KODAK Mobile Film Scanner - Fun Novelty Scanner Lets You Scan and Play with Old 35mm Films & Slides Using Your Smartphone Camera - Cardboard Platform & Eco-Friendly Toy LED Backlight


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  • SEE YOUR OLD MEMORIES COME TO LIFE | Cool Tabletop Film Scanner Lets You View Old Negatives & Slide Positives with Your Smartphone | Just Scan & Save to Share with Friends! | Includes Collapsible Cardboard Platform/Film Tray & Battery- Powered LED Backlight for Subtle Illumination & Eco-Friendly Functionality
  • ALL YOUR OLD PHOTO TYPES | No More Complicated Scanning Devices or Expensive Digitization Services! | Fun, Cutesie Little Box Lets You Play Around for Hours Without the Headache of Professional Conversion | Compatible with 35mm Color Film Negatives, 35mm Black & White Film Negatives & 35mm Color Slides
  • GREAT FOR EXPERIMENTATION | Thinking About Converting Your Old Photos for Real? | Our Affordable Scanner is Mostly for Play, But Has Lots of Working Features You Can Use to Practice | Includes Free Android App for Scanning, Editing & Sharing, Internal LED Backlight, Tray for Slides/Films & Scan Platform for Smartphone - CONVENIENT COLLAPSING DESIGN | Platform & Tray Fold Out & Break Down Into
  • CONVENIENT COLLAPSING DESIGN | Platform & Tray Fold Out & Break Down Into the Size of a Small Box for Effortless Storage & Travel | Perfect Portable Companion for a Fun Afternoon with Mom, Grandma or Kids| Cardboard Construction Keeps Things Light—a Great Nostalgic Gift for People of All Ages, No Tech Savvy Required
  • SUPER EASY TO OPERATE | Load Film Onto the Tray, Place Your Lens Over the Hole & Tap the Screen to Focus & Capture | Note: Resolution Will Vary Depending on Slide & Camera Quality | If Images Come Out Blurry, Remember to Tap the Screen to Auto-Focus—and Keep Trying! This is Just a Toy, But Great Pics are Possible!


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Bring your memories back to life with just a smartphone!

Love looking at your old films, but tired of messy wires and bulky scanning equipment? Skip the expensive fees and keep things simple with the KODAK Mobile Film Scanner. On the surface, it’s a cute little box. But put it together, place your smartphone on top, and old photographs ‘go digital’ in seconds. Our handy scanner is crafted of light cardboard, making it easy to fold down into a small, compact package for portable ease. A built-in LED backlight also helps illuminate your old 35mm films and slides, while the dedicated KODAK Mobile Film Scanner app lets you control everything and edit images on your smartphone screen. For a handy little homemade scanner—it’s surprisingly functional! Whether you’re chilling at home or playing around on your lunchbreak, personal media conversion doesn’t have to be so serious. Choose the easiest, most affordable way to play with the past. Add a KODAK Mobile Film Scanner to your cart—and step back in time today!

How to Enjoy

  • Insert batteries into the compartment base (Tip: The compartment does not come with a screw, so be careful! Rest on a stable surface, and play gently)
  • Assemble cardboard platform via the provided instructions (Tip: It’s best to be patient! The box is like a mini puzzle, so make sure the pieces fit together perfectly. It’s all part of the fun!)
  • Power on the mini light (Tip: An on/off switch is built right in. If the LED flickers a bit, try adjusting the batteries. Also, the illumination isn’t supposed to be super strong. It’s about fun and play—not perfect professional results)
  • Place phone on the platform, making sure the lens is lined up with the hole on the scanner; select your desired film type via the app (Tip: App compatibility varies. While it works best with later model Android and iOS systems, full functionality depends on your specific smartphone. If your app is acting up, our platform also works with other film scanner apps!)
  • Insert a slide or negative and click to capture (Tip: Focus is key. Remember to adjust the focus of the camera by tapping the center of the screen while the image is scanning. Resolution depends on the camera, auto-focus and quality of the slide/film)





View your old films—virtually!

For decades, old 35mm slides and negatives were difficult to view, time-consuming to develop, and expensive to save. Now, the innovative KODAK brand brings photo scanning into the 21st century! This simple little gadget makes it possible to see, edit, save and share old film photographs in a matter of seconds.

Got a smartphone? Let’s scan!

Requiring no fancy interfaces, software, cameras or conversion equipment, the scanner digitizes all your 35mm black and white and color negatives with incredible ease and efficiency. There’s just one simple requirement: you need a smartphone! Note that app compatibility and functionality vary by device.

Novelty toy meets nostalgic fun

Talk about a thoughtful gift! Instead of investing in professional scanning equipment, this amazing toy makes the perfect starter scanner. It’s great for flipping through old films and slides on a rainy day, sharing a couple of childhood photos on social media, or showing your children and grandchildren the ways of the world—way back then!

No more bulky equipment!

Finished your trip down memory lane? The tiny scanner is made of lightweight, durable cardboard (be gentle!) and folds down easily for storage and travel. When you’re done scanning, collapse the smartphone seat and film tray into a cute, compact box, slip in your pocket, and be on your way. It really is a pleasure to play with!


Awesome Editing Features

Use the free app to rotate, crop, filter, adjust color and contrast, and so much more. Results will vary depending on the specific camera, slide quality, auto-focus and smartphone type. Have fun, play around, and see if you can create a picture-perfect image to warm the hearts of family and friends


Stories to tell. Stuff to show.

At KODAK, we know your memories mean everything. The Mobile Film Scanner strives to bring the past to the masses, simplifying the scanning process so you can experience yesterday without complicating today.

Please note:

  • In order for the scanner to work, please make sure to download and install the app on your smartphone. Make sure it works! Without the free app, your box is just a box.
  • When scanning, be sure to line up the camera lens with the hole. Precision is important, and the clarity of the shot depends on this key step.
  • Tap, tap, tap! When capturing the image, you must tap your smartphone screen to initiate auto-focus and eliminate blur. Sadly, the box can’t do it for you!
  • Resolution depends on the smartphone you are using. The better the camera, the better the final result. Keep this in mind when viewing images.
  • Remember that your cute little scanner is made from cardboard (and is sturdy as cardboard can be!). It’s perfectly portable—but not indestructible.





Super Bright LED

A step up from your homemade scanner! Ours has a built-in lamp for subtle illumination. Insert 2 AA batteries and flip the switch.

Convenient Compatibility

Scan 35mm black and white and color negatives or color slide positives. Select film type via the app; no adapters necessary.

Tap to Focus

Place your smartphone’s lens over the hole and tap the screen to focus! Images appear on the screen for instant viewing.

Straight to Social Media

No need to save photos on your computer or SD card. The app has a ‘Share’ icon so you can post in one easy step.


Specs & Details

  • Requires 2 AA batteries [not included]
  • Compatible film types: 35mm B&W film negatives, color film negatives, color slide positives
  • Material: heavy duty cardboard
  • App: for Android 5.0 and up – iOS iPhone 6 and Up

What You Get

  • 1 x Mobile Film Scanner from KODAK
  • User manual with easy assembly and disassembly instructions
  • FREE access to the dedicated app for Android and iOS

Product information Product Dimensions 0.61 x 0.43 x 0.16 inches Item Weight 8.8 ounces ASIN B07MTKNTPK Item model number RODMFS50

My mom passed away about 5 years ago and my dad has taken it so hard that he threw out all the family photos so he wouldn’t be reminded of her. Luckily, he found the negatives, so I’ve been digitizing them.
At first, I just wanted to get started right away and didn’t want to spend much money, so I went ahead and ordered the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner for $39. It was the cheapest one out there. With further investigating, I decided it probably wouldn’t be the best solution if I wanted to have good quality. I had looked up on youtube how to make your own scanner using your phone, glass from picture frames, a tablet (for the light), a box, and some tuna cans. I downloaded the Kodak app and tried it out. The quality was terrible! So I figured the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner would be about the same.
Just as the other reviews state, it is a simple design made of a hard cardboard-type material. You turn it on (batteries not included), place your negative on top of the light, and place your mobile phone so that the camera lens is over the hole. It matters little how good your camera works--it is still blurry and poor quality. My phone is an iphone X, which has a great camera—one of the best. I think mainly because you are taking a photo of something so small and expect it to be larger and clearer. I got the same result by using the home-made scanner.

•Less expensive than other scanners, but still not worth the price. I agree with other reviewers that have said it’s only worth about $10, not $50.
•Good for if you just want to see what a negative is, but not good enough quality to print a photo.

•Does not produce good quality photos.
•Way over priced.

I included some photos for the review that show the difference in quality using the Kodak scanner, and another one, and also different size of negatives. Keep in mind, these negatives are old and of poor quality to begin with.

I was looking for a film scanner and after searching thru dedicated scanners costing from under $70 to over $140, settled on this device. I imagined that using the much more powerful electronics in a modern mobile phone and its 12 megapixel camera should yield as good if not better results.
This device and the associated app fail miserably!
1- The app does not automatically detect the boundaries of the film. Does not automatically adjust background light. Does not do any of the 'smart' things you would expect. It just takes a picture. You need to adjust the zoom and crop the picture manually. The outcome is far worse when compared to a traditional flatbed scanner.
2- The fixture feels like it is made of cardboard. Flimsy and probably cost less that a few dollars to make!
Overall, very unsatisfied and will be returning the product.

A problem with all-in-one slide scanners is that the inexpensive ones have mediocre cameras, and the ones with good cameras are, well, expensive. Fortunately, Kodak (which was late to the digital photography revolution) recognized that today’s phone cameras are very good, and that we duffers just need something to do a hundred or two slides or negatives. The Kodak Mobile Phone Film scanner fits that niche. You could build your own scanner, but they’ve put the parts together in a convenient package. Just position the slide over the mini light-table, point the camera through the hole in the cardboard, and click.
I found that the scanner works best using the 2x optical zoom on my camera. Unfortunately, the app Kodak provides only allows for digital zooming, so for positive slides I just use my phone’s camera app. For negatives, you’ll have to use the Kodak app, which is fairly primitive compared to the other camera apps out there when it comes to editing your scanned photo. Indeed, that’s one of the two substantive limitations of the package.
The other limitation is that you can’t adjust the height of your phone camera over the slide. The package is a cardboard, one-size-fits-all thing. I’m not too worried about the cardboard, since I don’t have that many slides to scan. But your camera may not be able to focus well at the height provided.
The price? Yeah, a little high for something that's made out of cardboard and that doesn’t include the batteries, but it fits my needs and it’s something I’d buy again, even with its limitations.

I purchased this hoping to scan a large collection of slides using my Iphone 6. I found it impossible to center and focus any of my slides. It seems the problem is the contrast between the slide's frame and the actual slide. The contrast "slider" in the Kodak Mobil Film Scanner ap didn't help. I wasn't able to get anything other than washed-out fuzzy blobs, so I returned the scanner for a refund.

It worked to read my 35 year old negatives. Not as high quality as having them processed but alot easier. Plus I can use it over and over for other negatives. My only grief with it is that you really need to be in a dark place to get the best results.

I really like Kodak brand products! This device really shocked me, I was not sure if it would perform the task at hand, but it really surmounted my expectations! I need a larger machine to accomplish the task for the the amount of negatives I need to print pictures of, and I need one that I can hook up to a printer, but it works great the view of the negative has a lot to due with your electronic device as to how clear the picture comes out, and wipe your negative with a chemical and lent free tissue or cloth to clear it of any dust, but you won't be disappointed, the quality is amazing for the price!!

This thing is blurry and it takes the picture of the cardboard frame on a slide.

Quick, good quality scans that are easy to share. Nice editing tools. Easy to set up and use. Convenient storage.

Never expected to replace our $500+ digital film scanner that we use for high resolution, detailed work.

The Kodak Mobile Film Scanner does an admirable job of creating shareable, camera-phone-quality images. The editing tools are a nice addition that allows experimentation with contrast, color correction, etc.

Great little scanner for the price.

The item works well, it is just carboard and a light. You place your cell phone on the top with a light shining through the slide and then take the picture. Simple right? A light and a piece of printer paper to defuse the light would do the same thing. Still it does work, but it is too expensive for what is supplied.

I do not like this product is cardboard yet it is very cute it's very difficult give you and negative correctly put together which is easy as 1 2 3 put the batteries in turned on to switch downloaded the app to make it work put the phone on top push the correct negative her colour negative it took a picture but it's very faint and very blurry it does not download the full picture onto your phone it is very tiny you cannot make it bigger is very blurry not focus I will not buy again although Kodak it's a good product but I do not recommend it

I was surprised and disappointed with results using iPhone 11 Pro Max. Returned and purchased electronic type scanner with built in screen. More expensive but results so very much better it was worth the extra cost.

Very simple product - easy to use - Quality is o.k. - I did about 100 slides in 20 minutes. But then you have to put them on your computer and crop them etc - For the price, this is a great option. Most places that will digitalize slides for you will charge about $.99 per slide. So by doing the basic modifications yourself, this pays for itself after your first batch of slides.

I was able to quickly transfer slides that I haven’t seen for at 40 years and more onto my smart phone.
Excellent little gadjet