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  • Print photos easily using the Instax Mini link app (free app download required)
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Add fun filters and frames to your photos
  • Print photos from your videos. Supported image size: 800 × 600 dots
  • Quick printing speed of about 12 seconds (approximately 90 second development time after printing)


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Color:Beige Gold  |  Style:Camera Only

The new INSTAX Mini Link Smartphone Printer is a successor to the INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smartphone Printer. With its sleek and light body design, revamped app, fun social features, and Bluetooth capability, the INSTAX Mini Link will surely grab attention. Its user-friendly app experience (download of free app is required) will allow people to easily customize their photos with close to 30 fun and colorful frames, create collage and split prints and print photos from their videos. Plus the INSTAX Mini Link app will have two modes – Print Mode and Fun Mode. With Fun Mode, users would be able to connect up to 5 smartphones to the INSTAX Mini Link and print a photo collage with Party Print or have fun discovering their compatibility with others using the Compatibility Test. The INSTAX Mini Link will also have a Motion Sensor in which users can zoom in or zoom out to take a photo with the app by tilting the printer or reprint photos by turning the printer upside down and pressing the Instax button. It will be available in three colors: Dusky Pink, Dark Denim and Ash White.

Product information Color:Beige Gold  |  Style:Camera Only Product Dimensions 5 x 3 x 7.1 inches Item Weight 9.9 ounces ASIN B08FCZHDD9 Item model number 16668244 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

 This brings back nostalgia for me.
I opted for this as I can preview pic before print as opposed to the old school Polaroid which I still do have.
Great for building a physical memory wall both personal and for a small business as decor.

I LOVE the idea of the Instax camera, but HATE the lack of control over the quality of the picture. This printer completely solves that issue AND has some nice bonuses!

I have three kiddos and teach 6th grade this year. I'm deep into the VSCO girl/boy movement and Instax is a big part of that. This printer was of immediate interest to ALL kiddos I spend my days with. It's great to take along for Skate Nights or school events or friend gatherings OR to encourage timely work in class for those who want a photo.

At $99 it is the perfect compliment to your Smartphone having kiddo. The app has some built-n features like frames (thought they aren't appealing to the boys in my world), collage prints, or just snapping a photo from the app.

I can't say how much I really LOVE this little printer. You can buy film in bulk at $30 for 60 prints (so $0.50 a print) and have TOTALL quality control of the output. Just awesome!

Seeing that the printer only had positive reviews before I purchased it, it could be possible that I received a rare malfunctioning product. I followed the instructions and inserted the film pack, making sure the yellow marks are lined up. However, the first one that comes out is always jammed and really stuck, and it has to be forcefully pulled out. I would try to print after the first one, and nothing comes out. An error message comes on which says to check the film pack, but I can't do that because if I do open the printer and I haven't used all the film, it is then exposed and no longer usable. I tried again with another two film packs and the exact same thing happened, except I tried to unjam the last pack and place it back in the printer. The printer finally prints, but of course, the picture comes out all or partially white. I've performed the troubleshooting tips provided by the full manual online (resetted it, fully charged it, turned it off and on again,etc.), but nothing worked. It was always jammed, which the manual says to load in a new film pack. I've tried 3 packs already, and it costs a lot of money on its own.

No more guessing and wasting shots. When people were over I'd have to take two pics one for us and one for them. Now I can make copies of the same pic as many as I want, film stock providing. No connection problems with the app (I use Android). In my case, I used my Canon Camera Connect App to import from the camera directly to the phone and printed it to the Instax Mini Link via bluetooth. Obviously you can use a cellphone pic or any picture for that matter. The collage print feature is another bonus vs. a proper Instax cam. Also, I was able to print in black and white regardless of the color film. Yeah it's 99 dollars, but with its ease of use and fun shots I can give to people... I'll find myself using it a lot more often. No regrets.

Isn't a bad product when it works it works great the problem is the app that is used with the printer is not good it crashes all the time when it works it works great but unfortunately the app crashes alot more then expected it you have to close and reopen the app at least a few times before you can even get a print and it takes the fun out of using the printer im hoping that google and instax do some patches to the app to make it work better finger crossed

I love this! Way better than getting a instax camera because now you can simply choose the best version of a smartphone picture. Pictures look GREAT!

I bought this printer for myself because I adore my mini polaroids. Totally worth every penny. I have been printing like a maniac for my album and journal. It is great because you can print out those pictures on your phone and the quality is amazing. The app allows you to play with the colors and quality and the printing process is super easy and quick. Also easy to connect to your phone.

I am in love this with printer! I am so glad I got it! I have a Fuji film camera and love it! Being able to print pics off your phone is such a great feature! I highly recommend this one!!

I personal would like the instax square. But after reading mixed reviews on Instax print quality I decided to go with the instax mini link printer cause the both the printer and films are cheaper (cause the film is smaller than the square). I also watched some YouTube video tutorials on Instax and learned a few things including its sensitivity to light. The tips in the video tutorials helped me to get great print quality on my third tries (first two prints from selfies pictures from iPhone 6, one without adjustments and one with adjustments, and the 3rd print (the posted photo) from an iPhone X back camera). Conclusion: Great print quality, I love it and would recommend it.

My tips to make it works
1. Instax film is very sensitive to light. To prevent washout look and to achieve vivid colours, change the exposure setting on your camera or on the mini link app, reduce both the brightness and the contrast and increase the saturation. Depending on the original picture quality, you may only need to do a little bit of the adjustments mentioned. Since Instax film has the deepest dark, I personal like shots with more saturated colours like the posted photo.

2. The better the camera the better the result. So selfies taken using front face camera with less pixels do look bad on any good printers, including this one, even after adjustment cause there is just not enough data to fill the print!

Si piensas comprar una camara instantanea como las Instax es mil veces mejor opción la impresora y a continuación explico el porqué

Pros de la camara (Instax)
-Bonito diseño
-Facil de usar
-Tomar tu foto y en ese instante tenerla

-El flash no brinda suficiente iluminación
-Las fotos salen muy oscuras
-Al no tener pantalla de vista previa no sabes realmente como saldra la foto, si con ojos rojos, movida, mal encuadrada, etc y eso hace que tengas que gastar muchos cartuchos hasta obtener la foto "perfecta".
-No puedes obtener fotos tomadas con otra camara.

Pros de la Impresora
-Puedes imprimir cualquier fotografía, así puedes aprovechar la camara de tu celular, elegir las que más te gusten y no desperdiciar cartuchos.
-Tiene su propia app en la que puedes editar la foto antes de imprimirla
-Sumamente fácil de usar.
-La batería tiene una buena duración.
-Usa los mismos cartuchos que la cámara

-Suele ser más costosa que la cámara, aunque a la larga, al no desperdiciar cartuchos, termina saliendo más barata.
-Las fotos salen un poco opacas, pero puede corregise al subir iluminación y contraste en la app.

En conclusión, la impresora cuesta un poco más, pero por la versatilidad de la misma, la verdad vale la pena, las fotos se ven muy bonitas y brindan un lindo toque a cualquier espacio.

I was very excited for this product and I was not disappointed. I have wanted an instax mini camera for the longest time but couldn’t justify buying the film for it knowing that some of it would go to waste because pictures may not turn out. The fact you can print pre taken pictures from your phone is something I love! I could bring myself to buy film for it knowing what the picture would turn out like. The product itself is very easy to use and same goes for the app. Print quality is better than I expected. Don’t expect to be getting HD quality pictures because you’ll be let down. They do come out well and the picture looks like it did on my phone, just with an added vintage look. I’m very very pleased with this printer.

WARNING: This printer doesn't print, and both Fujifilm and Asurion (protection plan) will not honour the warranty or protection.

I purchased this for my wife and it only printed a few images before the printer stopped feeding the film through. I Fujifilm and their offices are closed. There's no way to reach anyone.

I purchased a protection plan through Asurion and they gave me a run-around and eventually said that it's Fuji-films problem. Very dissapointed.

Do not buy from Fujifilm. Do not purchase protection plans from Asurion. If you ever have a problem, you'll be on your own.

Dice ser compatible con Android y iOs pero el bluetooth es iOs y no se puede conectar a mi Android.