Feelcare 10 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Picture Frame with Touch Screen, Send Photos or Small Videos from Anywhere, IPS LCD Panel, Built in 8GB Memory, Wall-Mountable, Portrait&Landscape(Black)


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  • Perfect gift for Mother's day and Christmas: capture every moment and instantly share with your family or friends wherever and whenever. With a Feelcare smart wifi photo frame you are ready to receive photos and small videos (max.15 seconds) from your family and friends anywhere anytime in the world.
  • High resolution 800X1280 IPS Panel (aspect ratio 16:10).Touch screen allows you to set up the frame and view the photos conveniently. Brightness can be adjusted in setting whatever you like.
  • Portrait & Landscape & Auto Rotation: with a detachable solid rack as a frame stand, allowing you to view the photos in either portrait or landscape mode. Wall-mountable feature allows you to put the frame on the wall as you wish. And photos can automatically rotate.
  • Free app & Easy Share.The free smart phone app (Frameo) is available for both Android and iOS for direct photo and video sharing. You just need download the app to your smart phone, pair your smart phone to the photo frame,and then you can send any photo or small videos to the photo frame anytime anywhere, no need creating an account, no need Facebook or email account, its so simple and easy!
  • PRIVACY & SAFE & WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: Using Secure Device Grid (SDG) for safe end to end encrypted communication, Smart Phone App does not store or have any access to the photos. Photos are only saved locally on the photo frame. WARRANTY: Lifetime support, one year warranty, prompt response within 24 hours



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Sharing is Caring

Feelcare smart wifi photo frame is totally a new concept of sharing pictures or small videos with people you care, especially for the old people. When you are travelling, when you have a new baby, when your kid is having a birthday party…there are moments you want to share with your parents, grandparents, relatives or friends, you just need to take a photo or a small video and send it immediately to the photo frame and let them feel the joy you feel, tell them by photo or video that no matter where you are, you always miss them and care for them.


Smart Phone App

With our smart phone App (Frameo) you can easily capture and share your best moments with your loved ones. Take a photo or a video or select one from album, select who you want to send it to, add a fitting caption and send. It's that simple!

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•Send one or multiple photos(maximum 10 photos at a time)

•Send small videos (max. 15 seconds)

•One frame can be connected with over 500 contacts.

•Send photos or small videos to one or more frames at the same time

•Send photos or small videos from anywhere in the world

•Receive photos or small videos from many contacts anywhere any time

•Received photos and videos are saved to the built in memory of the frame, not on any cloud

•Photos or videos on the frame can be deleted, hide, and adjusted

•Photos or videos can be displayed by date or shuffle

Enjoy photos from family and friends

With a Feelcare Smart Wifi Photo frame you are ready to receive photos and small videos from your friends and family. Simply add the people you wish to receive photos from and sit back and enjoy their moments! Its that easy!

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Easy to use with touch screen

Designed with 5 point touch panel, it’s easy for user to setup the frame and manage photos conveniently.


High Definition IPS Panel

High definition with resolution 800X1280 IPS/16:10 panel shows bright photos from any viewing angle. Picture format supported: JPEG, PNG.



Just put the photo frame with wifi(2.4GHZ) connected, then you can receive photos and small videos from all your friends and family members from anywhere in the world, and enjoy the moments as they happen.


Free app & Easy Share

The free smart phone app (Frameo) is available for both Android and iOS for direct photo sharing. You just need download the app to your smart phone, pair your smart phone to the photo frame, then you can send photos or small videos to the frame anytime anywhere, no need creating an account, no need Facebook or email account, its so simple and easy!

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Privacy & Safe

Using Secure Device Grid (SDG) for encrypted safe end to end encrypted communication between our smart phone app and our Feelcare photo frame, it ensures that pictures are kept private and only decrypted and stored locally on the photo frame.


Upload & Backup & Restore Photos

You can import photos from micro SD card(max. 32G) or USB drive(max. 64GB, the frame is with micro USB port) to the photo frame. You can also backup all your photos and videos securely to a micro SD card thus you can restore all your photos or videos in case the photo frame is reset.


Portrait & Landscape & Auto Rotation& Wall-mountable

With a detachable solid rack as a frame stand, allowing you to view the photos in either portrait or landscape mode, and photos can automatically rotate. The frame can be mounted on the wall too.



You can add captions/messages to the photos or videos you want to send,which makes the photos more personal and fun

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Product information Size:10 INCH  |  Color:8GB Black Product Dimensions 10.47 x 7.72 x 0.87 inches Item Weight 2.35 pounds ASIN B07D9ZT3L5 Item model number HN-DPF1000 BLACK

Very happy with the Feelcare 10 inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Fram with Touch Screen, IPS LCD Panel, Built in 8GB Memory.
Day 1, received it - opened box, plugged in, opened directions, scanned quick directions, downloaded app and uploaded photos within about 10 minutes of opening box. I am not super tech savvy and this is so easy to use I know my 84 year mom is going to love this gift! Family is already sending photos to the frame so when my mom opens the gift on Mother's Day she'll already have lots of photos to enjoy.

Let's answer my own questions that I have asked regarding this frame and several others that I have browsed. And since I did not know before I purchased the viewing area size prior to purchase, I am very happy with the actual size of the photo shown.
The black frame itself (landscape) is: 10 1/2" x 7 3/4".
The actual picture viewing area: 8 1/2" x 5 3/8" (not displaying caption box).
8 1/2" x 4 3/4" (displaying caption box).

My two pictures shown are the same photo, the first is in the 'fill screen' mode, the second is 'fit screen' mode. The picture was taken with my cell phone in portrait mode. Notice the second photo is blurred in the outside area of the photo which is nice, because it is blurred with its own photo, no black background screen.

The pictures display either in chronological order (as uploaded) or in shuffle mode. The caption box shows which 'friend' uploaded the photo. One of the great things is your family could send the same photo to ten frames at once, so fabulous if all the grandparents and parents have the same frame all the kids/grandkids could share with everyone immediately and keep everyone in the 'loop'.

So there are only two issues: the screen at times does not seem sensitive enough in the top left corner for the 'back' "button" but to be fair I do have a short to medium length nail. The other but does not effect my rating at all because I knew when I ordered it, it does not have a battery which I think might be nice. HOWEVER it would mean that my mom would have to handle it more, replace them and I wanted this to be as close to 'set and forget' as possible. Now when a photo arrives, she may want to adjust, such as touch the screen (center screen, sensitivity is perfect), choose the fill screen or fit to screen, or adjust the photo up and down. If a photo is duplicated, it can easily be hidden or discarded.
I have already recommended it to family and friends, I'm pleased enough that I am considering these for my kids for Christmas or birthdays, along with one for me. I could have spent more, but don't believe the extra bells and whistles are necessary, which will come with more to do and not worth the money. This unit holds at least 1000 photos, kinda feel that is more than enough.

I bought this frame twice, initially for myself and another for my parents so they can upload photos of my son. Mine worked smoothly and I loved the feature of uploading photos via a phone app since all my photos are on my phone anyway. There is still an option to upload via a flash drive as well. My parents were interested in a digital frame also so I ordered them one. They then traveled back home to Korea and attempted to upload photos but the frame just wouldn't cooperate from the first day and then they got an error message and could no longer view any photos. I contacted the seller Feelcare to see if they could advise us on how to fix the issue. Lola at Feelcare responded promptly and after discussing our issue with her, she ended up sending my parents a completely new digital frame straight to Korea!! The second one works flawlessly and my parents are very happy. While I love the frame, I was beyond blown away by the amazing customer service that Lola and her team at Feelcare provided!! For our future digital frames, we will definitely continue purchasing from you guys!!

I wanted a digital frame that could download pictures via wi-fi, so I could send new photos regularly to my 23 year old son who just moved out to go to Utah for a new job, but who doesn't have many new friends there yet and is now living alone. Because this Feelcare unit uses the "Frameo" app, it fits the bill perfectly, and I send him a few new photos of his mom and I & our pets every day!

You down load the free Fameo app to your phone, give it access to all of your photos there, and it has an easy user interface to select which ones to send to the frame. You can even add captions at the bottom of each photo, or skip this step (so the opaque white horizontal caption bar isn't blocking the bottom 1/4" of the picture on the screen. More on the captions feature below.

Another very cool feature: you can set up multiple frames and give them each a unique name (like one for each of your kids or family friends), and designates with a button on the app which (or all) of the frames to send new pictures too. These other frames don't have to be the same brand or manufacturer, but they do all have to use the Frameo app for this to work. I planned to set up at least 2 or 3 different digital frames I update regulary (with maybe only "25%" common pictures, the rest unique based on who I'm sending them to, and I didn't want to have to use multiple apps on my phone, trying to remember which one worked w/ which frame, or how their features or interface may differ from each other. I just purchased a new 8" frame on Amazon on Prime Day for myself, and I bought one made be "Dhwazz" that advertised generally the same features as this Feelcare unit, just slightly smaller (only $75!). The key was it also uses the Frameo app, so I didnt even need to read the instruction book, I already knew how to use all the features (which are basically the same).

These are touchscreen units, so once you have a bunch of photos downloaded, it's simple to slightly adjust how the photo is cropped, or to "Hide" (delete) certain photos you don't want to display in your continuous slide show. I leave my frame in landscape orientation, and the frame automatically flips each picture to best fit that format (so you don't have to go back to your computer and do this manually, one at a time...I did that once for my old digital frame with a usb stick to hold the photos and it was a huge PITA!)

You will find that when you take a vertical (portait) orientation photo on your phone, it is best adjusted once you send it to the frame using the [fit to frame] button on the touch screen of the frame. When you take a horizontal (landscape) photo with your phone turned sideways, the best adjustment onscreen is instead the [adjust] button, which lets you slide the landscape photo slightly up or down (but does not reduce the size of the photo, to prevent it from being cropped by the frame size.) You will get the hang of it quickly and the user interface is intuitive. Also, the packaging for both of these frames and the quality reminds me of opening a new Apple product...someone is paying attention!

When you transfer photos from your phone to the frame in bulk, the most it will let you select at a time is 10 photos, then you need to go back and transfer 10 more. I think if you want to add a caption, the same caption needs to apply to all 10 photos. This is fine in some cases (ie "Jan 2019 Sedona Hiking Trip"), but not so when you want to put a funny quote to a specific photo to highlight something humorous you captured in the moment. Best to leave those out of the bulk transfer 10-at-a-time, and send those one at a time.

One last point, my son doesn't have wi-fi yet in his new apartment because he may be relocated again in a few months. So to download new pix he either needs to take the frame somewhere that had wi-fi (ie SBUX), or tether it to a hotspot on his 4G phone for wi-fi.

This is a very cool product and I am very happy so far. Plan to add multiple more frames for the office, friends as gifts (pre-loaded with the photos I have taken with them that they may have never seen), etc. Buy it!!

I love this frame, but I agree with another customer review, the service is the best of all!!! I bought this frame so my family in Florida could send me pictures directly to my frame and also I wanted to tried it first so we could give one as a gift to our grandma, this will be the perfect gift for her to be in touch with all of us. Thanks to Lola and her FeelCare Support Team!!!

WE purchased a digital frame 5-6 years ago as a gift for elderly relative in a retirement home thinking that everyone would take time to send a thumb drive with pics to keep it current. It was too much of a hassle so this wi-fi option is the best and easiest option to share pic. It takes under 2 min to set up the link about family members and then anytime they take a cute pic, it takes seconds to send that shot from their photo roll on their iphone through the Frameo to the permanenlty established link to the digital frame miles and miles away. Lovid it so much, bough a 2nd one

After a few days of exploring the various and easy to use functions, I highly recommend this product. Very good image quality and very easy to use application. Makes for a perfect X-Mas gift for parents as kids can upload pictures from all over the world. Would buy again without a doubt.

Reçu comme prévu. Très long pour télécharger les dossiers. Une fois téléchargé, nous devrions pouvoir choisir de visionner un dossier en particulier. Présentement nous devons choisir de toute les visionner soient par dates ou de façon aléatoire.

Love this so easy to use and you can adjust the pictures on screen. I was kicking my butt over the price but it really it good quality!

Super intuitive and a great way to stay connected with family

Excellent digital frame. Works as advertised. Highly recommend.