Dazzne Desk Mount LED Video Light C-Clamp Stand Kit 2 Pack 15.4" Large Panel 3000K-5800K 45W 3600LM Dimmable 0-100% Brightness Soft Light for YouTube Game Video Shooting Live Stream Photography


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  • 【Ultra Brightness LED Video Light】45w output power + 3600lm + 15.4inch super large light panel ( 120°beam angle)
  • 【Master and Slave Function】By remote control , 48 Channels, 6 Groups, in same channel and same group, any light can be a master to control others (Note: The remote cannot really turn off the light; it can just switch the brightness to 0%, so please turn off the light manually).
  • 【Versatile color temperature】Adjust brightness & color temperature according different shooting requirement. Full brightness range 0%-100%. Color temperature range from 3000k (yellow) to 5800k (white)
  • 【Space Saving Comfort 】Desk Mount can be mounted on your live steam desk to save space and make your desk tidy. Fit for desk thickness in 0.8-3.1inch(2-8cm).
  • 【Dual Power Supply】: Power cord powered for indoor shooting or battery powered for outdoor shooting. Compatible battery: 2pcs of NP-F series battery. (NOT INCLUDED)



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led video light kit

video light stand c-clamp

Remote control

All-in-one kit

2* LED light panel

2* C-clamp stand

2* Power cord

1*Remote ( 1pc CR2032 included)

Dual Power Supply

Power: constant power 45w( 3000K=45W, 5800K=45W),power cord inclued.

Support NP-F series batteries NOT inclued (F950 and above is recommended)

Widely Applicable

Luminance: @0.5m 3600lux, @1m 1150lux

Widely applicable for photography, video shooting, Live Stream, YouTube

Read more led photography lighting video light D50, Desk D50,2pack Output Power 45W 45W Lumen 3800LM 3800LM Adjustable Brightness 1%-100% 1%-100% Adjustable Color Temperature 3000K - 5800K 3000K - 5800K Remote Control YES YES Stand C-clamp Desk Stand Tripod Stand
Product information Package Dimensions 19.7 x 15 x 8.6 inches Item Weight 11.08 pounds ASIN B07T593JR5 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

***UPDATE February 25, 2020*** every day so far I've noticed one of the lights will turn on for no reason. It's happened to each light. It's easy to fix by cycling the power using the remote. Not sure why it does this

I docked the versatility because this can only mount to a desk, so it's not super versatile. With that being said it is adjustable up and down and the light can adjust forward and back as well as side to side. These lights are super bright. I keep them set at 50% and they're plenty bright for me. The range of color (warm to bright) is pretty extensive as well. Although the quality of this lights competitor (Elgado Key light) is better, this is the same price and you get two lights. Additionally, the length of the power cables is stupid long so you don't have to worry about the cable reaching your power strip or outlet.

I bought this set as an alternative to the overpriced Elgato Key light in order to up my work from home game, and they certainly deliver. The lights are quite bright at 100 percent (bright enough to where I can't look at them directly), and the fact you get two of them is a bonus. My office windows face south and my desk faces east, and as a result of this strong backlighting my face is in a deep shadow during midday. These lights have no trouble overpowering that. :)

The included desk clamp stands are handy, and make this the better option over something like the VILTROX VL-200T, which I also considered. Robust, and light weight, the stands appear to be aluminum (they certainly aren't steel). That said, the stands are somewhat limiting at a maximum height of 24 inches. I have two Dell U2717D monitors on the Amazon Basic monitor stands, and the base of the lights clear them by just a few inches with the stands maxed out, which is about as close as you'd want. I wouldn't be able to use the monitors in the vertical position with these lights.

The included remote allows you to control both lights at the same time if you wish, simply by changing both lights to be on the same group. This is a really nice feature that simplifies use. You can also control each light separately if you'd like for flexibility.

That said, the remote is somewhat flaky. Moving the adjustment wheel results in the brightness jumping around a bit, as well as the color temp. I've also had the remote lose sync with the lights, fixed by turning both lights on and off.

It would also be nice if the remote used standard batteries, such as AAAs. It uses a CR-2032 watch-style battery, which means yet another battery type I need to have laying around. But you can turn the remote off by holding down the power button for 2 or 3 seconds, so I'm assuming the battery will last for some time.

I have had one of the lights turn on randomly as I was working at my desk. I have no idea what caused it, but because the remote operates on 2.4Ghz (the same frequency as what 802.11b/g/n/ax Wi-Fi and microwaves operate on) I'm assuming it's some kind of interference. It's only happened once so far, but I'm sure it will happen again. If you shut the panels off via the main switch on the back when you're not using them, it shouldn't be much of an issue.

All-in-all, highly recommended. The somewhat flaky remote and the panels randomly turning on are issues for sure, but the value makes it a 4 star option.

Okay. Man. I really wanted to love this product. And while I can say I am decently happy with its design and use. I have run into a few problems I feel need to be addressed. First, The lights work great. They are plenty bright, and if you are looking to get these as an alternative to the elgato key light, then they are a good choice.

- your table isnt thicker than 2"- 2.5"
- You dont run a 27" monitor with the top of the monitor being higher than about 24"

The included remote is not the greatest. And the lights often lose sync. so if you have it such that you press the on button and you want both lights to turn on, be ready for only 1 to turn on periodically. It isn't consistent. Also changing the temp or brightness on the controller can be finicky. Causing huge skips, or if you have both lights set to be controlled by it, then one light or the other getting the signal. This is a minor gripe.

One of the power blocks on one of my lights went out.. within the first week. No idea why. I WOULD like a new power block replacement but haven't been able to get in touch with manufacturer.

Also, If you have your monitors mounted on an arm or have 27" monitors, the arms and the light dont really extend above the monitor. Now if you only have one or 2 monitors, you can put the light on the side you have room and avoid that. But if you have limited space and need to mount the light BEHIND a monitor and have it extend above it and point down.. You might be out of luck since the pole doesnt extend out as far as the elgato.

I know it sounds like i'm griping. I think this is a great alternative to the elgato key light, and you definitely get more value for the money as you get 2 of them. The elgato light is a better QUALITY than this light. But this light isnt bad for what you pay. And for the most part, I am happy. Just wish they would change a few things.

Please send me another power block D:

I needed a good light source for making videos and content. After looking around EL Gato key lights seemed to fit the bill. However quickly realized there was a competitor that offered double for the same price. For about 200 dollars i received 2 lights and a remote. This setup simply cant be beat! Not to mention this version comes with the almighty desk clamps. So any project you are working , you can simply clamp them down to a desk or wood etc.. These guys are seriously underrated. I like El Gato products but they simply have been beaten here with what Dazne is offering.
* You get 2 lights for about 100 each
* Desk clamps
*Amazing features and brightness controls.
*Light weight.
*Manual controls - unlike El Gato everything is controlled with an app, ie no phone no worky.

*I wish there was a little more documentation on how to work the remote, but it was solved.