Digital Peripheral Solutions Q-See QC444-5 Sleek 4 Channel DVR with MAC Compatibility and 500GB Hard Drive


  • MAC OS Compatibility
  • Features PSS Software that allows remote viewing on up to 32 cameras at a time from one location
  • Advanced H.264 Video Compression
  • Includes Pre-installed 500GB Hard Drive
  • Remote Internet monitoring (up to 10 users at the same time)



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Staying connected to your home or business has become even more important in today’s slow economy, as theft rates are on the rise. If you are committed to protecting your premises, take a close look at what Q-See’s 4 camera surveillance bundle can do for you. Remotely monitor your business or home from your computer MAC OS 10.6 or higher, or Windows OS. Not at a computer? You can even access Q-See’s instant mobile viewing apps from your 3G Smartphone: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Pro or Symbian OS. Includes a pre-installed 500GB Hard Drive. (See specific details above.)

From the Manufacturer

Security Surveillance DVR            QC444-5
QC444-5 4 Channel Surveillance DVR with pre-installed 500 GB HD
Deter theft, know your family is secure, or even monitor your office staff more effectively, with the QC444-5 surveillance system, which makes home and business security simple. The system can be fitted with up to 4 cameras simultaneously, and it features both CIF and D1 recording options: choose smooth continuous video with a smaller image size or a slower frame rate with a larger image.

Gain peace of mind while you are away by remotely monitoring and managing this surveillance system 24/7 via the internet using a PC, MAC or a supported 3G smart phone. Plus you can receive instant email notifications when unusual activity is detected.

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Technical Details

Brand Name Q-See Item Weight 5.5 pounds Product Dimensions 14.75 x 12.1 x 6 inches Item model number QC444-5 Color Name Black Specification Met No

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The interface of the software looks outdated, but it does what it needs to do. Pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Everything works as described, so if you need a DVR fast, this is a fine choice.

This DVR does what it's made to do and does it well. At first I thought I got a defected item and returned it for another one. When I saw the same problem it was me. The manual had me confused but I went to the site of the maker and it's lot better than the manual. Very helpful and detailed site and it's got me going so I'm happy with the product. It works fine. Now only time will tell.

HEy - was very easy to set up - works great and was a big HIT with the police!

YEP, caught the crook - thanks to this GREAT product!!!!

First thing I did was throw in a cheap 2tb sata hard disk drive. booted it up, added the latest firmware and set up everything as stated in the remote monitoring guide and taaaddaaaaa it all works. The cameras are sort of wide angled meant to be mounted up high someplace I think, but work relatively well. Night is another story, the few IR bulbs in around the lens is ok, I mean it does what it says but distance is cut considerably, but maybe a better camera for areas that you'll want patrolled at night would be a good option. But for the price, it comes with 4 cameras, generous length of cabling. I added a small Ethernet to wireless AP (access point) device that connects to my Linksys router wirelessly. The Linksys router supports UPNP so the remote setup was pretty easy, check if your router supports upnp, if not maybe it's a good time to upgrade. The default port on the QC444 is 80, so don't forget to set it to 85 like the remote monitoring instructions say, or you wont' be able to connect via explorer/firefox/chrome etc... Overall for the price, great. I had this installed as someone was stealing my mail. And to prove I was receiving or not receiving mail. Well guess what, once I installed it, all my packages started arriving like they did before. And like others said, the interface looks outdated and simple, but that's all you need, it gets the job done. I especially like how you can set parts of the screen on any camera for movement and it starts to record when it detects movement in that area. That way the hard drive doesn't fill up as fast as it only records when it detects. Wind in the trees caused my Q-See to start recording so it works quite well. For a small home or business, this 4 camera unit is great. Oh and the cameras require one outlet, and the Q-see unit requires an outlet. I saved one power outlet by using an AP that uses usb power off the QSee, but that's it. Good value.

Update 7/5/14: Had to update to add a netgear D6200 router behind the 2wire modem for ATT Uverse. I bought a new wireless adapter, the TPLINK WR702N, it's only wireless N but seems to be able to handle the traffic of 4 cameras. You set the tplink to client mode, put in the mac address of the netgear router and the SSID and it it will auto get an IP via DHCP to pass to the qc-444. The netgear router behind the ATT Uverse was a snap, all you do is turn off the wireless in the ATT router, there's a youtube on turning off wireless to add your own router, it was simple. In the Netgear, you have to add two ports in the port forwarding custom service, i called them security1 and security2, all you do is find your IP for qc-444 (it's dhcp'd from the netgear) and put that in, then put port 85 to 85 and for the 2nd one same IP, port 37777 to 37777. To find the qc-see IP address that's given to it, just login the qc-444 and go to the network section, if there isn't new ip there, reboot the qc-444, it should have an ip address after that, or else reset the tplink and redo it as client mode. The Tplink will run off the usb port in the back so it's great. Oh and the last thing is go the UPNP section in the netgear and just make sure to turn on UPNP, check the checkbox. This will allow those ports you added to port forward to all wan ports to work. I then rebooted the netgear. Oh and make a couple of extra accounts, on the qc-444, i use these 2ndary accounts (not admin) to log in from the QC-444 app on my phone and tablet. Make sure you give the app the ip of the 2 wire IP address as that's the one visable to the world, and port 37777 and the user/login you created for viewing the cams. That's about it. Mine worked fine after that and the good thing with Uverse is it's like a static IP, it doesn't change often or at all. So I didn't need to set up a dns service. Hope this helps some of you set yours up. qc says it doesn't work with an wireless client connector but i've been running it this way for years now, first with my linksys and asus adapter and now with a netgear and tplink.