COOLWUFAN Wall Mount Bracket for All-New Blink Outdoor Camera, Weather Proof 360 Degree Protective Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Mount and Cover with Blink Sync Module Outlet Mount (Black (5 Packs))


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Sun Shielding Protection

The case of this mount set has a salient sun shield which will block most of the sunlight and avoid direct sunlight from the lens.And it doesn't change the accuracy of reporting the temperature of the air around or cause any problems like shut down due to higher temp reading.


Customized protective case for the All New blink camera our cover and mount set will make a secure water tight seal to prevent water from leaking in and into the USB plug or connection, Make your Blink camera more secure.

Anti-Snow and Hail

Hard plastic brackets and housings resist blizzard weather and keep the camera intact even in inclement weather.

Blow-dowm Prevention

Unlike Latch-Buckle base of the original mount, this one is designed into the screw-fixing base and metal mount which ensuring more secure mounting of your All-new Blink Outdoor on wall outside and reducing the risk of the camera being blown off by strong winds or stolen.


Blink Sync Module

  1. Eliminate cable clutter
  2. No wall damage
  3. No tools required
  4. Ideal for limited space
  5. Keep Blink Sync Module safe

Flexible rotation:

This versatile camera wall mount provides 360°rotation adjust the camera to any angle to any position for your blinks and leaves no blind spot, making your home a safer and controllable world.

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Product information Color:Black (5 Packs) Package Dimensions 7.91 x 7.83 x 3.62 inches Item Weight 1.26 pounds ASIN B08LDV8WZG

These do not fit the all new blink outdoor cameras. First off, it covers the infrared sensors which is not the square at the top of the camera (motion sensor), and second you cannot plug anything in to the camera because there is no cord hole on the protective case. Just to use what the camera kit comes with and you'll be fine.

I’m loving the new style for the new blink outdoor design. They take a beating outside. Thank you!!

I want to tell you this item is great! When I bought my Blink system and saw the Module that I had to place on the floor, I was not happy. Then, I saw the Sync Module on Amazon and ordered it right away. A great idea and everyone who bought a BLINK system need to purchase this item.
Jerry G

Ever since I purchased my blink xt system I hated how the module would look messy and just air on top of my console organizer. I looked online and found this mount to solve the untidiness issue I had in the past. This made my blink xt module look more organized and I like that it also came with a shorter power cord. The system should've came with this mount from the beginning

It does what it's supposed to do which is to easily mount your Blink Sync module. It's nice when a "gadget assist" does exactly what it should do and doesn't cost a fortune. It could probably be cheaper (it's all plastic), but the design makes it worth the cost.

This bracket makes the installation of the blink command module very clean looking and eliminates having to deal with a too long wire. Worth the money (unless you like seeing spaghetti cords around your house.

This thing is awesome and must have for the XT2 power supply. This puts it all together at my wall outlet way better than the factory way. The shorter power chord makes things all nice and tidy....awesome product!!

This really dressed-up the Sync Module at my receptacle. It provides a short USB cord along with the Module holder at the 120v plug-in. I like this added feature and am gled I purchased.