GVM LED Video Light with Optical Lens and Light Stands, 2 Packs Video Lighting with APP Control and Dimmable Bi-Color, 100W Photography Lighting Kits for YouTube Videos, 3200K-5600K, CRI 97+


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  • 【Unique Optical Lens】Led video light use the optical lens, which can improve the brightness of the lighting direction and effectively increase the light availability. This video light triple brightness than normal studio light.
  • 【APP Control】Support application control through mobile phone. The APP can control the brightness and color temperature from 10%-99% and 3200k-5600k. Connecting in one video light as a master light can control the slave light.
  • 【Smart Cooling System】When the brightness gets above 40%, the fan will start working automatically as a cooling system. It is protection of lamp beads and extend the video lights life. The cooling holes on both sides made it convenient for convection.
  • 【High Lumen&CRI>97+】The video lighting provide high lumen and accurate color quality. The lumen is over 30000lux/0.5m, this is much higher than other video light. High CRI take your YouTube, interview, videography making to the high quality.
  • 【AC / DC Power Supply】LED photography light supports power adapter or V-Lock battery. (battery not included the item) This is providing more photography and video lighting options not only indoor or outdoor.


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At GVM, we are devoted to helping those who have video-making needs to create terrific videos, by bringing easy-to-use and affordable camera gears. We have a strong passionate team, especially our manager being a senior photographer & video-maker himself. We believe that no matter you are a professional or an amateur, new or experienced, everyone has the possibility & capability to realize your creativity with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Main Features

led video light

Main Features

video lighting

Product Detail

power adpter

video light

studio light

photography light

Dual Power Supply System

Equppied AC power adapter for indoor video shooting, also can use the V-mount Battery when outdoor using. (Note:The battery sold separately).

U-Shaped Bracket

U-shaped bracket, supports 360-degree rotation, adjusts the light angle at will and can improve lighting control. Simple and fast to experience of lighting control at different angles

Adjustable Light Stand

You can choose the light stand installation direction according to your operating environment need.

Humanized design

The video light includes a card slot and the power adapter can be can be assembled and dismantled in it. It is very convenient and easy to pack and carry.

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Product information Package Dimensions 27 x 24.7 x 5.3 inches Item Weight 21.8 pounds ASIN B087BXSPCF Item model number GVM-LT-100S-B2L

A while back I purchased a set of GVM 560AS LED PANEL LIGHTS. I was so happy and impressed with their lighting package that I decided to invest in their NEW larger GVM-LT- 100S LED PANEL LIGHTS to fill out my lighting set.

These are great high output panel lights. The set comes with 2, LT-100s Lighting Panels, 2 stands, 2 sets of barn doors, 2 removable diffuser panels, 2 power supplies, 2 P-Tap cords and 2 power supply cords. NO CASE!

The Panel, Yoke and Barn doors are made of a high quality, high impact plastic but I would try to avoid dropping or hitting them hard against something because they could crack.

The stands are nice quality and have a broader footprint than their little brothers stands in the 560 set. They are also a bit sturdier and a few inches taller.

The V Plate on the back of the yoke is a nice feature, I just wish they would have taken full advantage of the plate by wiring a cord directly to the contacts on it, instead of just supplying a P-Tap with a power plug on the end. My feeling is it would have made powering the light a lot more versatile.

I like the way the adjustment knobs on the side of the yoke lock the light into place when tightened. This design does not allow the panel to drift up or down from the subject which is great!

Since this panel is extremely bright it uses a fan to keep it cool. The fan did not kick on while I was testing it in medium modes. It will however kick on when using the panel at full brightness. The fan is pretty quiet and it will depend on the distance from the subject to panel as to whether you will hear it in your audio or not. It will also depend on the ambiance of the room and acoustics.

When Adjusting the Color Balance of the Panel or the Brightness it will not change instantaneously. Everything ramps up and down slowly.

It is said that these Panels can be linked via an app on your phone or be remote controlled. In all honesty, I played with the app trying to find the GVM_LED WiFi for over an hour with no success. I even tried forcing my Android to find it and pressed the reset button numerous times on the panel for a reset but no WiFi to be had.

560 vs 100S

The 100s is a bigger Panel, has way more light output, the kit weighs in at 6 pounds heavier. The 560 is more of a beginners lighting kit but still a great kit for the price.

All in all I like the panels. Great light output. Good color balance variation.

NO CASE! How am I supposed to keep all this stuff from getting lost and separated?
The App? I really don't care! I control all my lights manually and independently. To me that app is gimmicky and I would never use it. Not a factor!

There are a few things about these lights that attracted me to try them:

1. They used a "focusing screen", which tightens the beam angle, and allows greater brightness with less power
2. The bracket has the panel angled down ~10 degrees by default. Most lighting situations call for pointing the light down, so this was a good choice
3. The power brick can be mounted directly into the u-bracket. This is AWESOME! No more hanging AC adapter. It's so much cleaner than other options, and is very nice
4. The screen may not be a "high end" screen, but it has much bigger numbers on it, so you can see it from far away, which I like
5. It has an integrated v-mount bracket, which is great, and makes them completely portable
6. They come with stands, so you have everything you need right out of the box to get going

There are a couple quirks as well.

1. These units have fans that turn on at 40% brightness or higher. They are not the quietest, so I wouldn't recommend them for lighting interviews very close up
2. They are made a plastic instead of metal. This is bad in that they aren't as tough, but better in that it makes them lighter. They aren't cheap plastic, so unless you're dropping them, you'll be fine

When I bought, they had a really nice discount going, which I think made them worth the price with the included light stands.

This was such a big upgrade from my last set of lights i had! i never had such amazing working lights that i can control on my phone with an app!
i’m not used to this but it’s super easy to put together and learn!
i love how i can have amazing lighting at any time of the day. my last pair were big shadow light soft box lamps and they were always in the way and super big and hard to find a place for them but these are way to store away when not needed.
i also don’t need to worry having them on for so long because they do not get hot!

 This lighting set of two panels is quite effective at getting your subject lit up in just the right way. The package comes with everything you would need including diffuser panels (removable), barn doors for each light, tripods that are adjustable, and all the power cords you need to make them light up. This set does have the option for battery packs, so you can run the lights away from a power outlet, but those are on optional purchase, and not included. I loved that the light has a specific spot on the bottom for mounting the power adapter "brick," so you have less dangling cords, etc. when using this light set. Helps it look sharp and clean, from a wiring standpoint. Because of the the brightness of the light, it using active cooling with a fan, when the lights get above 40%. So it is not controlled by temperature, but by use. The fans don't make a lot of noise, but if recording video while using them, you will want to run some tests ahead of time the space you will be recording to see if the microphones pick-up the sound. I like being able to adjust the warmth of the white light, so you are able to get the look you need. I really enjoy having the option to control via the app or the knobs on the rear. I have purchased light sets from GVM in the past, both big and small, and this is the first one that did not come with carrying case.

Brightness, check! it has the correct wight and great value for our second studio! we are still on the process of updating our second studio and this video light with optical lens really help us make all our photo shoots and videos come together, they work super simple by getting the application, that is a great option for us since we have our lights hooked up in the ceiling!
Very well built , great brightness, a very good investment if you are new to video making or a pro!