Fovitec - Portable 600 LED Bi-Color Panel for Video and Photo with Barndoors, DMX, V-Lock Mount, and Case


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  • Contents: 1x 600 bulb bi color panel, 1x set of barndoors, 2x light filters, 1x AC adapter, 1x bag
  • Great for Video & Streaming, YouTube, Twitch, & Instagram influencers, green screen, interviews, & product photography
  • Precision Brightness Control: Using the stepless power adjustment knob & digital display
  • V-Lock battery mount for location video use, DMX compatibility for permanent studio fixtures
  • 3200-5600K Color Temp Color Accurate: 95 CRI 45 degree wide beam angle 2,400 lux at 1 meter



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Product Overview

The Fovitec 600XB Bi-Color Panel is perfect for 1-4 people video shoots, product videos, stop-motions, etc. by amateurs and aspiring professionals. It has 600 long-lasting bulbs that provide flicker-free, daylight balanced light for well-lit video shoots. The white balance of this light is set at 5600 Kelvin, which is accurate and dependable for videographers looking for a creative set up with neutral, white ambient light. The adjustable brightness allows you to easily set the 600XD as either a key light or a fill light on set. The durable aluminum alloy chassis and the padded travel carrying case ensure a long life for your LED light panel no matter where you take it.

The 600XD features built-in DMX input/output ports, allowing you to connect multiple units to a master DMX remote controller for a large video lighting setup. Use either a V-type battery (sold separately) on the built-in mount or the provided power adapter. Eliminate abrupt lighting shifts when adjusting the brightness with the stepless adjustment knobs, which ensure smooth, uninterrupted lighting changes while recording video. View all your settings on the digital LCD display screen on the back of the panel for increased user control.

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: Aluminum, plastic
  • Panel Dimensions: 15.5" x 15.7" x 3"
  • Power: 36W
  • LED Bulb Quantity: 600
  • Color Temperature: 3200K - 5600K
  • Dimming Capability: 0-100% continuous
  • CRI: >95
  • Beam Angle: 45°
  • Adapter Parameter: Input AC100-240V, Output: DC15V/4A
  • Compatible with V-Mount batteries (sold separately)
  • Adjustment Style: Stepless adjustments

Box Contents

  • 1x 600 Daylight Panel
  • 1x Barndoor Modifier
  • 1x Frost Filter
  • 1x Opaque Filter
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x Case

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Rechargeable Lithium Ion V-Mount Battery

  • Retains charge on standby for several months
  • Fits on all V-Lock compatible products and Fovitec 600/900/1200 series LED light panels
  • Provides up to 6 hours and 40 minutes of 5600k, 6 hours and 40 minutes of 4300K, and 7 hours of 3200K lighting at full power on the SP11-020-600 LED light panel


9'8" Height Adjustable Light Stand

  • Height adjustable from 3'3" to 9'8"
  • Quickly and easily folds up for efficient storage
  • Universal stand threads, designed to fit most monolight/strobes, continuous lights, LED panels and accessories


600 Series LED Panel Light Softbox

  • Designed exclusively for the Fovitec 600 series LED panels
  • Velcro straps for easy installation
  • Foldable for quick and easy storage
  • Includes carrying bag


SP16-002 Battery (not included)


SP50-007-910 Light Stand (not included)


SP30-009 Softbox (not included)

Product information Size:a) 600 bulb  |  Style:b) Bicolor Panel  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Dimensions 20 x 6 x 19 inches Item Weight 10.08 pounds ASIN B074TY4LG3 Item model number SP11-020-600

I first had one of these lights for a month and it stopped working. I received a replacement now just 3 months later the new one has also stopped working! Tried to make an exchange but was unable to do so. To bad the manufacturer would not honor their warranty! I liked the light but when I went to exchange it for the second time Amazon informed me that they only allow 1 exchange, so I reached out to the manufacturer and they refused to allow me to exchange the light through them. Amazon has issued me a refund and told me that I dont need to return the light to just dispose of it and I would receive my refund in 3-5 days. Now the manufacturer is demanding the return of the broken light or voiding my refund from Amazon. Save yourself the headache and by from anyone but them period!

This unit is big and beefy, puts out a decent amount of light but nothing astonishing. Would be OK for a Youtuber setting up a small studio in their basement (shooting through a 24x36 diffuser or something similar). The main problem I had, and the reason I returned it, was that the color accuracy looked really bad on the warm setting. Everything got green tones real fast. Back in the day I would have shrugged my shoulders and bought a 1/4 Minus Green gel to fix this, but LED lights have improved so much in the past couple of years that you don't have to settle for terrible CRI on affordable lights anymore. For the $250 price, I think there are just better options out there.

I bought 2 of these LED lights for my product photography. I got the 900 XD LED and they are plenty bright for my needs. I have an LED light tent and use these to supplement the light from the tent, they work great to light the whole product especially hitting the product where there are dark shadows on front angle shots. They help to even the lighting all around which is what I need. I also use these to supplement my other continuous lighting when shooting mannequins and full body shots. The barn doors are great for spot lighting. The dimmer dial allows me to get the perfect amount of light that I need on my subjects and my photos turn out more professional. Most of the time full brightness is too much! I often dial the dimmer down because they are that bright. I use batteries with mine and it is great that the LED panels are not tethered to any wires, so it is very convenient and easy to move them around. The only downside is the limited time you can use these with the batteries, but they do come with the power adapter in case you need to plug them in for power. These are quite heavy so you need a strong sturdy stand, and not any of the cheap ones that come with cheap light kits, as they will surely tip over and break. Get a stand with a wide base and heavy duty. Mine came with 2 filters (amber and white) for soft box type lighting which is a must for product photography. Overall I am happy with the quality and the results I am getting with these LED panels, hopefully they will last a very long time. They are a bit pricey, but they are way better than the cheaper ones. I use these for my business so they are a good investment. I won't hesitate to buy more if I need them down the road.

I had 2 LED lights(450leds) and tried to do an interview with my talent in front of a window and it was a total disaster. I bought the Fovitec 1x Daylight 1200 XD LED and was really impressed so after a few days I decided to try the same setup, this time I used the Fovitec as my Key, the other 2 (450's) as filled and... Boy was that light bright! I was able to beat the brightness coming from the window, get a wonderful view of the mountains, gorgeous backlight, and perfectly lighted talent. The only downside is the battery mount is V mount, they are great but expensive. But you can get a converter to 2 Sony batteries which are more affordable.

I make YouTube videos and this lighting has taken my videos to the next level! My home gets hardly any natural light so this light was a must. I use this light and 2 soft box lighting and the lighting on my videos are amazing! You can see for yourself by checking out my YouTube channel (LoveLexyNicole)

This light was just what we needed for out interviews. The 600 bulb light is bright ( very bright) and has easy to use controls. Great light.

Not as bright as expected, but made well, I don't think I can complain for the price. I wish it came with the adapter plate for batteries.

i had the older version and now these are even better. only negative thing is they dimmest is at 25% i’d say.