Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone


  • Still with the best-in-class Rycote Lyre suspension system onboard, the VideoMic Pro+ improves on the existing VideoMic Pro capsule/line tube and windshield, plus boasts a host of new features.
  • Automatic power function (with plug-in power availability) is perfect for the run-and-gun shooter, automatically turning the microphone off when unplugged from the camera.
  • Built-in battery door makes replacing the battery a breeze - plus it won't get lost.
  • Power options the VideoMic Pro+ can be powered by the all-new and included Rode LB-1 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 2 x AA batteries or continuously via micro USB.
  • Digital switching - will ensure the user has ultimate capture of the audio signal at the source, reducing post production and editing times.



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Rode VMPRPLUS Videomic Pro-R+ On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone. Dual mono unbalanced output. Gauges: .011, .015, .023, .032, .042, .052.

Product information Item Weight 4.3 ounces Product Dimensions 4.3 x 6.69 x 2.59 inches ASIN B0749GV5L3 Item model number VMPRPLUS Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

 Listen here to a real, live sample--and to give you a good picture of it's amazing sound, I threw in my iPhone audio (side-by-side comparison).

Do note: This Amazon listing is messed up and confusing. Rode has several different (TOTALLY different) microphones on this one page. So you're looking at reviews on OTHER mics. Keep in mind this (my own) video review is only for the Rode Videomic Pro Plus. Not any of their lav mics or any of that nonsense. I hope Rode splits their listings because this is incredibly confusing.

Overall, highly recommended. Totally worth the cost compared to going with the basic Rode Videomic.

Hope this helps!

The VMP+ has a lot of great features but one fatal flaw in my opinion. If you look at the polar pattern you can see that it has an excessive amount of sensitivity directly behind the microphone. All hypercardioids have this problem to a degree. This sensitivity picks up operator noise and room reverberation. This causes a lot of boominess in off-axis sound in a reverberant space. Sounds from behind the mic are much more present than sounds to the side. This is one of the reasons I recommend cardioid microphones for on-camera use, they don’t have the rear lobe.

This mic is clean sounding and incredible. You don't even have to plug it into a separate recorder. As long as your camera has it's own mic input, just plug this microphone directly into the camera. Just one tip. When you use the camera's pre amp system with the mic, turn the microphones volume all the way down, and then select the 20+ on the rode mic. That way the sound is coming directly through the mic, not the camera making for cleaner audio with no hiss.

I did a lot of reading about this mike because I am used to it's older brother (VMPRO). Yes the audio profile is a tiny bit different but I truly like it. What I LOVE are the features though.. it is all digital controls AND it remembers what you set it at even if turned off. The mount is great, but the location of the output jack is something you have to deal with. It does cause the plug to stick out towards your face.. so you might want to mount it off camera (as I do). The removable cable, rechargeable battery and features more than make up for this quirk. I wish they made the lower body a bit longer so the jack was on the side.. but maybe in the next version. They certainly listened about the the battery cover.. on this model it is SO easy to use and is attached. Not like the nightmare on the older brother.

READ the instruction flyer (as best you can, it's tiny and multi-language) so you understand all the great features.. it is worth the time.

I'll still be testing the Mic to make sure it works before returning it since many people have had trouble with quality control. I will be returning it immediately after though because they sent me the wrong Mic! I paid for the pro+ and received the much cheaper pro tat dissent have a removable cable and auto power on function.

I bought this more expensive unit due to the fact it had a rechargeable battery. Out of the box it worked great, 2-3 shoots in the battery died mid video. I thought maybe it was my fault and I didn't charge it. I plugged it in overnight and again it dies on a shoot. Bought a new battery ($50) and put that in. Again, good for 2-3 shoots and then it dies. Apparently it is a defect with the microphone and I have to pay to ship it to them to fix. 3 month old microphone.

Watched all the videos saying it really wasn't worth it to upgrade to the plus. Wrong! No more worries about batteries or forgetting to turn the mic on anymore. Switches are so nice now. Also the safety channel is a huge plus. The rycote suspension is night and day over the original pro. The plus is way bigger and with the plus deadcat windscreen, its totally worth upgrading regardless if there's no improvement in sound quality so they say. Only complaint and it's minor but annoying because I'm anal, is they put the connection cable just laying in package haphazardly resulting in a crease in the foam rode mic cover. I imagine over time it will work its way out but still not well thought out.

Not charging on arrival. Only Green flashing light when it should be blue. Turns off randomly. Called Rode Tech. And they agreed it’s a bad one. Cheaply made of thin plastic. Returned.

I'd like to know if the mic is any good, problem is it doesnt work....
I tested it once or twice on the camera when I got it new (January) and it was fine. I took it to a shoot the other day and found it wouldn't turn on, so I was a bit annoyed as it's not been on and with it's claimed battery life shouldn't have died. But it may have lost charge when not in use. I charged it all night, lights were on and blinking etc. Next day... Dead. And this time it was needed for a shoot.
Got in touch with Amazon who passed me on to Rode, guy on the phone was like a rabbit in the headlights calling back to a manager, then to get a warranty return, I had to go to the website and fill this digital form in (despite them going through all the process with Amazon, who know the order number and all the details etc...) then I had to send proof of warranty (which they already would have had from amazon), then once I do that they say not to return it until I'm sent an RMA whatever the f that is....
Anyway later I get another email telling me to send it to them, with a lengthy list of things i mustnt get wrong when sending it, AND to provide proof of warranty. And before I send it back, I need to go to the website and register for the 10 year warranty on this particular product too..
It's totally stupid, if you are remotely pro in video making don't go there with Rode, if this is their customer service you'll be without kit (that should work in the first place anyway) for weeks, waiting on emails and faffing about. If i had an option to get a refund I would and I'm sure as hell not going near Rode stuff again after this experience.

 I use this for me YouTube channel and love the versatility it provides me. Sound quality is fantastic.

See video for more detail and examples of it's quality.

If you want to shoot video with your camera, and audio is remotely important, then get one of these. Sound quality is a huge step up from in-camera mics, and with an extension cable you can use it as a boom mic if you need.

I absolutely love that it automatically switches on when the camera starts recording - saved my video so many times.

It has a rechargeable battery that seems to last for ever, and in an emergency you can swap it out for a pair of AA batteries.

Extremely impressed with this Microphone. I use it for frequently for an episodic series on YouTube (channel is War Mysteries if you want to hear the quality) and in conjunction with my Canon DSLR, produces beautiful clear directional sound.

The function I wanted is the gain boost, which is something this device offered that other within microphones did not - it gives a +20dB gain on the primary channel (it also can record a safety channel which is handy). This is a great feature because DSLR amplifiers are crap, and by turning this down in the DSLR settings, the microphone compensates with the gain boost - essentially, this gets rid of that annoying hiss you get when you record video and audio with a digital camera.

It works extremely well, switches itself on automatically when it receives auxiliary signal from the master device (be that audio recorder, camera etc) and it has a rechargeable, removable Lithium Polymer battery, which itself lasts between 80 and 100 hours.


Bought to upgrade the sound on my Sony AX-53 camcorder. I’ve been using a Rode Videomicro which was great but I always felt that there was room for improvement.
The VMP+ is that improvement, and what a significant improvement it is.
There’s hundreds of reviews online so I don’t need to mention the operation or sound quality except to add that in this era of YouTube it’s the audio that can make or break your footage. If you’re serious about video then don’t skimp on the microphone.

What an improvement on the last videomic pro, the auto turn on and off function is brilliant and a much needed addition to the last previous version, this now has USB charging which also a welcome addition. One other thing to note the jack it uses it detachable which means it can be replaced, our previous Videomic pro did not have this and that is actually what broke on it. Over all a great improvement glad we bought it and i am sure the sound quality will be just as good as the last.

This is an amazing microphone. I was hesitant to buy because of price and so many cheaper options available. However there is a reason why so many pro vloggers use this mic. I used first time in Isle of Skye in really bad wind to record vlog. I was amazed at how good the sound was recorded even before being post processed. Highly recommended.

Love this microphone. The build quality is second to none, with a great shock mount to stop vibration being transmitted to the microphone. Unlike the previous version of the mic, it has two great advantages, a changeable cable and a rechargeable battery. Should you forget to change the battery, it also takes two AA batteries or one 9V, so you shouldn't be caught out. One other great feature is a safe channel, should you find yourself in a noisy environment. It will attenuate the right channel. This was enabled when I first purchased, so threw me a bit at first, with one channel being lower on the VU meter.

 Au moment de mon achat j'hésitais entre le VideoMic Pro+ (celui-ci) et le VideoMic Pro basique, 100 euros moins cher. J'ai préféré le Pro+ pour plusieurs raisons :

- Les différents tests sur la toile qui l'annonçaient bien meilleur en qualité audio que son prédécesseur. Et je confirme ce sentiment : même si le son de mon a7s est de base très bon, son micro intégré est omnidirectionnel. Avec le Rode,on gomme les bruits ambiants pour se concentrer sur ce qui se passe en face (et derrière également). C'est le micro parfait pour du vlogging, des vidéos face caméra où il sera à l'aise jusqu'à 3-4 mètres (au-delà il faut songer à un autre micro...), mais on peut aussi le percher : il vous rendra de très bons services !

- Le fait que l'alimentation s'auto-gère : pas besoin d'allumer/éteindre le micro en même temps que la caméra. Ca paraît peu comme fonctionnalité mais c'est un gros, gros avantage je trouve !

- La batterie propriétaire à Rode et non plus une pile 9V. Pas besoin d'investir des tonnes d'argent dans des piles, il y a une batterie rechargeable ! Et il y a même la possibilité de la remplacer par deux piles AA

- La possibilité d'avoir du dual mono avec une piste à -10dB pour sécuriser ses pistes dans une moindre mesure s'il y a un pic d'intensité.

- La légèreté : il est apparemment un peu plus imposant que le précédent modèle mais c'est un poids plume !

- L'amovibilité du câble : là aussi c'est amélioré, le câble n'est plus soudé et on peut le remplacer. Beaucoup plus rassurant ! Le pas de vis est même fileté pour pouvoir visser si jamais votre câble le permet.

- Le système de suspension, toujours irréprochable.

- Les autres fonctions sont aussi intéressantes : 2 fréquences de coupure coupe-bas, rehaussement des aigus (utile lorsque vous utilisez une bonnette), et aussi le règlement du gain. Perso j'utilise les pré-amplis du micro qui sont meilleurs que ceux de ma caméra : j'ai le micro avec le gain réglé à +20dB et dans ma cam le niveau d'entrée du son est réglé au minimum (1 sur 27 pour l'a7s). Je pourrais probablement monter un peu plus pour éviter de devoir rehausser à la main tous les niveaux dans le logiciel de montage, mais de cette manière je minimise le rapport signal/bruit ! Et comme ça , aucun bruit de fond pénible.

En résumé il est un peu cher à l'achat mais pour la qualité et les fonctionnalités fournies c'est très bon !

This product has been shocking for me.

Without full charge the sound only gets fed into one side of the microphone.

The sound isn't very deep, full or rich considering how much it's lauded as a product.

Having used it for just four months, it now doesn't work at all without charging it at the same time.

Honestly, I spend every day wishing there was a better alternative, but there doesn't seem to be one. Plus I've already spent my money on it. Gutted really..

I need good audio as I film a lot of different scenarios, mostly including a need for decent audio on location too.
I use a mixture of audio straight from this plugged into the DSLR, as well as audio from a Zoom H1n as well!
Really good sound quality, amazing that it has the "Auto Power On" feature, as the amount of times I've forgotten and had dead batteries due to leaving mics on is rather stupid.
Also the safety channel mode (recording left channel at normal gain, and the right channel at -10dB) is really, really useful for when you're not sure what will sound best in post. A little bit more fiddly, but really, really useful.

Always been a fan of RØDE equipment and this hasn't failed me! Sturdy feel and easy access to buttons and setting. The auto on & off feature when you turn your camera off is great saving battery life. When research for a mic this was mentioned in nearly all and worth spend slightly more over cheaper models for sure! Since have this I have also bought the RØDE Wireless Go which is also a fantastic piece of kit!!

 I needed to do better than the inbuilt mic on the camera & Very impressed with this - Youll hear sound from my iphone 8 & my 2 x canons (old 600D & the new 250D) - see what you think

Finde das Mikrofon ein wenig teuer, für den stumpfen Ton. Das Rauschen bekommt man sehr schnell mit Bearbeitung am PC weg oder den richtigen Einstellungen am Mikrofon und der Kamera. Habe das Mikrofon auf 150 und + 20 gestellt und den Pegel der Kamera runtergedreht, sodass man einen angenehmen normalen Ton hat. Bezweifel aber das es in der Preisklasse noch bessere gibt und würde behaupten das ist eins der besten. Bin mit dem Mikrofon ansonsten sehr zufrieden und man bekommt jetzt endlich mal vernünftige Videos mit gutem Ton hin, denn ohne ist es ein grauen. Im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger ist es jetzt endlich mal ein Akku statt Batterien.

Ho preso questo microfono dieci giorni fa a 250 €, mentre in questo momento sta a 235 senza sconto, ma non me ne frega niente perché è un microfono fenomenale.

L'ho preso fondamentalmente per vlog e per registrare il parlato dei miei video su Youtube.
Infatti prima avevo un Videomic Go sempre della Rode. Pensavo fosse buono invece era abbastanza penoso, con problemi di interferenza e bassi inesistenti. Buono per vloggare all'esterno e basta.

Con il Rode Videomic Pro Plus (quanto me piace dire il nome per intero!) è tutta un'altra storia. Per i vlog la qualità è imbarazzante, nel senso che una volta puntato verso la sorgente, sia verso di voi, ma anche verso altro che volete registrare, l'audio sarà impeccabile. Ovviamente se c'è rumore, e ci sarà rumore, si sentirà, ma la vostra voce sarà sempre nitida e corposa, mentre i rumori esterni saranno isolati.

Con questo microfono potete giocare con le varie impostazioni. Infatti ha la possibilità di potenziare il guadagno interno del microfono a +20 db oppure abbassarlo a -10 db in caso registraste in luoghi molto rumorosi, ad esempio un concerto. In più ha addirittura la possibilità di attivare un filtro passa alto a 75 o 150 Hz (grande novità rispetto al Videomic Pro), che attenuerà i rumori di fondo. Altra novità rispetto al modello precedente è la possibilità di utilizzare batteria stilo oppure la batteria ricaricabile con cui arriva, che dura un botto, circa 70 ore di registrazione.
Il microfono si accende e spegne in automatico con la telecamera.
Ultima funzionalità, la possibilità di registrare una doppia traccia, una nel canale destro e una nel canale sinistro a +0 db e -10 db, nelle situazioni in cui non siete sicuri dell'entrata audio, quindi di nuovo ad esempio un concerto.

Ricordatevi di smanettare tra le impostazioni mettendole in manuale e non automatico. Io lo uso sempre a +20 db e con il guadagno interno della telecamera al minimo, con due o tre scatti in più. In questo modo lasciate l'amplificazione al microfono e non alla telecamera che genererebbe solo molto rumore di fondo.

Che dire, ne sono davvero soddisfatto. Sono 250 € spesi super bene, perché un microfono così versatile non c'è. Come ho detto lo uso sia per vlog, sia per registrare in studio (non studio di registrazione ovviamente) fissato ad un treppiede. Se cercate il mio canale YouTube potete sentire come registra.
Che sono soddisfatto l'ho già detto?

Rega' se volete investire nel vostro audio questo microfono è una bomba atomica.