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  • [WARRANTY] Unconditional Return For One Year And 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • [Include 32G SD CARD] MingSung Camera Eyeglasses Come With 32G Micro Sd Card. You Should Note That Other Brand Camera Glasses Have No Content Sd Card, You Need To Pay Extra Cost For The SD Card.
  • [ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY ] - Shooting Camera Glasses,Mountain Climbing, Biking, Fishing, Scouting, Camping, Driving, Hunting,Skateboarding, Motorcycle,Etc.
  • [LONG TIME USE Long] - Eyeglasses Camera Can Record 1.5 Hours Of Video When Fully Charged
  • [EASY TO USE] - One Button To Start. Just Press The Button On Side Of Camera Spectacles, You Can Start Recording.



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Why Do You Need to Have a Pair Of Video Camera Sunglasses?

Keep Your Hands Free while You Record all of Your Sporting Adventures whether it is Hunting, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, Playing Frisbee, or Motorcycle Sports.

  • Full HD 1920x1080P
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Memory Card: 32G Micro SD (include)
  • Charging Time: 2-3H
  • Video Recording Time: 90 Min
  • Operation System: Windows me/2000/Xp/2003/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS
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Power Button

Include 32G card

usb plug laptop

loop recording

One Button To Start

Just press the button on the side of camera sunglasses, you can start recording.Press again,it will stop recording,very easy to use.

Includes 32G Memory Card

MingSung's camera video sunglasses come with a 32G memory card, you don't need to buy it extra.Well-known brand memory card, the quality is very good.

No Need To Install Drivers

Just connect the sunglasses to your computer without installing a driver. Watch the video in 3 seconds, so fast.

Loop Recording

MingSung's video sunglasses can be set to loop recording mode. And you must know that other brand's sunglasses have no this function.So you don't need to manually clear historical video files.

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UV400 Protection

uv400 test

UV400 Protection

MingSung's sunglasses have UV400 protection and pass ISO 12312-1:2013 , which blocks all UV rays and protects your eyes. Many similar sunglasses on the market have not passed the test, and ultraviolet rays will hurt your eyes.

Product information Package Dimensions 7.3 x 3.5 x 3 inches Item Weight 7.2 ounces ASIN B07Q4J16Y3 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

So let me start by saying I got these to deal with a Neighbor. Received them a few wks ago and Absolutely love them, The picture quality is great for such a small camera! The neighbor has no idea that while he is threatening me He's being recorded! (Can do that in my state) so The other day I went out to cut the lawn and grabbed the glasses only to find they would turn on but then Shutdown immediately? I have received Courtesy emails from the Vendor so I went to them to find out Y this was happening? Kevin responded within 45 mins and asked for info about it and a video to show what was going on. After a day of giving info, the next morning he emailed to say Pull out the SD card and reinsert it. So I did and it still shut down, I remembered I have a 2GB sd card so put that in and Viola, Its working great again! So Kevin messaged me saying my New Sd card is on its way, Cant thank him enough for the hands on support!
Now the Glasses, The video quality is quite good for a small camera lens, Just an Fyi, The camera angle is about 65° Downward so be sure ur looking up at who or what ur recording
But once I saw this Its really not a problem, They are easy to operate, Tap the button and it turns on and starts recording, Tap it again and It stops and Saves it. To turn them off press and hold for 3 secs and its off. They arent as bulky as they look once u've had them on for a few mins u forget they're on.
For the price these are a great deal. My order included a 32gb Sd card which saved me $12. So If ur in need of a way to record something or someone this is a great product to start out with! U can get 120 mins of Video off 1 charge. The one drawback or problem with them is they dont stay in Standby very long so when u need to Record or take a pic u have to hold the Button up to 4 secs to turn it on then wait a few secs then Hold the button 2 secs to start recording. I've just started recording b4 I get near the Neighbor this way its already going. Would definitely recommend these if ur in need of a way to Discreetly Record something or if ur just out on a trail or riding ur Quad or Dirt bike!

Update 6/21/19
Received My New Glasses Today and they're Working Great. As I said b4 Customer service is great and as promised I've got the replacement in 3 days. Definitely nice to deal with a company that will not Only Help u out but stand behind they're products. I will do a short video and Upload it in a few days just so u can see the Quality of the Video.
Update 7/6/19 Ok so Ive added a short video, as u can see the video quality is great, Ive used these a few more times since the replacement came and have had no more issues, I wish I had bought these sooner, They work great for what I need them for, I hope all this info helps you out, I would Recommend these to anyone, They have so many uses that you can do with them, nature walk dirt bike ror quad riding, Motorcycle rides if needed u can use these in ur house to monitor an area, just turn them on them record place them on a table or shelf and they'll record up to 2 hrs, when u get back u can plug them in to ur laptop or PC and view the files to see if anyone has come in ur home that shouldn't be there! Good luck.

Update 8/23/2019 So its been a few months and the glasses are working great, the video quality still amazes me for such a small camera, I've seen a few people asking about indoor video quality, I've done a few inside videos and they came out just as good, I had 1 video I did that only had a 100watt bulb from a table lamp and it was plenty to keep the video from being to dark. Hope this helps out.

They are a little heavy but they take some good video. Audio is actually pretty good too. Super easy plug and play. Video is extremely clear and colors are vibrant

I have an EBIKE, which I ride quite often. I ride it on a Greenway walking/bicycle path, where people also walk their dogs. I find, at times, that some dogs are very aggressive, and because their owners are not responsible enough to train them, they lunge at my bike, causing me to take evasive action, perhaps falling, causing me to have an accident, or possibly getting bit. I have complained to the proper authorities re this situation, and have been advised that until they personally see the incident, or I get bit, nothing can be done. VOLIA, with my new sunglass camera, I'm all set! They work perfectly! Great resolution, great price, and I feel much better if, and when the occasion arises when I need to document a situation.

i looked at a lot of YouTube videos on the pros and cons of video glasses and found these. The post person delivered these in 2 days and after charging I was recording video. The clarity is amazing and setup may seem confusing but it's easy once you try it. It took less than an hour to reach full charge. They're very stylish and look like expensive sport sunglasses. In videos of this product the camera hole seems large, but in reality it's barely visible. Most people will never notice it because people see what they expect to see. In summary: These spy glasses are worth the money and performed admirably. Transistioning from light to dark areas work quickly. Auto exposure and auto focus was fantastic. If you feel like James Bond, these are your glasses!

These arrived fast and we are excited to use these! Instructions are easy and looking forward to using them.

I was actually surprised at the quality of the glasses and the little kit (glasses case, charger, wipe) that came with it. Using the glasses could not be easier and they are light weight.

I was also surprised by the quality of the audio. I took a walk through the woods with them and had music playing on headphones and the microphone picked up the music perfectly (even though I didn't intend on that).

They are so much fun and worth the low cost.

I loved these camera glasses. So easy to use
Just put sd card in and turn on. Was fun to see images of what I saw on my computer. Truly a wonderful item that allows you to see images first hand and without using your hands. A must have when you have small children.

Pretty decent pair of glasses. If using inside a little dark to view computer screens, phones and smart watches. Glasses are just a little bulky but reminds of the Oakley Thump MP3 glasses. The video is pretty clear, but is slightly jerky when moving to fast. The audio is actually better than expected and picks up voice pretty well. Programing the date and time stamp was a little different. when plugged into the PC there is a .DAT file in the folder. There is info in that DAT file to turn it on and off and sets the date and time. Mine came with instruction to follow and it was very easy for me. Over all I give it a solid 4 stars.