Neewer Stainless Steel Light Stand, 86.6 inches/220 Centimeters Foldable and Portable Heavy Duty Stand for Studio Softbox, Monolight and Other Photographic Equipment (Silver)


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  • WIDE USE: Light stand is used for mounting strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes and other photographic equipment
  • DURABLE: Stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, protecting the light stand from air pollution and salt exposure
  • FOLDABLE and POTARBLE: Adjustable height ranges from 36.2 inches to 86.6 inches/92 centimeters to 220 centimeters; The light stand is also of light weight and can be folded, making it portable and easy to store
  • ULTRA-STABLE: Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use
  • NOTE: Light stand only; Flash and flash bracket are not included



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Size:86.6 inches/220 centimeters

Note:Light stand only; Flash and flash bracket are not included


Light stand is used for mounting strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes and other photographic equipment

Stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, protecting the light stand from air pollution and salt exposure

The light stand is also of light weight and can be folded, making it portable and easy to store

Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use


Folded Height: 36.2 inches/92 centimeters

Max Height: 86.6 inches/220 centimeters

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Package Content:

1 x Light Stand

Product information Size:86.6 inches/220 centimeters Product Dimensions 28.6 x 4.2 x 3.6 inches Item Weight 4.05 pounds ASIN B0744F77R5 Item model number 10090544

I just received the 2 light stands that I ordered yesterday. Upon first looking at them and setting them up, they are very sturdy. I know that they will be able to handle my FlashPoint Xplor 600's and the 60" Octabox with ease. The price is excellent and I feel that the stands will last me a while. I ordered the 290cm and they can extend up rather high. They do extend up to 9 1/2 feet. The legs extend up to 3 feet and 3 inches making them a pretty solid stand.

By the way, they do not come with carry bags. This is not a deal breaker for me.

This light stand is really overly engineered (In a good way), and you get far more than you bargained for. This stand is pretty much a C-Stand on a Lightstand base. It is much more heavy and robust than other heavy-duty stands, but is about half the weight of a chromed steel C-Stand. It is very sturdy, with all the features of a C-Stand, including air cushioned sections and heavy duty locking screws. This stand is very capable of handling large monolights and modifiers, but you still may want to use a sandbag on a very windy day... Just for insurance.

It needs to be a bit heavy, I am glad for that. I do a lot of beach work and when it is slanted land or windy, lights fall. This is the exact remedy for windy days and any day the beach at sunset for a fill-light. Also good for weddings where I don't need to worry if anyone will knock it over. Very strong and sturdy without the high cost.

This is the best ring light stand works better than any we have owned. Much stronger and no worries of the ring light toppling over. Worth every penny.

Best newer product so far that ive used. For the price you expect low quality. However this is very good quality for the price. Need to buy more

LOVE the stainless finish and so far, these have served me very well in my studio. Fairly heavy duty and plenty tall for my needs. I'll probably buy more of these in the future.

Got 3 of them, the 7' version. Sturdy and stable when extended with a 600 watt strobe and 47" octibox. Used indoors and outdoors with some sandbags and worked great.

It's the heaviest, sturdiest, tallest tripod I own. The only downfalls are that it's a little taller than most tripods I have and it doesn't fit into my usual tripod carrying container, and if it should slip while tearing it down it's only got springs instead of an air cushion "safety net". Without looking, I'm pretty sure I remember that they're not hiding that fact, so it's not a legitimate beef with the product, just an observation. Good stuff, I'm very pleased and will continue purchasing these in the future.

I bought the 220cm model. With a stable leg configuration it reaches a few cm over 200; 202 or 203. Beyond that the legs move too close together as you raise the height and so it loses stability to hold anything substantial like a softbox and strobe. The only thing I'd put on it at that height is a single speedlite and no modifier.

I reported this to the vendor and to be fair they have taken an interest. I've sent them photos of the stand at full 220cm extension and at its more usable configuration of about 200cm.

At the same time as I ordered this 220cm model I ordered the Neewer 260cm model. That arrived within days. This one has taken weeks. The 260cm does genuinely reach 260 with the legs splayed to a stable distance. As well, I've read lots of comments about this 220cm model where the threads on the aluminium tightening screws strip, so I bought two M5 'wing knob nuts' ( from Amazon to replace the ones that came with it. They are not as attractive and very small but they do the job perfectly well and remove the fear of failing at a critical moment.

Having said all that, it works fine; the ceiling of my studio is at about 227cm so even at 200cm this stand is tall enough for use in there and with a 400 strobe and softbox on it it's plenty stable enough up to 200cm tall. While the legs are not much longer than those on a cheap lightstand (and a LOT shorter than the 260cm model) the pole is a lot more substantial and does not bend like the pole on my cheap lightstand does if elevated with a softbox and light on it.

I'll probably keep it for the sake of 27 quid. Not worth the effort of returning it. However, the 260cm model is a lot more stable and solid; if you really do need to reach a genuine, usable 220 with modifiers and lights on board then I'd recommend paying the difference and opting for the 260cm model, which is also a lot more receptive to sand bags because of the longer legs. I'll likely get another one of those in due course.

Excellent stand very heavy duty, well built and expanding to a very good hight, I use it for 4.5 foot octabox with a godox ad600 and it will not budge. Very happy with it would buy a second no problem

This is an excellent quality heavy duty steel light stand which can hold soft box, octabox, speed lights etc. I have tried 90 cm octabox with speed light on it without any problems even though there was slight wind outside. This light stand is very sturdy compared to the aluminium stands which would fall easily in the slight winds. I would prefer more weight for light stands so that it can stand itself without a sand bag or assistant. Built quality is excellent. Nice spread for the legs. For the money and quality I would recommend this product.

nice product, looks very professional in its stainless finish, has good locking thumbscrews provide secure fixing of height, legs splay nicely giving a decent footprint without being ridiculous making it stable even without sandbags as long as you are sensible with modifiers fitted. I use a Neewer 400 head in conjunction with a 6 foot parabolic umbrella on mine and have no issues at all with its ability to do the task, I am more than happy and would buy more if & when when I increase the number of flash heads in my little home studio

Having used cheaper stands for years I decided it was time to buy something sturdier for my bigger lights. On its first proper outing, one of the tightening nuts on the stand stopped tightening itself. This stand may LOOK heavy duty, but it can't handle even the light duty my smaller stand have handled for years. I depended on this stand and it let me down. I guess the old adage remains true: BUY CHEAP, BUY TWICE.

This is an heavy duty light stand. I always use this stand for my 65" parabolic umbrella. It is compact but still slightly heavy. Knowing this light stand is heavy duty, I will say the heaviness goes with the spec. Be very careful when expanding this stand, it does pop up so handle with care unless you don't mind an authentic stainless steel pole to hit you.
Overall, I am loving this stand. Mind you I bought the bigger light stand. I might buy another one of same size.

I bought this to see what these were like, the build is good, materials its made from good, all tubes appear to be stainless, stays at base anodised aluminium, clamps and main parts diecast alloy probably nickel plated, no sign of plastic except end plugs on tubing, one negative and a big one for me, i ordered two seperately at size 290cm cm/114inches , both of the ones i got ordered separately arrived as 96" high versions. so beware you might not get 114 inch height versions, bit of a lottery really! i only give four stars as size delivered on two occasions wasnt what was ordered. well made good looking kit.

I purchased a large 120 cm/47.2-Inch and I needed a stronger stand. My other stands where not strong enough and this fit my needs exactly in the way I needed it to. It does reach very high and although I will not be doing this all the time, at lest I know it can reach this high if I really need to for a photo shoot. Sand bags are needed for this light stand too. So plan ahead on your how big your flash units i.e Godox ADR600 Pro etc.

I've been using this light stand as a tripod for my Insta360 Pro 2 camera for the last couple of weeks and am very happy with it so far. It's fairly heavy and very solid when compared to my other light stands, which is really great for this purpose. All of the knobs are of decent quality and I'm happy with the overall quality. I know it's not very important, but the silver colour looks really good, too. For me, this product is just what I was hoping for.

I now own 2 of these, and plan to get 6 to replace my black light stands. These are definitely heavy duty and can hold my Bowens 700w light with modifier attached without issue.

In comparison to the standard black light stands, they are about 1.5x the length and width (when collapsed) and weigh probably 3x more! With the legs extended, the footprint is vastly wider than the standard black ones.

In my opinion the legs still feel a little thin in comparison to the rest of the stand, however they serve their purpose.

One really awesome feature is that these are air cushioned!

Like I said, I'll be buying more!

This stand is absolutely superb value for money. It looks just as good as in the pictures if not better. All metal build but still fairly light, can easily be mistaken for "professional" equipment costing 10 times as much. Never been more pleased. Highly recommended

My needs were slightly different for this as I wanted it to hold a very heavy pull down projector screen, and for that task, it's brilliant! Paired with a portable projector it's something to take camping for outdoor cinema as it packs away very tidily. I have the screen attached via nylon rope running through the hole at the top, and when packed up the screen can be folded against the stock of the stand and held together with a packing strap.

I wasn’t expecting much for my money but after reading the reviews decided to go ahead with the purchase
I certainly am not disappointed , it’s perfect for my modest studio . No wobble and the thickness is impressive
Must be one of the best buys I have ever made
May get another it’s good quality and love the damper springs
Boom arm sits perfectly

I bought a set of two cheaper stands when I started photography because I wasn't sure if I'd like using lights. They lasted me a couple of years before they busted, and they were flimsy. This stand is much higher quality for not a lot more money. Definitely worth the investment.

The stands are not 220cm as stated - the maximum height in normal way of using (legs wide apart) is less than 200cm.

As the height was not as described, then I kept the stands in storage for almost a year until I found a usage for them. The first locking screw broke after the second time it was used. Another one broke after the fifth time.

So, in conclusion - awful quality and not as described.

On the positive side - the 290cm model seems to have better quality.