4k HDMI Cable 3ft - 26AWG HDMI Cord - 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Cable - Supports [email protected] 4:4:4 Dolby HDR10 HLG, 2160P, 1080P, 3D, Deep Color, HDCP2.2, Ethernet and ARC


  • LARGE GUAGE 26AWG: The smaller the value of awg, the thicker the copper.Have advantages of stronger physical strength and lower electric resistance which can ensure lossless of data transmission and also need more copper in producing.
  • HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL: Constructed with 24K gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connectors, 99.996% high purity oxygen-free copper and tri-shielding.
  • HDMI A MALE TO A MALE CABLE: Superior for HDMI 2.0 Standards and backwards compatible with HDMI 1.4, 1.3 & 1.2.
  • COMPATIBLE STANDARD HDMI PORTS: Easily connects your 4K BLU-RAY PLAYERS, SMART 3D, MEDIA PC, Apple TV, Wii U, PlayStation, PS4, PS3, XBox one, XBox One S, Xbox 360, Roku, computers and other HDMI-enabled devices to 4k TVs & displays, Ultra HD A/V receivers and more.



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Size:3 Feet-Black

3FEET High Speed HDMI Cable - 4K HDMI 2.0 READY - ETHERNET & AUDIO RETURN CHANNEL - Heavy Duty, Get your hands on Kolife HDMI cable!

Why Try Our HDMI Cable by Kolife?
-Universal Compatibility: 18Gbps, HDCP2.2
-Large Gauge: 26AWG, ensure lossless of data transmission
-Standard 19+1 PIN, Multiple shielding
-Rich Video Quality: 4K Video
-Durable & Long-Lasting
-High-Quality Materials: 24K Gold Plated Connectors, Zinc Alloy Shell and 99.996% pure oxygen-free bare copper
-Fast and easy-to-reach Customer Service to solve your problems within 24 hours

Supported video resolutions:
4K 120HZ
4K 60HZ 4:4:4
4K 60HZ 4:2:2
4K 60HZ Dolby Vision
4K 60HZ HDR10
1080P 240HZ
1440P 120HZ

Product information Size:3 Feet-Black Package Dimensions 7.7 x 6.8 x 0.4 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces Manufacturer Kolife ASIN B07QVFHGRZ Item model number ZLK01015

Initially purchased this cable for my PS4 pro to connect to my audio receiver. Cable came in nice durable quality packaging and arrived on time. Since i was using my PS4pro with a newly installed 4k TV it was time to upgrade to a higher rated HDMI cable. Cable is thick and has a very high quality metal connector that I imagine could take some abuse. After installation I was thrilled to see how well this cable performs. Deep crisp colors, full 4k resolution and sound quality is all what I expected. Overall very happy with my purchase.

Excellent cables for a long term installation. Pros: Well made and rugged, can take being pulled through an attic or wall. Cons: the plug is long and has a lot of leverage against the socket + the cable is heavy. I strongly suggest supporting the cable leading to the plug to prevent the end from being bent.
But that same size and mass is what make the cable and plug so rugged... A little sensible strain relief gave great results.

This cable seems very well constructed. I was having HDMI errors on my tv from time to time. Since installing this cable it hasn't happened and tv works great! Not saying anything to the durability of this item as it's only been about a week since I got it but it does look and seem very well built. Also it is great to have around, it has a nice dinner ready for me when I get home from work! You don't get that from too many HDMI cables I will say that!

Bought as a replacement for a cheap cable between components and receiver delivered with a home entertainment system. The sturdy connectors give a much better grip on the HDMI ports, and the impressive specs of the cable give a reassuring feeling that I am getting the best out of the TV, BD, decoder and receiver.

This HDMI is nylon braised and long enough (9ft) for hdmi to hdmi input/output. I connect it through a displaylink USB adapter from my laptop to one of my monitor, so far so good.

The fun fact is that I have ever imagined it with rope skipping when I receive this product base on its length and durable material (I think I am planning to have a try one day).

Although the price is 13.99 which is a little bit expensive over my expectation I still rate it as a full star given that it has a durable material and strength with a decent quality and detailed design.

These cables are fantastic. They look great and they have a very solid build. These cables do exactly as described. I bought these cables 2 days before the release of the PS4 Pro so that I could get the best possible performance out of it. I am currently pulling in every ounce of power capable of the PS4 Pro using my Kolife HDMI cables. I would definitely buy these again. Thanks Kolife.

What I liked about this product is it looks really nice and expensive. It is a basic HDMI Cable cord that is 5ft in length. It is compatible with our Wii U. I think the colors look richer than the other cord we used and has a clearer picture. The sound also seems to be richer and it works great with our full HD which is 1080p. I chose the 5 ft cable so I wouldn't have a lot of cord hanging around. It is a nice addition and I am glad I purchased this.

I had wire that was damaged needing replacement but the gauge had to be thicker than normal.
20 ft at this price and quality worked just fine. If I would have bought this at a big box store it probably would've been double the price.
Solid purchase!

If you're using 1080p, just buy the cheapest cable, seriously. If you need 4k at 60Hz with full-color range, you start pushing these cables.

All my cheap cables worked great, even 15ft+ on 1080p. But i switched to 4k.. and well i started playing Game of cables: no signal is coming.

Turns out, when pushing the standard to bandwidth limits, the cable quality starts to matter. I used this from my 4k switch to the screen and it has helped a lot since it passes by power cables and other sources of interference. I used some cheaper cables for my 3ft runs and so far it works well.

If you need to route your cable next to power cables or anything with interference, you need something properly shielded. Also anything over 3ft needs to be nice and thick.

Update November 22 2018

So I'm using this cord for my Arc connection from my Sony ST5000 soundbar and it's been going all black on screen and says the following:

NON-HDCP OUTPUT,” “HDCP unauthorised,” or simply “HDCP ERROR.” ... Sorry, there's a very good chance that old monitor (despite having an HDMI port) is not HDCP compliant...on a 65" 2018 LG OLED C8 TV

I have been having problems with finding cables which will work with my Bell or Cogeco 4K box. Apprently they have a new protocol called "HDCP 2.2". The other cables which I ordered and 4K certified didn't handle the new protocol therefore didn't work for me. I ordered this cable in my last hope to get the 4K PVR boxes to work and it didn't fail me. This cable did it. Now I feel confident I can bury this cable in the wall. The only complaint is there is a white line that flashes now and then. I don't know if its the cable, TV or PVR. So this cable is "HDCP 2.2" compliant and works on the BELL 4K PVR boxes.

Best HDMI Cable on Amazon. One of the best in the world for the price, AND the design kicks ass.

Great job Kolife.

Was replacing a previous cable that was stating 4K/60 capable (18Gbps) but was getting artifacts/flashing dots when playing with both PS4 PRO and XBOX ONE X. Decided to try this one and those issues magically disappeared. I guess not all 4K hdmi cables are built the same. Only distinguishable difference in the specs between this one and the one I replaced is that this one states HDCP2.2. Cable quality here is great but docked one star as I wish they would've kept the standard size of 6 feet (vs 5 feet) as that would have made a difference in my setup.

My initial review was positive since I had used this cable to connect my FHD blu-ray player to my FHD projector. Recently, I purchased a 4k (UHD) blu-ray player and a JVC projector that can receive and handle 4K (UHD) signal. When I restrict the blu-ray player to 1080p, the signal goes through but when I switch to UHD (4K), the cable fails to transfer the signal. My cable is the 25ft version. I have a 6ft HDMI cable that has no problem sending the UHD signal to my new projector but this 25ft cable fails. Though I have to say this apparently depends on the monitor too. However, they must have failed to do a thorough testing of the cable before selling it as a UHD cable.

It is an awesome heavy duty cable and it looks robust and high quality! I have been using couple of cables. I think this is the best one I ever used. It transfers great games images and sounds. Highly recommend!

This is my go to HDMI cable for HDR/Dolby Vision/DTS: X/Dolby Atmos. This cable DOES what is descibed on their Amazon page. It does 59fps/at FULL 4K. What is -1FPS, though? And, the movie/Xbox One X(Atmos in games really DOES make a difference) sounds EXACTLY(with pin point accuracy, too) as to what the sound effects are meant to sound like. Buy this cable for all described because it does it, except "ONLY" 59fps.
The Belkin 2.1 Apple TV HDMI ONLY does 23fps - but, IT WASN'T designed for 60fps.

I love this HDMI Cable. I bought the 5 Foot one and what I can I say other than not only are these awesome but for the price there's no reason not to get them ! The one thing I noticed right away is the professional connectors of this cable they have what seems huge but it's not connectors that are extremely strong and sturdy. The reason I mention this is I have had two HDMI cables where the connector broke so I know what it looks like inside of the connector LOL I like these so much and am so confident in this company that all the HDMI cables that I buy will be from this company. I need a really long one like 25 feet and yes they have them and the price is not much higher than 5 foot one that I have bought. The 4K picture quality is awesome on my 55" Hisense TV (an incredible TV for the money btw) and it does the whole 2160p beautifully I can stream better than Wireless with this cable. I love Amazon so much because you find things like this that your just not gonna find in a store for the same price. Kudos to the maker !

I was having some troubles on my LG B7 OLED T.V with my PC containing an AMD RX580 graphics card with the screen flickering and showing digital static on the screen. I was using an older HDMI cable so figured I would try swapping it to my Factory Xbox one X cable and the problems went away. So i seen the specs and reviews of this cable thinking that should do it and the price is great. Unfortunately the problem persisted. I decided to try dropping the color to 4:2:2 and the problem went away. So that would lead me to believe it struggles to keep up with the bandwidth requirements of the output from the card at that high a throughput. Im not an engineer or anything so ill just say the factory Xbox one X cable can do it and this one cant.

This kolife hdmi cable fixed an issue i was having with the ps4 pro hdmi cable. This kolife cable is a very heavy duty cable . The cable is surprisingly thick but very flexible for such a beefy cable. I will definitely be buying from kolife again. Update i just ordered 2 more of these hdmi cables an must say I really love these cables and the connectors fit really nice in the hdmi ports.

These are probably the best set of cables I have bought. Connectors are sturdy and mate very well. The sheathing is sturdy and still very pliable for making tight bends. I have had no picture or handshake issues with these on my 4K TV and Yamaha receiver. I have since upgraded all my HDMI connections to these cables.

This cable arrived quickly in the mail and did the trick of displaying my computer output onto my 65" plasma on the other side of the room, all with sexy high image quality. The cable is heavy gauge and wrapped in a smooth protective sheath ending in sturdy connectors. No complaints with this cable yet, will check back if required.

I'm unable to get 60hz @ 4K with this cable, I only get 30hz. It only seems to work via displayport for me. I bought it solely for this purpose. I'm not sure if my graphics card is to blame though so I can't give this too low of a score.

I needed a newer 2.2 capable cable for my 4K signal. A bit more $$$ than most but not monster cable pricey. Way better quality than the cheaper ones, has solid, serious connectors. I also had to run part of it through a wall so I wanted something durable.