". YES, WE GET THAT. But the feature is optional and therefore the phone access requirements to use it should be optional too. For many many people, we'd rather disable that feature and retain our privacy, but there's no way to do that. It's effectively DOA unless you tell it your address and give the app access to monitor your location AT ALL TIMES. It's all very, *very* suspicious. Steer clear until they fix this. My guess is they won't.

I read about this in T3 magazine and they raved about it. I can only presume they had been paid to promote it because it is utter crud.

I actually have no idea whether the camera is any good or not as the app kept crashing. Every time you fill in a bit of info, crash. Eight times and then I gave up. Utter utter rubbish. Check the Google Play store and you'll see the poor ratings.

Incidentally the app also wants some very deep permissions which are totally unnecessary. Being that this is made by a company that also has house insurance as one of its assets, one can see why. Its intrusive and one could suggest that it is nothing more than data mining.

Avoid like the plague. literally is.

Honestly when I ordered the camera to review it, I did not expect much, considering the price under 30 which is for home cameras already low, let alone for cameras with features such as motion detection and night vision.

In addition you get a companion app which is in it self brilliant, you can watch any notifications, videos recorded and live feeds for it, have a ton of settings for adjustments and the best of all GEO FENCING!
This feature alone would make the camera way more worth then it actually costs and much expensiver systems I have or have tested such as Blink or Arlo do not have this feature at all.

Some might find it intrusive that the app asks you for your address, but given it features Geo fencing as one if its main features, this can only work with your location obviously and compared to many other apps which just track your location, this app asks you for the address to allow you to set the geo fencing area correctly.

If you do not want that , you can basically enter what ever you like there, but for me it is one of the most important features to have it automatically armed and disarmed when I come and go.

In terms of picture Quality, it is very good during the day , although not up to 1080p as advertised, while the resolution is 1080p, it is a bit pixelated, specially with higher motion, but more then good enough to identify objects and persons without any problem.

Same is true for the Night vision, its quite grainy but good enough to identify all objects, persons , etc. and given that low price I would have expected worse.

Motion Detection works very well and fast even in night vision but flawless during the day.

My most loved feature about this camera is definitely the Geo fencing so I have it set to turn active when I leave the house and when my phone comes close to the house it disables the alarm notifications, a feature I wished our Blink System has which we use for outdoors.

Yes the camera is plastic, but from a high quality one and it can be adjusted in nearly every angle and also the setup process which is guided by the app was a breeze, everyone can do it.

I just wait if they ever make outdoor versions of it, I am one of the first one buying it, alone for the fact that it does not need a Hub and also records on SD card.

One of my best purchases lately :) Very pleased!

Fazit: Don`t expect of course a camera with a picture quality of expensive security cameras, but I have seen and tested many counterparts and none of them came close in terms of features and quality and ease of use and for home use and even in small offices I think this is a great purchase.

Addendum July 2020:

I am amending my original review from 1 star to 4, in recognition of the fact that Neos did make changes to their mobile application which addressed enough of my privacy concerns for me to not only begin using the camera I initially purchased but to go on to purchase an additional three other units.

The primary issue that I identified in my initial review was rectified some time later. It is now possible to add cameras to your setup by specifying Wifi networking details manually and thus avoid the need to give the Neos mobile application access to Location services on your mobile phone. Since I'd already signed-up for a Neos account which was still active, I can't comment as to what personal information may now need to be provided there, or otherwise.

I feel it also fair to add that now I've been using them for 6+ months, I am extremely impressed with the performance and functionality of the cameras. I think the best endorsement I can offer is that, as mentioned, I've gone on to purchase and deploy 3 further devices on my property.

Note: if you choose to install cameras externally (which I fully acknowledge is not the manufacturer's intended use-case) it has been my experience that; a) night vision mode relies upon not having a cover over the lens ring which will cause massive reflection of the IR lighting, obscuring the camera's view and b) you will get continual triggering from moths etc., so you'll end up disabling motion tracking on those cameras due to the amount of false alarms.

Original Review:
In short, as others have already noted, in order to even setup a camera for first use the app demands far too much private information that it has no technical need for. Yes, I understand that the "auto-arming" feature requires location services to be enabled on my phone. However this is also described as an optional feature, which can be disabled. Therefore there is absolutely no need to insist that my location is given away, just be to be able add a camera. What happened to the simple option of entering my wireless network's SSID manually? Combine that with its insistence on having me provide a street address during initial online account registration (I 'borrowed' one from a famous UK landmark..) and it just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Shame, on paper it looks incredible value but the user experience is ruined for me by the company's insistence on collecting private information which it has no legitimate or necessary use for. And yes, I'm aware that Neos has recently posted comments addressing this issue to the effect that they are "looking into" making it possible to pair the camera without location services. Weasel words. This should have been implemented out of the gate if they really had any regards for, or common sense surrounding, user privacy concerns.

This is probably the best camera under £100 in the world. I've bought it to monitor my kitchen but now I am thinking of buying another 3 for the whole house.

This is a neat little device that promises a lot for not a lot of money. I managed to set this up on my 2.4ghz WiFi band after a few tries. Camera worked OK, although it did not always want to connect to the app. Soon after installation the WiFi in the house started dropping out and when it was on it was unbearably slow on all our devices. The second I unplugged the camera the WiFi speed shot back up and has been great ever since. I am not sure if this is a widespread problem, but be wary!

I have multiple of these cameras from different manufacturers, and i tend to change the firmware so that I can use them in Smartthings and view on a web browser. Out of the box this is not possible. If I wish to revert to original version, i just reload the firmware that comes with support on Manufacturers website. Neos will NOT provide this firmware. There are other options out there were support will be a given. Tom